Dark Waves in the Seas of Steinerism, as illuminated by Moonlight Tides

Dark Waves in the Seas of Steinerism, as illuminated by Moonlight Tides

I received this today, via an email. It is part of an advertisement for the upcoming MysTech conference. The words are attributed to a man named Daniel Perez.

The physical human being is founded on the special fluid of the blood, and it is in this substance that the ‘I’ of man finds expression. Over many lifetimes we work through our blood to build our capacities to experience spiritual beings. Through such personal incarnation histories, we form the Lessor Guardian of the Threshold, a being of our own creation with dark and menacing qualities. This being manifests our failures along the way while simultaneously serving the purpose of protecting us from premature entry into the spiritual worlds. We do not experience this being consciously until we turn inward and desire truth and transformation.”

Before what I write next, I should confess to having a troubled relationship with the MysTech work. Efforts of mine to participate have been rejected. The next link is what I wrote after attending one such conference, where I watched a lot of videos, from various “experts”, several in outre-fringe fields interest.


I don’t mean, by the word outre-fringe, to denigrate that work. The point is that “the visitor experience”; “blue light addiction”; “geoengineering etc. and other creatures on the wild edge of existing technology”; “sympathetic vibrations and physical vs. etheric technology”; and “biodynamic machines” are not something one is likely to find discussed in “mainstream” media, or find studied in academia.

When you watch such presentations, one can be struck by the idea that these folks have given so much love and devotion to the pursuit of such difficult questions as to the future of “technology”.

“Learn to see the Christ Impulse in the thought of others.” RS, “Inner Aspects of the Social Question”.

As a student of my own outre-fringe works, such as the Hermetic Science of Franz Bardon (starting as far back in my life at age 31, in 1971, seven years before meeting Steiner and friends), I have acquired skills and experiences, that influence how I see the world, and how I practice science.

All along that journey, I have been interested in electricity, and have written several papers on the subject. “The is no Free Energy” https://borderlandsciences.org/journal/vol/46/n05/Goethe_Space_Field_Phenomena.html “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/electricityandthespiritinnature.html and https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/14/electricity-a-devotional-and-artistic-representation/

During those travels, I have resisted Steiner’s ideas of good and evil, as applied to such a “phenomena”. As a consequence I am something of a heretic when it comes to people’s ideas about the evils of technology, floating in the background context of the MysTech work.

Bardon puts it this way. “There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation”; and, “Good and Evil are a human conception.” In Hermetics there are just positive and negative principalities and powers.

I recently self published a little book (read for free here, on my blog): “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos”. [1]

The result of my work: On the Seventh Day, the Father rested. Not gone, seemingly asleep. Physics recognizes four fundamental forces/transformations: electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. (another essay of mine, examines the relationship of these four transformations, and the elemental forces known to antiquity: Fire/will/electricity – in breath; Air/intellect – pause; Water/feeling/magnetism – out breath; and Earth/consciousness – pause.) [2]

Electricity and Time: When I send an email to myself, in order to save some interesting text found on the internet, and press the send button, the “me” in the subject line of a new email appears simultaneously to perception. When we see in a film, a cascading failure of electrical grids in an urban area, as each whole-grid goes down, it is simultaneous to perception.

Materialistic thinking uses the word: current. We are taught to think of flow, when the real aspect is: The Presence of the Fundamental Ordering Principle of the Creation.

Physics has already proved this unbreakable Unity at the basis of “matter”, with the experiments of the “particles” that can be separated in space, but not in the Now.

The Primary sense-perceptual Reality is Day and Night: One (Father-Sun) and Many (Stars-Mother), itself a unity, which produces a secondary Unity (Son), after the Father rested. “I and the Father are One”, and, “No one gets to the Father, except by Me”. Tomberg had an interesting take on this, I paraphrase: the Father made the Ideas, and the Son manifests Them.

As to the Son: “In It was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World” We do not breathe, we are breathed. Hold your breath and perceive/feel that “force” field, Itself everywhere present in the Now.

Sit down. Feel !!! weight, aka: gravity: that’s Her “field”. She is Center, He is Periphery. These two interpenetrating “fields” of spiritual effects, combine to create the missing “mass”, that led to the idea of dark matter.

As to the above quote from Daniel Perez, I must disagree as to his conception of the Lessor Guardian. “through such personal incarnation histories, we form the Lessor Guardian of the Threshold, a being of our own creation with dark and menacing qualities.”

Keep in mind we are to be practicing science, not placing our minds in orbit around RS. The above quote, reads to me, as something sailing the seas of Steinerism – a preference toward belief in his conceptions, over self-generated observations.

My experience of the Lessor Guardian is that it is a Being manifested by the Creation, not by my own will. In the intimacy of my soul sit six friends, allowed to be forceful in their effects on my slowly developing freedom. One of the six Tomberg called the ahrimanic double, and then later: the persecutor. My Lady Linda, in her spiritual community, speaks of the “Nag”.

As I wrote earlier on depression [3], this Being’s commentary, in the inner world, can bring us to a complete paralysis of the will. Again, the entity is not me, unless you want to go into the absurd sophistry of we are all.

The experience of the Lessor Guardian precedes the meeting with the Greater Guardian. [4] In that first encounter, this Being brings to us a pure experience of Intuition, where we are united with Their Nature. We see ourselves through Their eyes, and from Their elevated point of view we are barely worthy of meaning.

This is a very intense experience. It can last for hours, and leaves a remarkable riddle: Learn how to forgive ourselves, for all these – mirrored back to us – “failures”, and thus become better at forgiving others.

Our souls also have – in Tomberg’s lexicon – a “human double”, to go with the luciferic and the ahrimanic aspects. Later he writes of “egregores”, which are technically parasites in our astrality, yet are our creatures. I have come to describe this phenomena as: self-generated wounds of soul.

Perez seems to conflate the two, seeing as a unity the Lessor Guardian, and our human double. We made the latter, and endure the former experience, which manifests as bouts of depression until we are deemed* ready to be at one with this Being, as we near the essential Threshold Experience, where Christ blesses and transforms us (as an example of this event in a modern way) by opening up the perceptual nature of pure thinking into the Idea realm.

*[our desire/hope for this experience does not in anyway cause the effects. We are touched in this Way, because the Mystery chooses to Act in this Way. For details on the relationship of this to Steiner’s book The Philosophy of Freedom, read lecture 12 of the John Cycle: “where he described that when a student of The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity has achieved a catharsis (purification) of the astral body, a higher being then takes the seed organs of clairvoyance born into the astral body that have arisen from this purification, and then impresses them on the ethereal body to lay a basis for clairvoyance.” [4]

Above I tried to indicate to the reader that we have direct immediate moment to moment experience of the Mystery, in breath and gravity. They are not far away, ever

A thought experiment: Imagine trying to put your fist through a wall. I can push my physical hands and arms through fire, air, and water, but ”solid” is a limit. And, even fire, air, and water exist (have their own material presence), and “They” (the elemental beings) move out of my Way. Yet, I also take in Their substance, transform it, and make it into “me”. The microcosm receives the Bread and Wine of the Macrocosm, as a sacrament.

My experience of being separate from the world of the senses is an illusion, aka: the ahrimanic enchantment.

Technology has always existed. A magical technology built the pyramids. Magic is a Moon Wisdom, Hers, as it were. The witch dances naked in the light of the Moon. A matter only technology, without the idea of spirit, is ruining human social development. MysTech folk justly want to understand, and find ways to act.

The idea of evil will not help. The Material is Beings, not things. Electricity is the One, at rest. Still, a spiritless set of unnatural laws hides reality from us. Ceremonial Magic* is a way of communion-with the elemental world, and seeking Their Guidance is required, for there to be a healing of the illness effects of Scientific Materialism. The Moon Returns, for those who Dare.

*[“Eurythmy”, and “the Rite of Consecration of Man”]

[1] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/

[2] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/05/20/letters-about-magic/

[3] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2022/05/02/anthroposophy-the-double-and-depression/

[4] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/threshold.html

Some opening words from my latest work in progress: “Magical Technology and the Spirits of the Moon

“Some Notes on Rudolf Steiner’s conception: “Mechanical Occultism”,
and its relationship to The Second Becoming of Christ in the realm of Living Thought, as well as the Remembering of the Holy Mother, aka: the Goddess Natura … all of this in the light of Franz Bardon’s epic modernization of the magic science/Ideas of the ancient Egyptians.

“[this essay was begun after reading Georg Unger’s “On Mechanical Occultism”:

https://rsarchive.org/RelAuthors/UngerGeorge/MchOcc_index.php ]

“The two sets of terms are interchangeable. For “Mechanical” substitute: Technology. For “Occultism” substitute Magical. Keep in mind that Steiner saw this gift as belonging to the soul life of the Americas, the lands of shamans and other Earth Religions.”.

As Ernst Lehrs puts it, in his Gospel of Physics, “Man or Matter”: electricity is the force that gives to matter cohesion. Years ago I wrote a short poem: “It matters to me for Matter to be, and that I to Matter do matter.”

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