Saving Rudolf Steiner’s Legacy, from the Anthroposophical Society

Saving Rudolf Steiner’s Legacy, from the Anthroposophical Society

Why I will never give up, and never surrender, to the stupid stuff the Anthroposophical Society does in the name of Steiner, Archangel Michael, and Christ, the Maker.

Some examples: 1) the School of Spiritual Science should be rooted in living initiates, instead of in thrall to a dead one (his spirit is in the spiritual world, not in books). 2) Our present day leaders caved into social pressures – as regards the truth, when a Steiner predicted crisis – the arrival of a medical tyranny – broke over mankind. 3) The dependence on gift money funding for far too many of our institutional organizations. 4) Failure to create and support magazines, wherein debate is the point – that is scholarship at the level what actual scientists do. 5) Not seeing that Anthroposophy cannot stand alone, or grow in spirit, without seeking fresh regular inspiration from the world of Faerie, and among the Fae (a more romantic name for what Steiner lamely had to call: the spiritual world).

The Puzzle Master always leaves a way out of Folly.

An antidote has been prepared: Zombie Economics – American Style, aka: Reanimating Anthroposophy … as a Business Empire

Yes, I mean to assert that Anthroposophy – as a system of ideas – is dead, … claiming to be a science, while acting as a philosophical and religious system of thought, most aptly named: “Steinerism”.

This is not failure. It is just Karma. And, … an economic opportunity.

Years ago, a dear friend – Dr. Kelly Sutton, remarked to me a riddle: What if the Business of America is actually Business. As an anthroposophical doctor, she certainly ran a business. Calvin Coolidge had said, “After all the chief business of America is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.”.

What is the entrepreneurial spirit? Has it any relationship with the ways of the indigenous peoples of the Americas? How do we best respect the past (spirit-remembering), yet do what is necessary for the future (spirit-vision)?

I have argued elsewhere and when, that we in America – should invent doing “Anthroposophy” as a business in the sphere of Economics (brotherhood), instead of the assumption that in America we – friends of RS – are to act in the Cultural sphere.

What would we buy and sell? What would we create and sell? What does the part of the world – we call America – want? (not what do “we” think they should do, or need)

The curious reality is that everyone, who is a friend of Steiner’s, are already doing and participating in the chaos of today. We share a belief of the critical nature of Rudolf Steiner’s works to the future of humanity. A few of us accept he was flawed, and therefore: Not always right.

Economics can be confronted with the idea of “markets”. If you are a seller, you need a buyer. Social media, libraries, book stores, television – the culture of self development is clearly a “market”.

Mostly we sell books, and various educational services, to ourselves. We love to share the basic books, such as: Theosophy, Occult Science – an Outline, The Philosophy of Freedom, and Knowledge of Higher Worlds – and How to Attain It.

These are not the only treasures that have emerged in this passage from the second to the third millennium (aka: from the fourth to the fifth world) … waves of knowledge radiating outward from Steiner’s life.

We revere the teacher, but fail to realize that the effects, such as Goethean Science, Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, and Anthroposophic Medicine, are what the world needs to know. How is important, but not as important as What.

The messenger is not the Message.

A peculiar habit, of Steiner culture, is to be concerned with gift money. Our institutions and other “enterprises” are always sending out requests for gift money. Yet, there is nothing to keep them from being businesses that sells a viable product, at a good price, and makes a profit.

Keep in mind that the original Waldorf School was funded via the profits of a living business corporation, the Waldorf Cigarette Factory. Christopher Budd has pointed out that excess capital in the economic sphere, needs to be returned to the cultural sphere, where it transforms wealth into spiritual capital due to the education of human beings. These qualities then becomes a force in the economic sphere, that in turn generates more excess capital. The dependency on gift money does not allow for this “current of exchange” to do its real purpose.

Any “association” swimming in the seas of Steiner-thought, such as a Waldorf School, or Community Farm, can – in addition to a non-profit association, also form a viable for-profit entity, … that does what? Teach Goethean science, and sell related materials such as books.

Oh, you don’t know Goethean science? You only know how to quote RS?

What does the Americas need? What does the World need? If we are not serving (washing the feet of) a real need, we will not find buyers.


Knowledge lifeboats. A searchable digitization of Goethean Science, and friends. Wealth requires work. We enter an age of increasing scarcity, believing there is a light at the end of that tunnel-vision. The world economy is out of control, given what base appetites it serves.

Then, let us face honestly the Mystery of: Wither and Whether goes the Weather. Make no mistake, Christ’s Mother is active everywhere. Yet, the connection offered by the Goddess Natura – via small group of people (Platonists) that usually didn’t incarnate at the same time with the much larger group (Aristotelians) – is being ignored.

Nothing is being withheld from the Steiner stream. Unfortunately, a great deal is being ignored.

The idea that the Covid Mystery is a world-wide Rite of Initiation is important for the future. A way of seeing not just the woes of inhumanity to man, but that She who has the whole world in His Hands – including us, and all are everywhere turning struggle into growth.

Warning … scarcity on all levels will increase …

In all likelihood, the newest sociological and technological systems will fail first, given their higher complexity, and their need for rare earth minerals. That is, we will lose the smart phones and the internet, on the way through extraordinary Supersensible events, infrastructure failures, which we already see prefigured in the collapse of supply lines.

At the same time, we all share the social tsunamic waves of what the Hopi call: “The Day of Purification.” Our lives are being Baptized by Fire and Holy Breath.

Our lives also have momentum and inertia. Run too fast, fall down go boom. Fail to change, you die.

Friends of Rudolf Steiner … who praise him too much. Friends of the Mother and the Son, not often enough evoked.

I’ve created two different associations. “The Shaman’s Law Firm” and “The Pharaoh Foundation”. You are a member if you choose, … both being Ideas. Merely reading those pages could inspire in you changes you can make directly in your personal life.

yet .., what to do? What is needed, that’s what. How do we know its the right thing to do? Because it is hard, and we won’t like it.

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