The Mother, the Pandemic, and the Future

The Mother, the Pandemic, and the Future

It is my wish that the reader of this does not believe anything written below. Emerson was of the view that the only purpose of a book was to inspire, and that we never should place our own spirit in orbit around another mind. Also, it has always been a riddle for me that only a tiny portion of the billions of the human beings on the planet knows of Steiner, and his gifts to humanity. The only peace I have made with this question is the Idea that what is thought in spiritually developed people becomes an aspect of the thought (ethereal) world, and then is latent there, later to be drawn on in a moment of individual need.

There is an additional matter … a kind curious logical mistake common among anthroposophists. I’ve written of this in many Steiner Internet venues, and only a few have understood the epistemological problem.

Most of the members and friends see the terms “Anthroposophy” and “Spiritual Science” as synonyms – effectively meaning the same general concept. The problem comes from Steiner’s frequent use of the terms: “anthroposophical Spiritual Science”. If those terms mean the same concept, then the logical nature of those terms becomes something like: grape flavored grape flavor, which is clearly nonsense.

When I was making a kind of review (after a couple of decades of being an “anthroposophist”), it appeared me that “Anthroposophy” was a method, and “Spiritual Science” was the content produced by the method. I shared this with a friend, at his home, and he went to his book shelves and pulled down Barfield’s book: “Romanticism Comes of Age”, which is a collection of his writings on our work. My friend then read to me where Barfield said the same idea, in a lecture given in Dornach in 1933.

Now the first sentence of the first leading thought, a place where one might expect to find Steiner give a definition, reads as follows: “Anthroposophy is a path of cognition leading from the spirit in man, to the Spirit in the Universe”. Some translations do not use “cognition”, but “knowledge”. When I was living in Fair Oaks in the ‘80’s, a man familiar with German said that the term “
erkennen”, used in that place, was best translated as cognition, for the difference between the two was that cognition was active, and knowledge was passive. On Google erkennen is defined as meaning: “recognition”.

I use to have ambitions to be recognized as a respected and useful member of the community, of those who find Steiner of value, and as someone whose wisdom needs to be shared. That never happened, and for me that has been a grace, leaving me free to think and write … to follow my own star.

Now I am glad to not be a “teacher”, but just a writer in retirement who would like to be left alone – in relationship
with my Lady, our dog, my children, and free to contemplate the strange and magical nature of the age in which we live.

My name is Joel A. Wendt. I was born in 1940, and am presently 81. I met Rudolf Steiner, through his books in 1978. Prior to that I had been a student of Franz Bardon, whose modernization of the ancient Hermetic Science, aka: Magic, is truly extraordinary. Through Steiner I discovered Goethean Science, and was led to Valentin Tomberg. I have a BA in pre-seminary, and a JD in law.

Over time I became more and more saddened by the Anthroposophical Society’s leadership, and about seven years ago I burned my blue and pink cards. The issue was the turning of Spiritual Science into a religion, that I started calling Steinerism. The leadership did not practice Goethean Science, and seldom referred to it. Instead they engaged in, and supported, a culture where Steiner’s works were more and more treated as unshakable truth.

Another tragic effect, of this style of leadership, is the focus on mediation practice, to the exclusion of Steiner’ Science of Knowing elaborated in GA-1 to GA-4. Most spiritual systems teach a style of meditation, but only Steiner pointed to a latent capacity in each human being for the unfolding of pure thinking, through “some results of introspection (soul-observation) following the methods of natural science”. Basically an empiricism of the own heart’s mind. If we want to follow Steiner, perhaps we should start where he started.

I was also present at the Culmination Event, which occurred in an Internet venue called the Ark, through the years 1997 to 2003. We did not know we were doing that activity, which can be discovered in detail by searching the Archives using the term: “Goddess Natura”.

The “Platonists” are not a philosophical understanding, as much as they are folk, who in various ways were meeting the Mother. Socrates and Plato had been initiates in the Feminine Mysteries. In that same lecture, Steiner also references this Platonist stream as a learning/teaching about the Four Elements of classical antiquity: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. In Bardon one discovers that Fire is a symbol for Will, Air is Intellect, Water is Feeling, and these combine into a whole: Earth is Consciousness.

Through pure thinking* I discovered that Ahriman had incarnated on December 25th, 1950, in the personality of Karl Christian Rove, who was behind the second Bush presidency, and was in the White House on November 11th 2001. I have written extensive phenomenological materials on those events.

*[Carl Stegmann, with whom I studied for three years, called it “clair-thinking”.]

Through this same “thinking”, I discovered that the Beast from the Abyss (of the uncreated and yet to formed) is human freedom. I also discovered that the so-called anti-Christ spirit was not a Being, so much as a human attitude that denies the Father and the Son (read the first two of the letters of John). The present day religion of scientific materialism is inhabited with this spirit, in all those individuals that author and/or believe in it.

Further research revealed that the three patriarchal monotheism were one inter-connected inspiration, not three. The Hebrews gave us God’s Law, during the time of the Fall into Matter. The Christians gave us God’s Love, which turns this Fall in a Resurrecting direction. The Muslims gave us God’s Surrender, which is the pathway out of Matter.

I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother on Epiphany 2008, and meet the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold over the winter of 2009/2010. I was 70.

From this standpoint I was able to observe that today’s Plague was overseen by She who has the whole world in His Hands. Knowing that “Western” civilization was engaged in a Dying and Becoming, She (as Divine Providence – Fortune in Hermetic Science) and He (as Artist of Karma – Fate in Hermetic Science) intervened in the unfolding of the present catastrophe, and turned it into a world-wide Rite of Initiation, which began with a time-out for reflection.

As consequence, today many people are able to initiate course corrections in their individual biographies.

In my phenomenological studies of the social and political life of humanity, I discovered that the Divine Mystery was “distributed”, as in a distributed computer system. We individuals are trusted by the Mystery to be free within the reach of our own wills, and, They would like us to trust Them with the Big Picture.

Without doubt, the Mystery is quite able to repeat the Atlantean Catastrophe, sweep the life sphere clear of human excess, and give the other Kingdoms of Nature an opportunity to renew and replenish. Meanwhile, it is a common background/subconscious thought among much anthroposophical thinking, that the Mother and the Son are sitting quietly on the sidelines, drinking tea, and merely observing our folly. We just don’t seem to get, that They Love every individual unconditionally.

In Barfield, we study the evolution of consciousness, and at this time each biography is surrounded with crisis, of such an order that the individual has the choice/opportunity to ignore their religion, or their social surrounding, and find a way out of themselves to authoring the true and the good (the Consciousness Soul), even if just in their ideal and conceptual life. It does not have to appear in actions in the material world.

As the Hopi have it, we live in the Day of Purification. John the Baptist advises us, that the One coming after him will baptize us in Fire (the chaos outside us), and Holy Breath (the beginning inner awaking of pure thinking, in a natural way).

Clearly the multinational corporation is the most anti-human social organism on the Planet. To rise in those cultures strips you of empathy, and gives you the view that human beings only have value as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder in their wars of over the increasingly scarce resources of the Planet.

I have also come to the understanding that: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then clearly a Planet can be recognized as a Person before the Law.

This corporate-parasite structural social reality can be overcome by instituting a Spring Michaelic Rite, centered on the already existing Earth Day. At that time environmental organizations can file lawsuits in Courts of Law, where the named plaintiff is the Planet. It is not necessary to win, for the essential point is to bring into the Courts of Public Opinion the question: Why does the religion of scientific materialism treat Nature as having no interior self-aware consciousness?

In the normal course of events, the defendants will file a motion to dismiss. Taking a trick for their playbook, which is called a document dump (flooding the claimant with an overload of data) we submit, in response to the motion to dismiss, thirteen (twelve plus one) books, most of which are rooted in the pure thinking practiced by Goethean scientists.

The result of this will draw Steiner’s works into the public mind in such a way that they are free to choose. I call these books: Gospels of the Second Becoming of Christ, and the Remembering of the Mother, who is well known to indigenous and aboriginal peoples all over the Earth. (Practice Spirit Recollection)

A central few of these new Gospels is found here:

Besides being Divine Providence, the Mother is Rogue Weather, the Rider of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Gate of Death, and the source of the “field” of Gravity. Besides being the Artist of Karma, the Son is the “River of Living Breath that is flowing through the Sun” (Moody Blues: “One Step into the Light”). He is also the “field” of Levity. Both “fields” combine in a polar form (center and periphery), which can come to be seen as solution to the dark matter and dark forces riddle fascinating modern physics.

Electricity is the Father at Rest (on the Seventh Day He rested), whose existence holds all Matter to laws of order.

Again, I do not expect the reader to believe any of this. Extensive research can be found at my blog: https://thecollectiveimagination where I describe myself as a “White-privileged*, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”.

*My father – a 33rd degree Mason – owned a small advertising business in Great Falls, Montana. We belonged to a country club. There never was any question his three sons would go to college. When I was in high-school, I had a car, and my mother and father had cars. He was a Republican, and friends of the State’s Lieutenant Governor, a fraternity brother of the national TV news reader Chet Huntley, and personally acquainted with Mike Mansfield, then the majority leader of the Senate. When he died over 600 people, from all over America, came to show their respect.

With the help of these influences, I was able to enter the United States Air Force Academy in 1959. I left after three years, for my girlfriend had become in a family way, and through two marriages and divorces we shared three children. I have two more children through a third marriage and divorce. Now I live with my Lady Linda, who I met in 2008.

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  1. “A Planet can be recognized as a Person before the Law” might seem like a reasonable idea until one realizes that the true nature of the “Person” is strictly legal fiction. Legal fictions are without substance and virtually non-existent in the natural world realm and that fact is most definitely is not the case for this planet. An incorporated “Person” is strictly a veil that is intended to cover the backsides of the real actors behind that veil. Our planet has nothing to hide and is not acting.


      1. It is certainly true that the world relies upon legal fictions – however we who are at least living souls (and some of us self-realized as spiritual beings) are the ones to recover our full authority over these fictitious entities rather than to submit our dear Mother Earth into the same court that does not recognize either who/what we are or our Mother. In other words we must rise to wielding the power and the authority over every incorporated entity and as needed pull their charters. liquidate their assets and bar the officers from re-incorporating. The Federal courts are not going to do that for us!


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