Leader’s Manual, for the Final War for Human Freedom in America

Leader’s Manual


the Final War

for Human Freedom in America

{aka: The Grandmother War}

The Leadership Riddle: Seeking Power, or Service.

Power is seductive. We seek it, and believe that is the only Way to introduce necessary changes into our social/political existence. We are ruled by the powerful, and if we want to work from that angle, we have to compromise our Ideals.

The weakness of this approach is demonstrated by the wonderful Danish series on Netflix: “Borgen”.

Seeking power corrupts our Soul, and injures our Spirit, by demanding too many compromises.

Service (washing the feet) usually demands more self-sacrifice. A holder of power has a job. For the rest of us some numbers:

www.Google.com : # homeless in US: 550,000; # homeless camps: 27; # unemployed in US: 5.9 million; # of underemployed: 22 million; # of young adults living at home: 52%

www.refseek.com”: # homeless: 580,00; # camps: 300 !!!!; # unemployed: 18 million !!!!; # underemployed: several millions more; # young adults living at home: 52%

I point out these numbers, and suggest that neither our government or our corporations can/or will do much to help. Government is constrained by politics, and business by profits.

The coming trouble to keep in mind is that these numbers will grow. The world’s economic life took a big hit, when during the Covid Mystery we took out of their economic place a third of the work force. If the reader is following the stock and bond markets, the collapse is obvious.

Homelessness, unemployment, and the Camps, will proliferate and grow.


Ask this question: Where would Christ and the Disciples, and the Saints reside, … in the Camps, or in government?

This is, of course, a “religious” point of view, and many folk – with some justice – don’t like what “religions” are doing.

A conventional and modern scientist might criticize folk who have beliefs. Their view is that beliefs lack scientific (empirical) proofs. However, this kind of scientist ignores how many beliefs his/her disciplines have, given that instead of beliefs they call them “theories”. A theory is not proven. It is a guess, yet … the world is taught these ideas as if they were “truths”.

For example, Big Bang Cosmology and Neo-Darwinian Evolution are theories. Rupert Sheldrake gave a suppressed Ted-Talk: the Science Delusion, where he points that the Big Bang Idea essential says: give us one miracle, and we’ll take care of the rest.

All the same, children all over the world are feed these ideas as “truths”, which essentially makes modern conventional science itself into a Religion. A core element is the concept that the human being is only matter, … there is no spirit.

A secondary conventional scientific belief is that Nature has no self-aware sentient inward consciousness, … a state obvious to ourselves, who attend to their own nature. Believing we are the only such kind of Being, in the sphere of Earth existence, is a kind of bigotry.

Aboriginal and indigenous folk have always “known” that Nature is conscious. All the ancient religions have the same view. The environmental movement wrestles with this question, and a leader serving needs to make their own journey to such a kind of understanding.

The Earth-Mother is not only real, She is also the Holy Mother recognized and celebrated by Catholics. The Protestants do not even appear to notice that their God had a Mother.

She is Rogue Weather, the Rider of the Four Horsemen, the Gate of Death, Gravity, and Divine Providence (fortune), for starters. Her Son is the Artist of Karma (fate), and the living Breath we all share.

It might help to consider, for example, that the three patriarchal monotheism are actually one religious inspiration. The Hebrews taught us to attend to God’s Laws. The Christians to God’s Love. And, Islam to God’s Surrender.

My research (see The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything) discovers that the human being is part of the Divine Mystery. We co-participate in all aspects of the ongoing and continuous Creation.

A powerful riddle:

Is the human being more than mere matter? This is a crucial question of our age, that any genuine thinker has to consider. For example, problems with the Covid Mystery take a much different shape if we recognize the modern scientific based medicine treats us as just matter. If we are more, then medicine itself must adjust its ways of understanding illness, and how to find the right cure.

A vaccine is soulless matter. A corporation is a soulless parasite. Their real effects on the human spirit are ignored, and much harm has come from this mistaken view of modern scientific materialism.


This conception of the human being is also a mystery for those wanting to “cure” the social/political world of its follies. If we really appreciate the nuances, we also have to consider the individual spirit to be the true locus of change. Our conceptions of the social are full of generalities. We observe, and then classify people into groups: Republicans, Democrats, leftists, wealthy, and so forth. All the same, if we focus on the individual, they are more that just a member of a group.

In one sense, you cannot “serve” a group, with the same degree of import that you serve an individual. The group is an abstraction that falls apart when we get to the individual. Folk can be conservative about one aspect of their lives, and liberal about another.

The ongoing economic collapse of civilization will produce much scarcity in the so-called First World. America, which takes more than its fair share of the world’s riches, has to accept a leveling of its unjustified needs.

A Leader, in America, seeking to do Service, has a big job to do to help those who live here accept – and manage – these coming tsunamis of future history. Such a servant-leader also needs to live with those existing in the economic margins. We can’t be outside, but have to participate. This doesn’t mean leaving behind our white-privileges, but just prepare to accept a loss.

A fact to recognize is that America is filled with under-utilized properties. There is no excuse for people living in Camps. Eminent Domain laws permit the government to take property for the public good. What more public good could there be in such worsening circumstances?

Joel A. Wendt

White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic

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