Invitation to a Celebration

from the

Shaman’s Law Firm

What makes this a “Shaman’s” Law Firm is that we bring alive again the higher elements of Law, as is described in this book: “The Art of the Good: the Regeneration of Fallen Justice” (1)

[it is important not to believe any of this … this is science, and science needs to begin with doubt]

Imagine an annual Earth Day Rite, when many environmental law firms simultaneously file suits against apex predator corporations, where the named plaintiff is the Planet. “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.”

I do not expect any individual, or firm, to join with any other. I am not interested in managing anything. I give this Idea away. Do what you wish. Life has clearly proven that individual choice is the true source of creativity — welcome to the celebration of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” civilization.

Some background … I attended the Air Force Academy for three years (I got an honorable discharge from the Air Force in June of 1965), and after transferring I got a BA degree in pre-seminary (University of Denver – 1963), and a JD in law (University of Montana – 1967). I graduated with honors in evidence, and clerked for a session of the Montana Supreme Court (a disaster given the blatant corruption). I was licensed to practice law in both Montana and Colorado.

I never really ‘practiced” anywhere (worked for insurance companies as a claims investigator), and I learned a lot about the law from television shows produced by David E. Kelley. (2)

In the way back, long ago, when before, … human beings lived in a world where spirits were their daily companions. Proof can be found in this book: “Speaker’s Meaning” by Owen Barfield (3). The ages that generated the Great Myths is from the time of the youth of the languages involved. In their youth languages are literal … experience is just given names. The most ancient peoples knew gods and goddesses, and fauns and gnomes.

For the human being to become free, this direct awareness of the Earth Mother had to pass into the Mists. When we appreciate that the Goddess Natura is real, just forgotten, we would learn to see that She, who has the whole world in His Hands, is an invisible being … the Nature, we experience through our senses, has an interior self-aware sentient consciousness, just was do we.

Aboriginal and indigenous peoples all over the world remember the Mother. The Hopi Prophecy expects a “true” white brother … true, in what sense? They, and we who are “true”, both know that Nature is living and divine.

Emerson: “Nature is a thought incarnate, and turns to thought again as ice become water and then gas. The world is mind precipitated, and the volatile essence is forever escaping into the state of free thought.”

A valid question is … where is the science? It exists, but for now not yet part of this story …

The point is not to win the multitude of lawsuits, but by their numbers attract the attention of the Court of Public Opinion, to the riddle of the sentient nature of the Planet.

I’ve done some thinking on strategy and tactics. (4). A core aspect is to realize that scientific materialism (the human being is matter only, without any spiritual dimensions) played a negative role in the pandemic, … a role of considerable arrogant ignorance on the one hand, and a necessary teaching of humanity on the other. (5)

Let me be clear … I am asking for free legal services … for the Planet. Mostly the cost will be for filing papers, against parties previously sued. In the Evidence section below, there are 13 books to purchase. Their cost, before shipping is added in: [$300.00] An association of firms might reduce the costs for individuals. It is possible these can be offered, with the proviso that if the suit is dismissed, they be returned. All the same, they are just counters in an extravagant game of Go.

Once the Idea is clear, in the minds of the relevant lawyers:

a) Choose three defendants. The tactic here is to encourage them to ask to be separated from the suit, which can lead to them shooting at each other.

b) Obviously a motion to dismiss follows. Taking from the playbook of defense lawyers, we do a “document dump” of 13 books. (6) Asserting they establish a prima facie cause of action, based on the Idea that Nature is alive, and human beings are not just matter, but also spirit.

c) Make the press aware, that on behalf of the Earth Mother-Holy Mother we are filing these actions. Encourage the media to read the same books.

d) The books speak for themselves, … we tell the press (Res ipsa loquitur)

notes – load this in your browser, and the links below will be live

[ https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2023/01/17/celebration/ ]

Here is a link to a Shaman’s (7) Law Firm Facebook page

for folks actively involved in this lawsuits

[ https://www.facebook.com/groups/320679309797100 ]

(1) ,,, examination of the past, present, and future of the Law.

(2) … my spiritual journey …. many teachers … the above Valentin Tomberg taught me how to see with my feelings, Rudolf Steiner taught me how to see with thinking, and Franz Bardon taught me how to see with my will. She, who has the whole world in His Hands, taught me to be a priest of an Earth Religion, aka: a shaman, although of a peculiar character: a white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic. Shamans serve (wash the feet) of their cultural roots.

(3) https://www.amazon.com/Speakers-Meaning-Owen-Barfield/dp/095694230X/ref=sr_1_2?crid=P72F45MVY5S6&keywords=Speaker+meaning&qid=1673286602&sprefix=speaker+meaning%2Caps%2C104&sr=8-2

(4) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/shamans-law-firm/

(5) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2022/06/30/a-shamans-guide-to-the-covid-mystery/

(6) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/30/for-people-of-faith-of-whatever-rite/

(7) My CV: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thetree.html


13 books

each book is described below and includes a link where it can be purchased … if the author is still living, that will be noted as well – After that will be a section of links where can be found: Goethean Science, Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine, Camphill Communities, and other modern institutions organized around the observations that spirit is scientifically real –

The prices will be provided, and one should expect an additional charge for mailing. My books will have links to where they can be previewed. Again, no belief required, and skepticism is healthy. Yet, the proof is in the pudding, … one or two of these books should be read, before making any judgments. If the author is alive: {A}. or crossed over: {C}.

Two of the 12 are books are mine {A}. “The Way of the Fool” is a gospel of the Second Coming. {“a”, not “the”, gospel} I wrote it over the course of a year, at age 64, following a 45 day fast.https://www.lulu.com/shop/joel-wendt/the-way-of-the-fool/paperback/product-1mwzgqj.html?page=1&pageSize=4[$19.99] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twotf.htmland: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. – “a” gospel of the spiritual nature of human earthly social and political existence. I was 70 when I wrote it.

https://www.lulu.com/shop/joel-wendt/the-art-of-god/paperback/product-16q9y5kw.html?page=1&pageSize=4 [$23.23] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html

On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician” “a” gospel of soul” A fusion of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy, by Catherine MacCoun {A} [$22.53]

Owen Barfield, {C}“a” gospel of the imagination “Poetic Diction – a study in meaning” [$17.99]

Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge”, Rudolf Steiner, {C}“a” gospel of knowing”. Owen Barfield called this book: “the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote”.

https://www.amazon.com/Goethes-Theory-Knowledge-Epistemology-Worldview/dp/0880106239/ref=asc_df_0880106239/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312025908234&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14234374830326886051&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9001850&hvtargid=pla-570161756137&psc=1 [$20.00]

How about “a” gospel” of physics … “Man or Matter” by Ernst Lehrs {C} This is a basic book on a new Way of picture-like Scientific Thinking (phenomenological), as pioneered by Goethe.

or “a” gospel of organic chemistry, Rudolf Hauschka, {C} “The Nature of Substance – spirit and matterhttps://www.amazon.com/Nature-Substance-Spirit-Matter/dp/1855841223/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=The+Nature+of+Substance&dchild=1&keywords=The+Nature+of+Substance&pd_rd_i=1855841223&pd_rd_r=90f5fed2-5fbe-4d16-8b11-1c58130012b2&pd_rd_w= [$19.39]

Theodor Schwenk’s {C} masterpiece: “Sensitive Chaos – the Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air” … “a” gospel on the laws of motion in Air and Water. Beautifully illustrated, thus well worth its price, [$49.99]

We can’t leave out the Green World, central to all living processes. By Gerber Grohmann {C}, “a” two volume gospel of “The Plant”,

https://www.amazon.com/plant-guide-understanding-its-nature/dp/0854402837/ref=sr_1_2?crid=164CBVCXTG20E&keywords=The+Plant+Gerbert+Grohmann&qid=1656110682&sprefix=the+plant+gerbert+grohmann%2Caps%2C75&sr=8-2 [$39.00]

https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Flowering-Plants-Thomas-Fisher/dp/0938250248/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=the+plant+grohmann&qid=1590872354&s=books&sr=1-2 [$18.87]

With the above two, that’s a total of nine. The next three, leading to twelve, are all by the same author. Tom Cowan [A]. If you Google him you will find out that the medical establishment hates him. Most of what is out there – on the surface of the internet – is lies. “a” gospel of medicine. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2023/02/10/medicines-einstein/

“Human Heart, Cosmic Heart – a doctor’s quest to understand, treat, and prevent Cardiovascular disease” [$24.95]

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness” [$22.49]

Cancer and a New Biology of Water” [$20.95]

The “13th: a scholarly work by Dan McKanan {L}, holder of the Emerson Chair, at Harvard Divinity School … “a” gospel of the environmental (save the Mother) moment. “Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism”.


keep in mind that all the people involved above, and below,

are the usual mix of individualized and imperfect human beings

Goethean Science

Whole Organism Biology – A Goethean Approach: https://www.natureinstitute.org/whole-organism-biology

Goethean science books on Amazon, mixed in with ?????



Have to have a geometry of the living and the spirit:Projective Geometry – creative polarities in time and space” by Olive Whicher

https://www.amazon.com/Projective-Geometry-Creative-Polarities-Space/dp/185584379X [$29.85]


A pdf of his remarkable: “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”

The Plant between Sun and Earth [rare: $100]

https://kyl.neocities.org/books/[TEC%20ADA]%20physical%20and%20ethereal%20spaces.pdf Adams and Whicher

Biodynamic Agriculture

a sampling of many dozens of web-sights




Anthroposophical Medicine

multiple choices when Googled





Waldorf Schools

hundreds, world wide



Camphill Communities

for people with special needs




Other Sources

Three remarkable personalities: Stephen Clarke {A}, Barbara Gardiner {C}, and Patrick Dixon {A} – links to their works: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2023/01/16/spirits-on-fire/

https://steinerbooks.presswarehouse.com/browse/catalog?SearchString=goethean%20science&page=1 books

http://www.adonispress.org/ more books

https://anthroposophicalpublications.org/ even more books

https://anthroposophy-colorado.org/magazines/ finally, … magazines

https://rsarchive.org/?rfr=elib search engine for a massive collection of Steiner’s works

https://bioneers.org/ a major international association of pioneers in the age of biology

https://dennisklocek.com/ a genius in the future of weather science, and much much more

https://anthroposophy.org/ America Steiner fans, have a magazine: “being – more consciously – human”

http://www.borderlandresearch.com/book/spirit-in-matter?fbclid=IwAR0yh1FDlJ24cwv8gKZKqCS3WWNeVDfKK60V6-BOQXp-elH7oxqf_FIOBfQ decades of scientific research that explores the edges the establishment scientists avoid

https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/blog/five-simple-questions-for-virologists?fbclid=IwAR3Z27vmxHZ14DmHfOupgTyf7PsC4jufwEy4YgY2ZbKYzRKfVo5wWQRVWUs questions the medical establishment can’t answer, as to why and how we get sick

https://rsfsocialfinance.org/get-funding/lending-overview/?gclid=CjwKCAjwsJ6TBhAIEiwAfl4TWK8Ouf6W3MQbtOjEjKUfRd5DSWOCMqX4-YReihApNQRax6pVOQE_PxoCaJkQAvD_BwEspiritual banking

https://cfae.us/ an association dedicated to uncovering the Mysteries of Technology

http://www.richardkotlarz.com/ an extraordinary mind teaches the reality of money

https://concord-ium.us/ Stuart Weeks tries to keep the spirit of the Transcendentalists alive

https://michaelmedicine.org/ an Anthroposophical Doctor survives an attack on her licenses

Dangerous Waters

Art Creative” AI. Is it possible to ban from the coming future, that which is terrible and destructive of the soul and spirit of man? Not really. But we do need to understand the deeper risk to the human imagination. Dangerous toys are always destructive, for they come with addictions. Computer games occupy a great deal of the life of our youth, largely because the players regular life “sucks”.

Imagine what will happen if children got a whole new idea of their human possibilities.

A future, that recognizes that spirit and soul are real, radically changes the ideas of what it means to be human. I am currently working with the relationship between thought and electricity. Rudolf Steiner called “electricity” coagulated thought. Perhaps the biggest savior, from an anti-human computer driven world, is the possibility that the mind can directly effect electrical phenomena.

What would a spiritual view of physics come to understand? “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos”

Read for free here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/ Buy a little book to hold in your hand: https://www.lulu.com/shop/joel-wendt/the-father-at-rest/paperback/product-znpekm.html?page=1&pageSize=4 The read for free link has active links, the book does not. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2023/02/14/some-reflections-on-the-truth-value-of-modern-theoretical-physics/

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