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Pagan* Anthroposophy

the Marriage of the Hermetic Science, of the ancient Egyptians,

with modern Anthroposophical Spiritual Science

*(pagan is a word used by the early Christian church,

to deny the validity of the ancient Goddess Religions)

Table of Contents

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Introduction – to the white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

Chapters – each accompanied by its link my website: “finding the path to the future through the gateways of the past”

I. Song of Easter

II. Hearts Afire

III. Artificial Intelligence in the Light of uniting Hermetic Science with Anthroposophical Spiritual Science

IV. An Invitation to an Alchemical Wedding

V. The Third Shaking of the Earth

VI. Songs of Shame and Failure

VII. The Mood of Easter in the Light of our individual Logos Nature

VIII. A Song of Entombment – in the Key of Lent

IX. Some Reflections on the Truth Value of modern Theoretical Physics

X. Medicine’s Einstein – Tom Cowan, doctor and healer

XI. Celebration

XII. Event and Aftermath – the Creation of Love through Crisis

XIII. Tales from the past … the three renunciations

XIV. Out of the Closet … go to actual page for there is art that provides proof

{the art in this story is crucial ? Evidence?}

XV. A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery

XVI. Leader’s Manual for the Final War for Human Freedom in America

XVII. Artist’s Studio


This book is not intended for a general audience. It

is intended for folks who have an interest in the works

and goals of Rudolf Steiner. To the extent that science is

never “settled”, too many of his followers are believers

and don’t know as much as they might, had their

horizons been wider.

At the same time, I tried to write in a way that

might be acceptable to a reader unfamiliar

with the vast corpus of Steiner’s works.

In my writing I refer to Steiner as the John

the Baptist figure, of the Second Becoming of

Christ in the Realm of Living Thought –

the Voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism


It is not well known that Hermetic Science (Magic) was scientifically valid in the time of its arising, given that it was based on observational experiences of the spiritual laws governing the Creation. Those laws remain true today, regardless of modern unnatural science’s assertions to the contrary (all is matter, there is no spirit). Various details showing this to be true will be provided in many of the essays below.

In my writings I often refer to Franz Bardon, who renewed Hermetic Science (Magic). In my biography I went looking for a lost wizard’s staff, and was led by Her – Divine Providence – to his three main books: “Initiation Into Hermetics”; “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”; and, “the Key to the True Quabbalah”.

Here is a link I wrote for “anthroposophists”:

This book, in either-or or both-and your head and hands, is a collection of some of my writings, that were written after I published “Wandering Midst Wonders in the Caves of the Moon”. The latest will be first. Each will be preceded by introductory comments.

For the reader, two challenges: Don’t believe anything. For science doubt is the first step. In addition, experience has taught me that the attitude of the reader is crucial to how it is read. As an additional task, imagine that a legendary Teacher (say, a Bodhisattva incarnation of the Future Maitreya Buddha) has written this book. Or, such an individuality, we have in this description from the Christian Bible:

[* Regarding the future of Christianity, here is John 16: 12-15 “I have much more to say to you, but you can’t bear it just yet. But when the other comes, the breath of truth, he will guide you in the ways of all truth, because he will not speak on his own, but will speak what he hears and announce to you what’s coming. He will glorify me, because he will take of what is mine and announce it to you.  Everything the Father has is mine: that’s why I said he will take of what is mine and announce it to you“] … what is in brackets is from my book “the Way of the Fool”, written in 2004, after a 45 day fast.

We all know that I am not such an advanced human being – who could be? Still, as you read, and cultivate doubt, simultaneously grant the possibility that I might have some legitimate spiritual gifts. Or, curses … read “Out of the Closet”.

Sometimes knowledge is a burden. The more personal

the writing, the more honesty required … not an easy task

Songs of Easter, … as regards the dying and becoming (Resurrection) of the Anthroposophical Society, in the twenty-first century.

Or not. The beginning below takes all of us into dangerous waters.

Fortunately, my secret is safe, because the leadership of the Society will run away

from this message, as fast as they can hold on to their personal status … believing

Steiner reading has all the answers, and they are at least familiar with that. Nothing new to learn, … WHY WOULD CHRIST HAVE ANYTHING MORE TO SAY, ONCE STEINER DIED?

Can you imaging someone living a life, and having to face the Ideal that he or she might be a Bodhisattva incarnation of the future legendary Maitreya Buddha? Would it not crush such a personality, under a great weight of expectation, or inflate their ego to impossible dimensions?

During the occult machinations described in Steiner’s “The Occult Movement of the Nineteenth Century”, a marriage of Theosophical and Buddhist sages claim to be able to identify a young boy as this individuality.

Because of his clairvoyant research, Steiner’s had to say what he believed was the truth, and that this individual being offered could not be the future Buddha. The risk was that the actual personality would not be able to avoid finding this ideal, as his destiny required meeting Anthroposophy. These Ideals would find their way into the soul dynamics of this individual, and such ideas as “lofty” “great” “future teacher of the Christ Impulse” “a member of the circle of the Buddhas” could turn into huge egotism.

On the Ark, Catherine MacCoun called Steiner’s idea “goofy”, as it turned this individuality into some kind of Teutonic superman. When I shared my second birth experience, she wrote me privately and said “YOU ARE NOT THIS PERSON. The reader may want to go here for those details of my biography: … with that, and a reading of the following, the reader can make up their own mind.

Fortunately, this too shall pass. The Steiner community has nominated many, including Steiner to be this personality, while searching for lofty and great, not for a moment imagining that the actual individuality might seek a quiet life, out of sight, and very very human. No lofty at all. Sometimes could be a complete ass. Seriously not perfect.

Matthew 11: 28-30: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

More than I would like to admit, reading Steiner often leaves me feeling hopeless. So many ways everything could go wrong. So many spirit beings – not helpers, but still have powerful effects. Often, as I read “The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century”, it seemed to hold that only Spiritual Science can be the Way Through – but through what?

At the same time, as I study the world, it is obvious that billions are not going to run into Steiner and friends, in time to be “saved”. Still, I cannot image that Love would abandon any beings, human or otherwise, to a life of the potential horrors Steiner often describes.

To my present reflection, the four temperaments are all present in my soul. Fire/Choleric/Will; Air/Sanguine/Intellect; Water/Phlegmatic/Feeling; and, Earth/Melancholic/Consciousness,

My I can choose which combination of these qualities to apply from moment to moment. Or not. Instead of waking up and always trying to be mastering these, my I can also play, aka; color outside the lines. Spontaneous. Even I don’t know what I am going to do next. You know: Lest ye become again as …

One important observation of Steiner’s is that Spiritual Science is not Christianity. Is the outer Christianity the Way Through? Is an anthroposophist a better follower and disciple of Christ, from reading a lot of Steiner?

Steiner, in the above lectures, speaks of the veil, the Maya nature of reality behind which the true spirit is hidden. As a practicing Christian, I disagree. To me the Word-world, as it manifests at all levels, is Speech. Just as Goethe saw himself as reading the Book of Nature (phenomenology), I’ve been inspired to read the Book of Human Social and Political Existence.

Sometimes when I see a picture of Steiner, I just want to hug him, hold him tight, and thank him for his service. Sometimes. Other times I want to go, hey dude, what about this, or what about that – nobody knows everything, or gets everything “right”. Not even the Mystery, which includes us … who are set free to … I often write of our freedom being the beast from the abyss of the uncreated and yet to be formed.

Lectures and books have a peculiar nature. They are Sun Moon. Sun is the speaker and writer sources, and we listeners and readers reflect what is being said and written. In the Americas, however, aboriginal gatherings are in Circles, so they are Sun Sun.

In the US of A, this congregation of equals doesn’t appear much in anthroposophical gatherings. Steiner spoke of it, with the idea of the Reverse Cultus. Practice makes perfect, sez the lore of any art of becoming.

Christianity is very simple, while Spiritual Science is richly complicated. Goethean Science was its answer to religion of Scientific Materialism, that peaked in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. Not everyone need learn its intricacies, including the new thinking. Practice, however, for a Christian is simple: Judge Not; Pray in Secret; and above all: Love each Other.

My studies of the mysteries of Judge Not begins in waking up to that act within my self. It evolved over time into a riddle: There is some person, or event, or whatever, and they are wrong, and perhaps evil … yet … the Mystery allows its manifestation, so what do They see, that I do not?

A main virtue of praying (intimate conversations with the Mystery) in secret is that the surrounding noise of existence can quiet, and since I pray out loud (whispers are fine), I will notice a reply that is inwardly present before I have finished the spoken thought. The graces vary – a word is heard, a mood is changed, and this can include leaving us to solve the problem. Still, the Original Connection – in the Garden (before the Trial of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) – the unity between my I, and the I of Others, including the Mystery, has never been lost, just asleep. No human being is refused the wanted attention, regardless of any character flaw in our own nature.

Love starts with loving your self, and forgiving your self. Love is trust in the self and in the Not I. Each encounter a communion-with another wondering and wandering Other I (“The Mood of Easter in the Light of the individual Logos Nature”).

The biography of each, its existence as it were, is a temple. It is a celebration. It is holy and sacred. Our essence is non-material, and then all the more so fully divine. Philosophies, religions, sciences, as well as arts and crafts are secondary effects of the meaning core of earth existence – the individual life.

An apt humorous image is that life is a huge carnival of bumper cars. From the Caves of the Moon, Earth existence is a vast sea, filled with living sparks of the mystery, … a place of currents and tides, shared with brothers and sisters as Riders of the Wage, surfing the coming Tsunami of Future History.

Each spark unique. Each biography a work of art. A holy womb surrounds us, … the Mother as Divine Providence and the Son as the Artist of Karma. Fortune and Fate to Hermetic Science.

The Mystery being outside of time and space, the Trinity has an eternity to wonder into being each individual’s self chosen biography, an ongoing creation in itself. Each, of those forty-nine (seven time seven) incarnations in matter, is a stage in our personal path to the holy grail. (a Bodhisattva does those forty-nine in about 5000 years, thus touching and being touched in every century). Most everyone else gets breaks, although individual necessity causes variations. Right now there are eight billion at the party celebrating the dying and becoming of “Western” Civilization, via a Rite of Chaos, latent with the music of the Remembering of the Mother.

There are formal Christianities. Churches of various creeds have many times let their disagreements lead to violence. Men, and on occasion women, make those choices, and claim their god is okay with this. So much folly … so much egotism … so much karma.

All the same, to the Mystery each biography is a locus of Love. And, there is a common shape (“Song of Entombment in the Key of Lent”) to this “biography-song” that all share. We are born into matter, on a path to certain death. We come to different lands, with different “religions”. We have those around us who give us “upbringing”. Parents, relatives, teachers, lovers, bosses and enemies. While all of us have parents, no cosmically authorized “parenting” process is the same. Each life tale is unique.

Recall the Idea of Fate (the Artist of Karma) and Fortune (Divine Providence). Another way to describe this social – biographical – phenomena is to observe the play of choices, which is set against a background of trials. Life is a school of hard knocks and shared pain. Is there order there at all? (“Event and Aftermath, the Creation of Love Through Crisis”)

A major inescapable fact is that everything happens in the Now, … the present moment we can never flee, anymore than we can flee our own nature. It is only in the idea of linear time, that we wonder whether life has fixed destinies.

Recall the humorous idea that our collective life has the quality of bumper cars. Eight billion sparks, living their stream of moments, bumping into each other because we yet lack understanding. Humanity does have the whole surface of the Earth in which to play. To be raised in Africa is not like being raised in America. The Spirit of Place is powerful.

We can discover much, by just noticing the patterns. Each life has the same musical potential of human trials, yet the songs in responses will not be identical. We are instruments in a grand opera, conducted by the Mystery – which includes us. Unique instruments … living free instruments, for the All has made us each a Universe patterned after the whole, yet not bound to imitation.

Our individual heart’s mind is a sun, the whole of the spark having a solar system of quantities of being. We call a friend. Do you want to come out and play? The friend declines being in the mood of Jupiter, contemplating the juggling of many fires.

Waking up is stepping into your car-material-body. It has an exterior, and we are in the mystical interior, driving, while napping on occasion. Associations of car owners are common. Sometimes these associations make war on each other, just like individual car drivers can make war on each other.

These bumper cars can have their own saved will, which yet needs recharging, or they can have an aerial that touches the source of the cosmic electrical fire.

There are associations of sparks that believe that the existence of the car, the driver, and the environment is a pointless accident. Some of these associations we call science (accidental random events rule). Some assert divine authority, calling their religion (my god’s rules) are the best. Then there are the artists (screw the rules), a kind of association of one.

There are many tall tales out there in the Park. The fact that we have the capacity to author our own tales, for our own reasons, … that aspect of existence itself tells a tale. Billions of bumper-car drivers, caught up in the eddies of an ocean of possibilities, riding the up-folding of Nows, into the unknown, alone or in association.

The idea that the Spirits, who inspired Steiner, HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY is as foolish as is the idea that confines the speaking of gods to a book, that will never have to face new revelation.

Seers and occultists, whether esoterist, or exoterist, have karma …they also make mistakes. Steiner’s “The Occult Movement of the Nineteenth Century” tells the tale of lofty ones making choices, with unanticipated results. Is it possible that seership is blind as to the future, given that it hasn’t happened yet?

I am involved in an ongoing conversation with the Mother, that if She doesn’t find a way to get my work, on the new Spring Michaelic Rite for Earth Day, loose in the world, … And, if I am that idiot that incarnates almost every century, I’m not coming back. I had to go through a lot of crap to create those ideas. Enough is enough. Some prayers get to be angry, which is just another way to love. Indifference however, … not all choices are easy, and the waves of change, weaving through Quest, have a snake eating its own tail quality.

Love includes second chances. Even the Anthroposophical Society can change course.

Are the Steiner fans are up to the task of facing the reality of their Torture of the Michaelic Cosmic Intelligence, through turning it into a Belief System, – a belief system that is essentially a kind of bondage of the own thinking potential. Yet, Easter is a time of Death and Resurrection, and the future is always yet to happen.

Some thoughts that have wandered my way: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are one religion, not three. Theory U applies. As the Fall into Matter deepens, the Hebrews are lead away from Egypt’s polytheism (the Mother Ideal fades from sight), with the help of God’s Law. After the Fall, existence is turned upward again, as God’s Love Intervenes. After the turn, the final stage out of matter is God’s Surrender.

The Mother, who is an eminent aspect of everything, had cast a veil over the earthly world, for which Steiner has blamed Ahriman alone. Eventually we arrive at the moment of the birth of the epoch of the consciousness soul, and the Mystery of Evil. An individualized Rite, not an idea.

This macro-trial, for all of humanity, was to lose any sense of the world of “matter” as having any kind of divine quality – all surface, no inwardness. So that hearts would not be broken through the forgetting of the Goddess Natura, an Agreement had to be reached. What sane person savages the Mother’s Life Sphere, the way we do. Atlantis was a warning.

This Agreement we call The Ark of the Covenant Ideal, which expressed, in the understanding of the ten suggestions, including – Honor thy Father and Mother, that this meant not just our biological “parents”, but the Divine Parents of the All. Prodigal sons and daughters must choose to return, and then they will find the Mother’s Feast.

The future of humanity depends on remembering (honoring) the Mother. Keeping in mind that we are the microcosm and that means we too are fathering (generating) and mothering (nurturing) which unite in us, in the inner phenomena that goes with the experience of the Second Becoming of the Son (Christ) in the realm of living thought. “Learn to think on your knees”, Valentin Tomberg. “It thinks in me”, Rudolf Steiner.


My logos nature asks: If the bad guys, such as lucifer and ahriman and sorat and asuras … could win, it would already be game over. Obviously that is not the case. She – the true Dark, holds the reigns of the situational dark, aka: Evil and Good, which are Compost for the Return of the Tree of Life.


None of my work could be done without my Lady Linda. She loved and took care of this crazy writing hermit for fourteen years. I wouldn’t mind having visitors sharing their stories though, each one a door to another universe. Going out means diapers and wheelchairs, where did I leave my glasses, and how could you forget your hearing aides.

When Steiner talked of the great teacher for the future, was he talking about an initiate? Some random quotes:

~!~ “Nature only reaches her highest aim — to become herself wholly object — in her highest and final reflection, which is none other than Man, or more generally, what we call Reason, through which nature first completely returns into herself, and by which it becomes manifest that she, nature, is originally identical with what is known in us as intelligence and consciousness.”

~!~ “This transformation occurs particularly between the thirtieth and thirty-third years. It can never be known beforehand that this body will be taken possession of by the Bodhisattva. The change never shows itself in youth. The distinctive feature is precisely that the later years are so unlike the youthful ones.

~!~ “ … who succeeded Gautama Buddha — has prepared himself for his Bodhisattva-incarnation so that he can reappear and rise to the Buddha dignity exactly 5,000 years after the illumination of Gautama Buddha under the bodhi-tree.”

~ !~ “This Bodhisattva will inspire us and draw our attention to the time drawing near when the Christ will appear in a new form in an etheric body. He will bless, and endow with light, those who through the new Essene wisdom are developing new forces in preparation for His return in etheric raiment. We are now speaking entirely in the sense of that inspiring Bodhisattva who is to be the Maitreya Buddha; we know therefore that we are not speaking in accordance with any religious confession. We are not speaking of a return of Christ that will be perceptible on the physical plane.”

~!~ Great individualities will certainly appear in the twentieth century, like the Bodhisattva, the successor of Gautama Buddha, who will become the Maitreya Buddha in about three thousand years.”

~!~ “If a Buddha or a Bodhisattva stands higher among the hierarchies of the spiritual world than other human individuals this is because of his having passed through so many and varied incarnations an earth. What I mean by the higher ethics, the higher moral teaching given out to us from the spiritual world is this:— No one should think for a moment that he gains an advantage over his fellow men through the development of clairvoyance.” ~!~!~!~!~!!!!@


It is not my self chosen task to have a public life, although that madness has at various times burned within. So much terrible, what can be done. I do chose to harass anthroposophists, however. As Sarah Conner sez in the Terminator movies: “There is no fate but what we make”.

My personal experience is not so much being a gifted teacher, but a gifted student.

Fate and Fortune filled up my life, and my library, with an education few would imagine. My job is to share it. I’m not the Message, just one of the messengers, immersed in a magical library of other messengers …

Intoxicated writers need places to be free,

and unrestrained by convention. All of the works

below were written while enjoying one of the Mother’s

soul-pain remedies – five mg of edible twice a day

Artist’s Studio

pictures of a hermit’s hide-out

Heart’s Afire

Signs of the times: My observations of the changes in the nature of the dramatization of late adolescent girls becoming women.

I have been watching movies since 1948. Artists are a vehicle for spirit inspiration. They see in Ways even seers cannot. Raphael’s “Madonna and Child” speaks, without words. Movies are an international discourse, via the Collective Imagination. The recent Oscar dominance, of the movie: “everything everywhere all at once”, recognized that linear time might well be a fiction, and modes of consciousness are really trapped in the Now, while having some quality of immortality, meaning, and struggles about choice.

Pretty much phenomena revealing the transformation Rudolf Steiner called: the appearance of the Consciousness Soul.

Between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and James Cameron … the imaginative and technical capacities of film arts generated the “block buster”. Movies are now costing and making money in the billions of dollars.

My first serious study of these arts, in television, was done around 1997, when I was living with my daughter and her husband, who were fans of Star Trek the Next Generation, and had taped them all. I had watched almost all of the episodes myself, but now I could have the time to let the themes unfold, and weave together a “whole that is greater than the sum of the parts”.

The underlying riddle was: What does it mean to be a human being?

In the episode: “The Measure of a Man”, Data, a one of a kind android member of the Enterprises crew, is the center of a series of dialogues about whether or not he could be “owned” by Star Fleet. A scientist wanted to take him apart, and figure out how to make more, as Data had been found on a planet, and later went through Star Fleet Academy to become a crew member.

This question of ownership was decided in a kind of court of law way, with Captain Picard speaking to save Data, and Data’s best friend, first officer Ricker, was ordered to prove that Data was a thing that could be owned.

Through their friendship, Data’s friends knew he had an off switch. To prove his case, of Data’s thingness, Ricker dramatically and unexpected turned Data off.

Picard finds a way, by arguing the real moral question is not whether or not Data is human, but who are we if we learn to make more Datas, who are stronger, faster, intellectually superior, and possible immortal if not destroyed . Do we make such amazing sentience just to send it into hostile places humans can’t go? Do we kill them to save ourselves?

The judge agrees. Data is unique. Leave him to be whoever or whatever he wants to be. What does he want? The fans know he strives to be more and more human. In fact, there is always a story line that includes him try to learn how to tell jokes.

I also study the works of Clint Eastwood, in film, and David E. Kelley in television. Want to see the consciousness soul dramatized? Watch Eastwood’s films: “Million Dollar Baby” and “Gran Torino”. Want to have some laughs, at the same time as very intelligent discussions of social issues? Watch Kelley’s “Boston Legal”.

Both men have a wonderful sensitivity to woman’s quests. Obviously, not being a woman can be alleged to be a flaw of sorts. Just remember that these arts involve a lot of folk working cooperatively, and women are everywhere in the process.

As a male, I have my own issues as regards women. Some years ago I thought about this, and decided that while we were both human, we were not the same species of human – they were, relative to me – alien as it were. Unknowable. Worthy of listening to, but often not understood. Mainly, I worked at not letting my limits get in the way of trying all the time to love one.

I’ve also contributed to the raising of three adolescent girls becoming women; and, I worked as an “aide” in mental hospitals, for about two decades. Trying the quell an outright fight between two teenage girls was quite hard, what with there being no rules, and biting and hair pulling the norm.

Let us shift gears, and speed past a lot of history – where are the film arts today, as regards girls becoming women? Keeping in mind that the female adolescent nature is full of the wild. Rules need not apply.

The woman as a kick ass force of nature, not needing a man at all, first appears four decades ago, when we had Princes Lea (Star Wars series), Ripley (Alien series), and Sarah Conner (Terminator series). I’ll never forget the viewing of Cameron’s “Terminator Two – Judgment Day”, in the theater with a living audience.

Cameron gives us a set of pictures – from Sarah Conner’s nightmares, of a view of a playground with mothers and children, as the force and effects of an atom bomb, whose cosmic heat and light burns much to ash immediately, the skeletons last, after which then is all blown away by a ferocious wind.

The audience was stunned into a silence, that lasted about ten minutes.

Jaws scared us about oceans, and the theme music is iconic. Same with the music of The X-Files.

Over the course of my life, housewives became heroines, and heroines became younger and younger. With the character Katness Everdeen, from “The Hunger Games”, we see clearly the late adolescent girl become a woman. She sees what is right, from the point of view of her own heart’s mind, and acts, … hardly any gap between seeing and acting at all.

In a quite recent series for television, “The Last of Us”, this end of civilization tale shows the course of a young girl becoming a woman. The drama is excruciating, when we take account of the trials she has to face to survive. The underlying causal theme involves Nature producing a virus that transforms everyone bitten into something not human. The girl is immune, and a priceless “commodity”.

End of civilization movies are everywhere today. One common type is the zombie film. It is basically obvious to most sane people, as our world continues its destructive paths, the blood (energy) sucking social forms – the multinational corporation – are the anti-life zombies.

Another streaming video series (a long movie) is Station Eleven. Again the heroine is young and female. The time is post-apocalyptic, and this question is being asked here, and in most such films, is: There has got to be a better way. Some folk in this tale, travel all about, giving shows to different – otherwise separate – communities.

A brand new imaginative series, only three episodes so far, is called “The Power”. In the beginning we are introduced to teenage female characters, who suffer greatly at the hands of various kinds of people who care only for themselves.

Each is holding in some serious anger. Those situations lead to the girl’s anger, when released, causing electrical discharges from their hands. Images of this begin to dominate social media, and the powers that be don’t know what to do with the outbreaks everywhere of fires.

Politicians want to lie. The men holders of power themselves have children who display this “power”. It apparently can be transferred to another older female. The science discovers that this outbreak is the result of a new organ, being created by “evolution”. The placement of this organ is between the heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra (the film doesn’t say this, the images do, however).

It is a conjunction of nerve tissue, and related blood vessels etc, which to x-ray is shaped like a pair of “wings”. It rests in the area of the clavicle bones in the upper chest.

In the so-called real world we have seen a number of young girls who become noteworthy examples to others. Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai come to mind. News reports for Muslim countries, describe that where there are riots and protests, these are often are led by teenage girls. The world’s movies model the wild passions of such becoming women, in the solving of social crisis. They can be seen for free on a smart phone.

In Hermetic Science, the electrical fluid is the fire element – or will – principle.

Rudolf Steiner: GA-212

For what has thus rayed together into a center becomes, at the time of puberty, the etheric heart. The etheric heart he had before this time he had received as heritage through forces inherent in the embryo. When man gathers his ether body and with it approaches the physical organism a kind of etheric heart, a substitute etheric heart, so to speak, is drawn together by the forces of the physical body. But this etheric heart which man has in childhood slowly decays — this may not be a very nice expression, but it does fit the situation — and is replaced gradually, as the decaying processes take place, by the new etheric heart.
One can say that not until puberty is man’s own etheric heart present — formed out of his own etheric body. Thus, he no longer has a provisional heart. All the ether forces active in man up until the time of puberty have a tendency to provide him with a fresh etheric heart.”

Humanity has dreams, … many are often

self-generated Wounds in the Soul – a spirit place

where the imagination wanders too close to darkness

Artificial Intelligence in the Light of uniting Hermetic Science with Anthroposophical Spiritual Science.

It was recently announced on the Anthroposophy Facebook page that Andrew Linnell was going to give a presentation on “Artificial Intelligence” and the meaning of this phenomena for the future. Certainly a worthy task, but I am not sure how close to the “truth” his thinking will be. Why ask such a seemingly impudent question?

The Facebook page, where Andrew is an administrator, begins with a falsehood: “Anthroposophy was formed by Rudolf Steiner to be a Spiritual Science to nurture the soul.” I have tried more than once to have that assertion reconsidered, and not only is there no dialogue about this comment of mine, nothing changes.

Anthroposophy is a name given to a kind of potential inner activity, whereby we as individuals call forth the new thinking out of our own will. Steiner did not “form” this spiritual fact … the Mystery created the potential, and others have found it (Emerson and S.T. Coleridge, for example). What Steiner did was cast the process of making this known to ourselves, by using the principles of Natural Science, which he describes as the modern Way of Knowledge.

To equate the meaning of the word Anthroposophy (a method of awake thinking), with the content produced by that act, which he named Spiritual Science, confuses the act the actor (the message with the messenger). The Society – in general, not understanding the Idea of the true meaning of the act, which Steiner practiced, lost its own logos-natured center, the heart’s mind, by granting authority there to Steiner-sez, at the expense of their own thinking.

In my early years as an “anthroposophist”, I was told that for Spiritual Science to be a science, requires that the results be repeatable. Alas the riddle, … where were those who managed to “replicate” this activity. Tomberg was offered, but within the Society this was rejected.

As I thought about this question over the years, I came to the conclusion that what made spiritual science a science was in fact the method. He had placed his studies of this Way to knowledge, in the realms of philosophy of his time. First phrase, first leading thought, “Anthroposophy is a path … “ In GA-1 to GA-4, he describes one result of making such a journey, by first dealing with the riddle of how do we know that we know what we know (epistemology).

In essence, the first science – in the modern sense – was addressed to this problem of thinking and thought, and their relationship to knowing. What he discovered empirically was the foundational science, the Science of Knowing. Thinking, aware of itself, was the road to certainty.

A recent riddle arose during the Plague, which was whether or not there was such a thing as “settled science”. Is a Spiritual Science settled if we say Steiner said it?

As a scientist of the spirit (one of my main fields of interest is high energy physics), I also can “think” about AI. So, with the above context I will share my “thinking” about AI.

To my cognitive activity, AI presents a type of conceptual problem, as did Steiner when he pointed out that our “idea” of “the atom” is the problem. Preconceptions and assumptions obscure the phenomenological truth.

When humanity started to examine Nature, as a matter-only based reality, science began by taking “things” apart. One of the products of this is the Table of Elements, which are called molecules, with the idea that stuff is made out of these parts. The first observational mistake was to not notice that Nature nowhere gives us pure “elements”. Even gold and crystals were combinations of the elements. We call the impurity in a diamonds, for example, by reference to color and opaqueness. Allegedly pure gold has to be “refined”, but never quite gets rid of all the unwanted aspects, which were companions in a living natural process.

The world is not made of molecules, but combinations of “elemental” characteristics of matter. Still, searching for the imaginary fundamental part ended up with us being able to “break” the molecule into parts called “atoms”, which are a kind of debris, that arises after refinement. Then we break the atom, and get into the deeps of particle physics, which are debris of debris.

Eventually physics wanders away from matter, and notices “fields”. A field is a phenomena where there is no matter, yet still powerful dynamic process: aka: the four fundamental forces, and or transformations, electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. I wrote a long article on the ancients’ observations of four fundamental aspects of reality: fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling, and earth/consciousness, and their relationship with materialistic physics. (1)

Now, AI is first and foremost an idea: aka: “Artificial Intelligence”. It is clear to observation that the thinking that hatched that idea did not understand at all the true nature of human consciousness, given that the science of parts-only felt the material brain was the seat of what is clearly – to experience – an immaterial state of being … self-reflecting consciousness. This quality was denied existence, aka: the spirit of the anti-Christ inhabited modern science, and denied both Father and Son (see first two letters of John). The debris of that confusion lives in the idea there is no self, and we are not free.

Such matters of dangerous and false ideas, that flood our dying civilization, all takes place in a context. If we look to the future, with our non-material consciousness, we see many dangers to life and limb from these social tendencies. The macro-social clearly has properties of inertia and momentum.

Human beings have experienced a lot of awful over the millennia. If we practice a spiritual social science, we might observe that the World has an order, profound and beautiful. The locus of Love is the individual biography. Religions, sciences, arts … philosophy … pass away, yet each individual biography, by their operable relationship with the Mystery, is a temple. Our circumstances give us the ideas we individually need to navigate our individualized life of mazes and labyrinths.

From a certain point of view, which I call: the Primal Paradox, to the Mystery the World is perfect, which includes the offerings of individuals to change it – we are the leading edge of evolution, and microcosmic luminous entities.

As an aspect of this macro-evolutionary process, present day social structures are falling apart, aka: The Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization. “Western” scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – is being rejected, a macro-social event that began with the ‘60’s, and is being deepened by the presence of a World Wide Rite, Steiner called “all of humanity is crossing the threshold”, which we know as the Plague.

The task faced by each individual biography is to face the chaos of the time, and by circumstance be thrown back on our own judgment as the primary seed of the good and the true. It is situational, there being no absolute truths or absolute facts.

The Artificial Intelligence is the presence of a device that cannot actually obtain consciousness, although it might perhaps imitate it. Advances in the sophistication of the device might seem to have no limit, and the search for “quantum computing” is the latest effort to … to what, exactly?

The Quantum world “idea” is a creature of modern physics. There actually is a there there, as it were, although we presently do not know the true conceptions and ideas – which are the right names for the phenomena.

Current thinking in quantum theory is that not even space and time matter. Einstein’s mathematics is weak in a sense, and quantum mechanics has been wrestling with the riddle of “quantum entanglement”, finding solutions that disagree with aspects of the theories of relativity. Modern particle physics asks: why can two particles be separated in space, but not in time. Spin one, its pair spins as well.

The process seems instantaneous as well. There is no gap for something to cross for connection. The connection is a fundamental state of “things”. Hermetic Science would see this as a manifestation of the primal principle of Unity.

Many of their questions would be answered if particle physicists were to study the works of George Adams. “Space and the Light of Creation”, an essay in mathematical physics published in 1933, has three chapters: 1) Radiation of Space; 2) Music of Number; and 3) Burden of the Earth and the Sacrifice of Warmth.

“Physical and Ethereal Spaces” is yoga for the imagination. “Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself. Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.” Rudolf Steiner. Also he said: we must learn to think the extensive intensively, and the intensive extensively. Yoga, yes?

Also there is Adams “Universal Forces in Mechanics”. It is the nature of matter to include an ethereal (non-physical aspect) presence. Moreover, this ethereal world is infinite, while the material world is finite.

My hope is that someday those Steiner folks interested in the Mysteries of Technology would become more familiar with the fundamental truth aspects of space and time, which include a non-material component.

Right now, Ahriman and Lucifer are winning the battle to define the nature of human existence, at the level of physics. Ahriman, by enabling our dependence on pure mathematics. Lucifer by making us believe there is a “real” potential state that precedes any manifestation.

The problem and riddle and enigma is even if real human consciousness can’t be replicated in a machine, there still will be spiritual entities created by our unconscious activity in developing this technology. In Hermetic Science these artificial astral beings are called elementaries. If we want to avoid making them unconsciously, knowledge of Hermetic Science is central. However, it is a Hermetic Science united with a Spiritual Science, that is needed (2). But where are those realms being studied or taught? In the occult brotherhoods, for sure.

Preview Of Coming Attractions: What does any of this to do with the legendary Eighth Sphere? One of the qualities Mother Nature teaches, is that growth and decay are aspects of all that lives. Is the Eighth Sphere any less holy than the rest of the Creation? Is it possible that the heart’s mind, of the world’s girls becoming women, is the biting point of the sword of He who does not bring peace?



I have a deep relationship with Rudolf Steiner.

He never visited America, and too many Americans

read too much Steiner. They should read some other writers.

An Invitation to an Alchemical Wedding.

The Anthroposophical Society is a community, which has many ideas of how the world would be a better place if Steiner was more known. There is a difficulty in taking such a stance, however, if your own house is not in order. His work output was massive, yet this riddle dominates: What makes Steiner folk think the Mystery put all Their Easter Eggs in just one basket?

I do Anthroposophy (method) to create Spiritual Science (content), … American (1) style some might say. Which means to me, one travels a path that includes relationships with the Underworld, aka: the Lost Cities, aka: Faerie – the Realm of the Mother, … where the descriptive name shaman is to be preferred to seer. Without a doubt Steiner was a seer, yet Socrates was effectively a “shaman”, being a priest of the Feminine Mysteries, aka: Goddess Natura.

This Way of Experience was to be added to the work of Steiner, and the main Rite involved was given the name the Culmination, which was to be a meeting of two small groups of gifted individuals, who seldom incarnate at the same time. Steiner named them Aristotelians and the Platonists, and said that if this small group failed in its task, our civilization would continue to fall.

Some believe that meeting has happened – at least as far as the Society goes, but I see no evidence in the Steiner-speak world, given that the Language that would result, and the ideas pointed out, would no longer be the same as how the majority speak out of Spiritual Science today … if and when the two Ways are properly Married.

I was present at the main Culmination gathering, that occurred on the Ark internet discussion group, which meeting among the electronic aethers happened from around 1997 to 2003. As he promised, the spirit that had been known to us as Rudolf Steiner was there, under the name Harvey Bornfield.

The general agreement of that group was that while Steiner was great (not perfect, please), the Society was flawed. Some of those problems will be pointed out below. Keep in mind that this Culmination Rite is ongoing. As a Platonist, my relationship with the Goddess Nature is a love affair. She is intimate, powerful, life altering, yet coy, playful and mysterious. She should be courted.

In my writing, I name Rudolf Steiner as “the John the Baptist figure of the Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought. The voice crying in the wildness of scientific materialism” (Language). She, on the other hand, is not easily seen in the Steiner realm, because they no longer recognize Her deft, arts of singing into being: Rogue Weather, Climate Change, the Four Horsemen, and the Gate of Death.

Even “anthroposophists” (Aristotelians) can’t quite grasp the Ideal of the Meaning (not just the act, but the actor) of Being, unless they confess, and surrender, to the mystery of the Trinity, where if there is a Son, there must also be a Mother and a Father. Another way to appreciate this Mystery is that the primal Unity has three major attributes, or “faces”: the fathering (generating), mothering (nurturing), and the secondary unity, the Love of the Son (“All thing happened through Him, and not one thing that has happened, happened without Him”).

Consider that one of the underlying truths is that there is more that can be done, if the Society is to fulfill its role, for the future. As in – the Society can open their hearts to understanding Her. She, who has the whole world in His Hands (Language) via macro social events, such as this era of the Rite of Humanity Collectively Crossing the Threshold. This Rite unfolds via Their rulership (2) of the complicated Ritual which began with the Covid Plague … He as the Artist of Karma, and She as Divine Providence. The Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians refers to them as Fate and Fortune.

On a personal note, I am reminded of my own first dozen years as a member of the Society. Again, there was a kind of language mystery. I had been engaged for some years in the self observation of my own thinking, via the empirical methods of natural science (as encouraged by Steiner), but found – among anthroposophists – almost no discussions of the problem of freedom in the sense of the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. “One must be able to confront an Idea, and experience it, otherwise one will fall into its bondage.”

Being new to the Society, I kept my own observations to myself. The language of Knowledge of Higher Worlds dominated, and most group studies were about Steiner-said, which I eventually described – in the lead article of my first magazine: “Outlaw Anthroposophy”, as “Some Musings on the Epistemological Swamp Land of the The Anthroposophical Society”.

Another oddity, perhaps fatal, is that Society members know so little of Goethean Science. The leaders mostly have contests for elaborating what Steiner meant, and ignore the remarkable genius of his best students.

As a consequence of certain attitudes of mine, I have not been truly included in the work of the Society, even though I have been devoted to Steiner since 1978. A kind of outlier as some say. While other people went to conferences, I just stayed home and did the work. I don’t think this is a problem, rather just karma, which is often a challenge in itself.

The Society has to become ready to gain what the shamans (devotees of the Goddess Natura) in the Americas have to offer (Wendt – uniting Hermetic Science with Anthroposophy; MacCoun, – uniting Christian and Tibetan Alchemy; and Clarke – uniting Kabbalah with Native American cosmology). The three of us were on the Ark, with Bornfield, and I only years later saw him as that person too.

You can gain some insight into the way Lucifer and Ahriman work, by noticing that the three of us are seldom – if ever – invited to publish papers in anthroposophical media, or any other kind of interaction as an aspect of Spiritual Science. Meanwhile a non-America born individual is invited here to speak of Vidar, and the so-called Northern Way – an aspect of spirit alien to the Americas. This reminds me of the first Society gathering at Christmas I attended, where we were handed printouts of German Christmas Carols, in German, as songs to sing, … as if we didn’t have any of our own Carols in English

Sometimes in these venues I describe myself as a Christian, ahead of being an “anthroposophist”. See my CV, for conformation:

The Society is also filled with folk in love with Nature, and seeking how to commune-with Her, rather than continue to assert dominion-over. All the same, the Americas are quite different in their “geology”, than what is true for Central Europe. If, as Steiner points out, our Souls on incarnation are built up out of an equilibrium between a spirit descending from higher worlds, and the spirit of the land we seek as place of birth, … the Ways of the Americas, as regards Her and Him, are unique.

For the last two and a half decades I have been a writer. For me this has not been so much of an obsession, as having a very vital and intuitive thought life, such that what comes from the new thinking must incarnate on a page, otherwise the mind is too full, and nothing more can become.

A few years back, I started to play with WordPress. That link is What follows is a way to access a kind of personal library, and fool around with what I have been taught and had thought in me.

The main page has a three-dot drop down menu, and those categories speak for themselves. The lead article is called: “Evil “. The second article goes to two searchable lists of several hundred postings. Those links are just below, and after them – on the main page – the most recent or two diary entry …

Once on the searchable lists, use your browser open the “find” tool, and wander in (key words, such as Covid help). You can also just scroll down, checking out the names of the articles, or books. WordPress then takes my postings, and at the end adds links from their algorithm to three allegedly related articles of mine, and also shows the previous post, and the following one as well.

All in all there are dozens of books, and hundreds of articles, and most books that are in print are also available for free online.

While the system allows for comments, I don’t read them – at last count 643. I suspect folks think of my “public library” as similar to Facebook discussions. Writing for me is an art, and like any artist it makes no sense to me that others imagine that more blue here, and less red there, will be an improvement. The works could use an editor, sure. All the same, editorial flaws are desirable imperfections – a kind of beauty: read:

I’ve been wondering about electricity, and other features of Nature, for decades. This has led to a kind of spiritual high energy physics. The latest article is here.

I also discovered that the three patriarchal monotheisms, are one religion, not three. And, who is the identity of Ahriman’s incarnation (he is here now). People have contrary opinions, based most often on pre-thought thoughts (assumptions) and don’t want to look at the evidence and the reasoning.


(1) America, an aspect of the Americas … Among the Fae, I heard a rumor that Ahriman’s support of the religion of Steinerism had successfully detoured many minds. It is helpful to imagine me, as a Gnomish wizard, off away from the others, grumpy over the mess this has made of things. Yet, we are where and when we need to be. Basic life hack: We are all the right person in the right place at the right time, and simultaneously the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I am haunted by the shades of George Washington, Clara Barton, St. Matthew, Socrates, and a twelve century tinker. George was a Mason. A skilled planner. Thought ahead, and regularly used a tincture of the cannabis plant. Clara was like modern movies’ depiction of late teenage heroins, such as Katniss Everdeen in the films called “the hunger games”. Sees the awful, and acts – running into the fire, not away from it. Matt, walked all over Judea, … walked. No taxis or limos. A story teller, creating an oral tradition (that years later is turned by another into text), without having any idea what was being born. Kind of amazed, and childlike. When you have meet a God, that is something few get to experience. Socrates particularly liked the intoxication that came with some of the Rites, in the Feminine Mysteries. She asks for everything. Complete surrender.

Then there is the trickster, the tinker. Showed up at Chartres, and while his lady read palms, he shared homemade whiskey and told tales from the Gypsy wisdom – a lingering memory of that most ancient Egyptian tradition.

(2) As this Easter (2023) approached, I wrote three essays which collectively explains the dynamic living social processes involved in this present Rite.

Catherine MacCoun’s “On Becoming a Real Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician” is available on Amazon. Stephen Clarke’s “The Sacred Geometry of Ancestral Pathways’’ is available through me as a 1550k+ download word file. It is thirty eight pages when printed, and filled with remarkable art. My basic work on Hermetic Science, in relationship to modern physics, is here:

A Feast for the Courtship … already being enacted in a variety Ways all over the world, where the ancient Earth Religions are being remembered.

We live in a time of prophecy, whether or not unnatural science notices

For Christians, John the Baptist said that the One coming after him

would Baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath.

The Third Shaking of the Earth.

Not possible to reproduce here … At the link is a beautiful visual meditation on aboriginal deep knowledge of the history of the two previous “Shakings”, and what it means that we are now enduring the Third. Links to my research on the Hopi Prophecy are there, as well as a link to a novel “American Phoenix” which can be read online for free, or buy a copy to hold your hand.

The world is full of heartless people with a great deal

of social power. The “Owners”, as it were. It is a madness

to think that the Mother can be owned. Yet, many do, and the

results of this madness on the shape of life is noted in

your daily news source.

Songs of Shame and Failure

This morning, when I was setting out to finish this whatever it is, I had the idea to do a tarot reading for the World. Ordinarily I don’t do predictive readings, Tarot being the most ancient book of wisdom. While I do have a special living-book in my “spirit bag”, since we are being playful, I’ll use a more recent version of the symbolic art. My personal one is based on the work and images in the book: “Practical Astrology” by St. Germain (still in print, hard to find the cards/leaves of the book inside the book though).

I’ll shuffle the leaves, and draw seven – representative of the coming seven days of the passion of Christ. Between each draw, the leaves will be shuffled again – with the book completely present each time. The so-called indicator is not being left out of the ongoing seeking for wisdom in chaos. The draw will involve a left handed division of the book, with the indicator being the top leaf.

Moon-day: The Two of Swords, water-feeling day tone element. Mars-day: The Eight of Cups, fire-will element. Mercury-day: The Nine of Cups, air-intellect element. Jupiter-day: The Four of Cups, earth-consciousness element. Venus-day: The Eight of Cups, water-feeling element. Saturn-day: The Six of Cups, earth-consciousness element. Sun-day: The Queen of Pentacles, fire-will element.

As to the four natures, Swords is Fire, Staffs is Intellect, Cups is Feeling, and the Coins is Earth. If there is a pattern that touched me, as a helpful hint to pondering … The first three days of the week, according to ancient lore, are fire/water/fire the earth then only once, and the last three are earth/water/earth. This daily back ground then receives Swords, Cups, Cups, Cups, Cups, Cups and then Pentacles … or, will, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, and last, consciousness.

It can be asked … of what value is Egyptian cosmology in the age of Steiner’s Spiritual Science? What does a thoughtful phenomenology experience?

Meanwhile – this Easter – the world shakes …

Most sane Americans knew this day was coming. After 2008, Congress and presidents fell back in line with the desires of “bankers”, the high priests of the religion of free market capitalism.

One way to see this failure is to attend to the spiritual social phenomena … our time has been called the age of the consciousness soul: aka the third shaking … where individual biographies must have crisis in order to create the good and the true. … out of themselves. Our minds look at the awful in and of the human dominated world, and find evidence of vast conspiracies as a cause of most suffering. There has to be a better Way to live.

Not surprisingly, the Son’s admonition to Judge Not is the key to understanding. Easy to say, takes Courage and art to do. Another way is that Love reveals that all the bad and evil remains mysteries until we have the Courage to ask: What does the Mystery see in this individual person, that I have yet to comprehend?

In our world today, Everyone has to make choices. The difficult part is finding the Courage to act out of the own insight. From one point of view, the banksters effect on this collective moment is an indirect effect of higher impulses, as She, who has the whole world in His Hands, is also the “composer-conductor” of a living symphony of modern social and political experience, in which we are adored individual and unique variations on a theme.

The basic instruments of the soul are the four temperaments, which have some interesting characteristics. To the ancient Egyptian priests their symbology of the elements was a scientific observation. Choleric = Fire = Will; Sanguine = Air = Intellect; Phlegmatic = Water = Feeling; and Melancholic = Earth = Consciousness, aka: the spirit world, the soul world, and the physical world, the first three being a single corporate expression. Consciousness (Earth) is made of the union of Fire (Will), Air (Intellect), of Water (Feeling)

Fire and Air, in combination = the spirit world; Air and Water in combination generate the soul world; and Water and Earth generate the physical material world. RS submits that there are four bodies: physical, life body, astral body, and spirit, or warmth, body. I’ve read in RS that the physical body is not the matter – the “stuff”, but the laws that govern materialization.

Let us not forget the ancient powers, that the Greeks called the Titans. Their hearts and hands are all over earthquakes, plagues, conquests, famine, and death. Who rules them? She, the Mother does, … with love. Even titans of industry have karma.

The ill-managed world economy is just one engine of chaos. In addition the cultural life of the world, in the sense of the influence of Ideas, such as the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization, is another such engine of division as to who is right about most everything. The realm of the heart – the political-legal sphere of our social lives – is also undergoing metamorphosis, through disorder given that the law is presently most everywhere a factor of excessive order.

A bass tone – in the whole – is each one’s need to individualize themselves. As a consequence, She weaves the personal biographies into a whole tapestry of meaning. She – Fire – is the weaver; the father – Intellect – the loom, and the son – Feeling – is the infinite threads of many colors. Together They are Earth = Consciousness. At the sword point of the shuttle lie our choices. We act. The Mystery reacts.

String instruments come to mind. In Hermetic Science She is Fortune, and He is Fate. As to the Emerald Tablet, we are the microcosm. The News – as much as it gets the facts straight – is about others, whose fate is to become “teaching stories”, if we wish it so.

Should we be depressed about weather, and economic circuses? With some certainty – in America – an economic leveling has to occur. Scarcity is on the rise.

Those who like to create “markets”, need customers, and other wealth, that are not theirs to take. Ownership instead of Stewardship is the false god of the religion of free market capitalism. To create the bought and sold object crafts, we need workers. We are also consumers of what is made. To control resources we need wars, and cannon fodder to fight them.

There is no saving anything. Unless it is ourselves. The falling apart can be ridden, like a wild winged horse in a stampede of hungry lions. Not easy, yet one act can manage the core trials: surrender. Not just to the world, but also to our own nature

This is a forked-lightening path … a cascading stew of choices many, … daily. Often there are immediate consequences. Keep in mind that there is no future or past, only Now.

These meanings are from St. Germain’s book: “Practical Astrology” (still in print). {I have woven in the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ.}

The Two Swords … foretells a duel, yet the results will not be fatal. Your partnerships will not go smoothly; and in general many obstacles will be thrown in your way. [washing the feet]

The Eight of Cups … scandals due to love affairs, or unfortunate choice of husband or wife. [the scourging]

The Nine of Cups … there will be a marriage with an elderly person, but it advises you to keep away from marriage altogether. [the crowning with thorns]

The Four of Cups … a great joy is in store for you. You will meet with strong friendships and enduring love. There will soon be an increase in your family.

[the carrying of the cross]

The Eight of Cups … scandals due to love affairs, or unfortunate choice of husband or wife. [the crucifixion]

The Six of Cups … means that there will be much indecision in your love affairs and that you will probably make a poor choice by not listening to the voice of your heart or to that of your conscience; there are also probabilities of divorce or of intrigues outside of wedlock. [the entombment]

In the ancient Egyptian Way, the symbol of The Mistress of the Pentacle, suggests a coming brilliant marriage or, in general the influence of one in high position willing to help you. [the resurrection]

As I was writing this, a curious thought passed by. What if the reading is about the individual, and their relationship with the Mystery? That is the love affair problematic, that weaves through all the readings.

Don’t think I came to cause peace across the land. I didn’t come to cause peace, I came to wield a sword, because I came to divide a man against his father and a daughter against her mother and a bride against her mother-in-law, and to make a man’s servants his enemies. Whoever prefers father or mother over me is not worthy of me; and whoever prefers son or daughter over me is not worthy of me; and whoever does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me. Whoever found his life will lose it, and the one who lost his life because of me will find it. Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me, receives my Sender.” {Mathew 10: 34-40.}

When I quoted this in my book: The Way of the Fool, I explained its meaning this way: “Here Christ is telling us that individuality, the freedom and development of the human i-AM, is so important to the Creation, that the overcoming of the ties of blood (family values) is of greater significance, than the preservation of any tradition.

We are spirit. How is that manifested in our own lives?

The Mood of Easter, in the Light of Our Individual Logos Nature

Over the course of my adult life, I began to notice a remarkable inner phenomena.

As the Season of Easter came and went there arose a kind of dying and becoming in my soul. Aspects of my soul life seemed no longer necessary, and this death in the soul was – in the beginning – painful, perhaps even depressing. The basic mood of soul was a kind of dread.

Then around Good Friday, the dying passed, and by Sunday, and the Resurrection, new and hopeful aspects of soul emerged. Over time I learned to notice which aspects wanted to be let go, and this meant I could name them, and participate in their dying and becoming.

Over these few decades, I was simultaneously making an empirical study of “thinking, where I would write something like: “the logical (Logos Nature) of thought is …. “

One of the ways this appears is when we ponder or muse about life, and then make and experience connections. This own logos logic is felt, more than pictured. We might wonder whether or not other’s should or have to make the same connections. Not an easy moral riddle, given the demands of others to see the world the Way they see it.

In our life, we might muse on an experience we call: common sense. “It makes sense (meaning) to me”. That each of us might have different results, the inner felt experience remains the same and we are right to trust it.

In terms of human experience, each spirit-spark is the center of a universe. I am here, and out there is … what?

Over the biography we create an inner understanding of this “what?” We make personal inner art, … which is meaning. Emerson wrote of what he called (I paraphrase) “a ray of relation connecting our self, and all the objects of experience.“

If we look at the spiritual-meaning of human history, we soon find everywhere-when that our story once included the experience of connectiveness of all to all. Did this feeling disappear from how we conceive today, and were we led this way to a shared abyss – ruled by the religions of unnatural science and free market capitalism?

The science of the ancients knew the mystery directly. Modern life – the third shaking of the world, as known to those native peoples still connected – is a crisis of meaning. Are we the generated and nurtured love creation of the mystery, or a random accident in an uncaring cosmos?

To the Romantic poets a great loss. Us and Nature somehow disconnected. That is changing, one individual heart’s mind at a time … by conscious choice, we are traveling home, to become connected to the Garden once more.

For these decades I have become connected to the logos nature of the works of Rudolf Steiner. Among those works, and followed by his followers, is the idea of Evil and Good. He speaks of great powers, such as Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorat, and the Asuras, as capable of great Evil.

My logos nature asked: If these bad guys could win, should not it already be over – so what is going on given that they have not? After all, we are still here.

Clearly then there had to be power in the realm of mystery that ruled them – the alleged bad guys. The question was answered easily for me: the Holy Mother – Earth Mother.

I often share this idea these days, by writing of “She who has the whole world in His Hands”. I also write of the ancient’s great idea of the Macrocosm and the microcosm. As Above, so Below, and As Below, so Above … for the Miracle of the One.

The One has aspects. These are qualitative realities. One aspect is the act of fathering or generation. Its mirror is the act of mothering or nurturing. As these qualities never lose wholeness or connection, their union aspect is love. Not just the idea of love, but deeds of real caring.

One does not have to believe, for there to be experiences that are themselves knowing. We are blessed this way, regardless of our view of the world.

Each of us are created this way – generation and nurturing and loving are all potential. Still, we are a universe, living and bumping into other universes. The Trinity latent in the One, aka: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … these are within the reach of our wills, … we are essentially Them … as above so below.

Trust your common sense logos nature logical musings … nobody but you knows the complexity of your biographical story as well as you do … nobody.

{first draft) written while intoxicated with the Mother’s medicine that grows like a weed, and listening – via Alexa – to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra}.

The above is connected to two other discoveries. These are elaborated here: and here:

Just what is going on?

A Song of Entombment – in the Key of Lent

I could not find the original text document, and I don’t like trying to copy my work off of WordPress. In the Song of Easter, I describe how it is that each individual biography is the locus of Love. These life stories are works of art, and in the work – link below – I go into details on the basic common form to the psychological and spiritual trials that we all share. Seven tones, or moods of life experience, that each human being endures. The songs each of us make, out of these tones, is unlike any other songs.

Many human minds are swept up with the illusions

created by scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit.

As physics is the bedrock of unnatural science, below is some

of my reflections on its current state

Some reflections on the Truth Value of Modern Theoretical Physics

The use of the term “Ideal” below is modeled after this formulation: first: Phenomena. second: Concept. third Idea; and fourth Ideal, from Tomberg’s “The Art of the Good – On the Regeneration of Fallen Justice”.

I have been doing spiritual (Ideal) physics for almost three decades. My earliest work was “There is no Free Energy: Space and “field” phenomena; Nature and sub-nature”.

There I challenged the idea, that a device that puts out more electrical energy, than its electrical input, is not actually creating “free” energy. “It” comes from some “place”, and I made references to Lehrs book: “Man or Matter”, and three works of George Adams Kaufmann: “Space and the Light of Creation”; “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”; and, “Universal Forces in Mechanics”

One of the great tragedies for the Anthroposophical Society, and as a consequence for the whole World, is the loss of his works on mathematical physics. Among the basic books of Goethean Science, “Physical and Ethereal Spaces” should be first. Conceive of reading it as Yoga for the Imagination. “As Rudolf Steiner said on one occasion, we must learn to experience what is “extensive” intensively, and what is “intensive” extensively.”

My next excursion into a contemplation of Ideal Physics was: “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”

In that work I try to see Nature’s processes in their wholeness expression. This requires working first with the ideas of thinking and the imagination, so as to then be able to understand their effect on how we see the world. The work is long, as it must be for our ideation, given that folks suffering from modern “education”, believe the world is basically parts, and hardly any thought is given to how it all functions together with the whole.

Further work on an Ideal Physics was done here: “Letters on Magic”

As I had been studying Hermetic Science (magic) since about 1973, I was drawn into the idea that there might be a relationship between the four elements of classical antiquity, Fire/will; Air/intellect; Water/feeling; and, Earth/consciousness, and the four fundamental forces and transformations of modern physics: Electromagnetism; Gravity; and the Weak and Strong nuclear forces.

As it needed to be, it also is long – I wrote it in 12 parts. Along the way I encourage the thought that a quantum world does not actually exist. This includes the study of David Shiang’s: “God does not play dice”.

I began it with a reference to an article in the New York Times: “Even Physicists Don’t Understand Quantum Mechanics”.

My latest effort to study electrical phenomena began with the certainty that behind every phenomena stands living Cosmic Beings. “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos”.

The primary Ideal is Unity. There is also a pairing, as a consequence: Father (the generator – the One) and Mother (the nurturer – the Many). What is lamely called “quantum entanglement” (two particles, after being separated in Space, cannot be separated in Time) is proof of the fundamental Unity, a quality never lost, however many transformations.

For example, recent research in high energy physics has suggested that the mathematical “point” in space, where the God Particle (the Higgs Boson, aka: the cause of mass) is to be found, shows abnormal electrical presence (the strength of the field provided by the principle of Unity) … that is 125 times larger than the hydrogen atom.

A recent New York Times article is named: “Physics and the Future”. Below is the whole article copied, with comments by me in []’s, and italics. Mysterious the Ways of the Tiny. There being many points of view, or multiple kabbalahs, I can share with those interested, Stephen Clarke’s: “The Sacred Geometry of Our Ancestral Pathways”. Send me an email, and I’ll send a file, pfd, doc, otd, as needed. The Art is terrific, … it is about 37 pages, and a serious reader should print it.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~~!~!~ begin quote

The future belongs to those who prepare for it, as scientists who petition federal agencies like NASA and the Department of Energy for research funds know all too well. The price of big-ticket instruments like a space telescope [the assumption of a lifeless and non-sentient Nature dominates – see ], or particle [the smallest parts create the observable whole] accelerator can be as high as $10 billion.

And so this past June, the physics community began to consider what they want to do next, and why.

That is the mandate of a committee appointed by the National Academy of Sciences, called Elementary Particle Physics: Progress and Promise. Sharing the chairmanship are two prominent scientists: Maria Spiropulu, Shang-Yi Ch’en Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology, and the cosmologist Michael Turner, an emeritus professor at …


Credit…Ariel Davis, asking questions …

In the 1980s, Dr. Turner was among the scientists who began using the tools of particle physics to study [so, from the tiniest, we can build up the whole?] the Big Bang and the evolution of the universe, and using the universe [the “universe” as a theory – idea] to learn about particle physics. Dr. Spiropulu, born in Greece, was on the team in 2012 that discovered the long-sought Higgs boson at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN; she now uses quantum computers to investigate the properties of wormholes. [above, in Letters on Magic, I deconstructed the quantum Loki inspired fantasy, with the help of a MIT trained engineer, who thought in a very different way from the “theorists”]. The committee’s report is scheduled for release in June 2024.

[The tricky part goes like this: there is a real aspect to what they study in High Energy physics. The conceptions in which their conclusions are framed, however are in error. For starters, there is no place in the “universe”, where what is done in a Hadron super-collider is also done by “nature”. Theory sez this happens in our Sun and Stars. Look mommy at what we did, making “suns – atom bombs” appear in the life sphere. An essentially unnatural science, commits an unnatural act, all in good faith … sort of … where would the militarism of the world be, without new toys.]

Recently The Times met with the two scientists to discuss the group’s progress, the disappointments of the last 20 [20?, really? Try 50.] years and the challenges ahead. The conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Why convene this committee now?

Turner: I feel like things have never been more exciting in particle physics, in terms of the opportunities to understand space and time, matter and energy, and the fundamental particles — if they are even particles. If you asked a particle physicist where the field is going, you’d get a lot of different answers.

But what’s the grand vision? What is so exciting about this field? I was so excited in 1980 about the idea of grand unification, and that now looks small compared to the possibilities ahead.


Credit…Ariel Davis

You’re referring to Grand Unified Theories, or GUTs, which were considered a way to achieve Einstein’s dream of a single equation that encompassed all the forces of nature. Where are we on unification?

Turner: As far as we know, the basic building blocks of matter are quarks and leptons [leptons have a half-life of 2 millionths of a second, – and the universe was built on these “stones”?] ; the rules that govern them are described by the quantum field theory called the Standard Model. In addition to the building blocks, there are force carriers — the photon, of the electromagnetic force; eight gluons, of the strong color force; the W and Z bosons, of the weak nuclear force, and the Higgs boson, which explains why some particles have mass. The discovery of the Higgs boson completed the Standard Model.

[Stuff ??? is ??? take “water, for example. Wreck living water with chemicals or electricity, and we get molecules. Nature, oddly, never gives us pure elements (of the table of elements). Even gold never appears in nature without an accompanying partner. All is combinations of elements, and much of stuff is highly complex. Once you cross the boundary, between the living and the lifeless, a mystery appears. Where in nature can we find nature creating life out of the lifeless? Our unnatural science’s theory and belief, that the lifeless generates the living, is nowhere empirically observed.]

What is a molecule, but a corpse-part of something living. Likewise, an atom is a corpse of corpse-parts. Effectively, Cern practices a kind of necromancy, [“smashing and breaking” rituals, without any sense there might be some kind of sentience latent there. For a magical and mystical Ideal science, the smallest living invisible beings are the elementals: salamanders (fire), undines (water), sylphs (air), and gnomes (earth). How does that “activity” create physical matter? In Rudolf Steiner’s works I encountered this conception, … I’ll paraphrase: Matter arises from the intersection of four planes of ethereal forces.

The point center aspect of matter is the inner locus of a geometric figure we call a tetrahedron — four sides, each an equilateral triangle. With our studies of projective geometry, we have learned to move these four planes inward into a point center, where the “triangle” disappears, yet remains the same.

Each plane can also be grasped by thought as infinite. So, we take the planes of the tetrahedron, and imaginatively move them outward, instead of inward. This spherical-like gesture generates the “plane at infinity”.

It can help to actually imagine this movement inward and outward.

From George Adams we can get the idea that the leaving of physical three dimensional space, has us then in ethereal space, which is planar “centered”, not point centered.

Now imagine the sides of the tetrahedron as a community elemental beings, yet each triangle is only one of the four types. Not only that, bring in the older ideas of the Pyramid builders, that fire is a symbol for will (Father), air a symbol for intellect (Son), water a symbol for feeling (Mother), and earth a symbol for consciousness. Consciousness is the union of the other three.

Fire is the Saturn power- or will, Air the Sun power – intellect, Water the Moon power – feeling, and Earth the Earth power – consciousness. According to the Emerald Tablet, and the Tarot, these three qualitative powers combine to generate the fourth.]

But the quest for the fundamental rules is not over. Why two different kinds of building blocks? Why so many “elementary” particles? Why four forces? How do dark matter, dark energy, gravity and space-time fit in? Answering these questions is the work of elementary particle physics.



Spiropulu: The curveball is that we don’t understand the mass of the Higgs, which is about 125 times the mass of a hydrogen atom.

When we discovered the Higgs, the first thing we expected was to find these other new supersymmetric particles, because the mass we measured was unstable without their presence, but we haven’t found them yet. (If the Higgs field[the effect of the Principle of Unity]collapsed, we could bubble out into a different universe — and of course that hasn’t happened yet.) [Literally, thank God]

That has been a little bit crushing; for 20 years I’ve been chasing the supersymmetrical particles. So we’re like deer in the headlights: We didn’t find supersymmetry, we didn’t find dark matter as a particle. [the field of levity (the Son) as is paired with the field of gravity (the Mother).

Turner: The unification of the forces is just part of what’s going on. But it is boring in comparison to the larger questions about space and time. Discussing what space and time are and where they came from is now within the realm of particle physics.

From the perspective [religious belief] of cosmology, the Big Bang is the origin of space and time, at least from the point of view of Einstein’s general relativity. So the origin of the universe, space and time are all connected. And does the universe have an end? Is there a multiverse? How many spaces and times are there? Does that question even make sense?



Spiropulu: To me, by the way, unification is not boring. Just saying.

Turner: I meant boring relatively speaking. It’s still very interesting!

Spiropulu: The strongest hint we have of the unity of nature comes from particle physics. At high enough energies, the fundamental forces — gravity [Mother’s Love], electromagnetism [Father’s love at rest] and the strong and weak nuclear forces [In it (the Word) was life, and the life was the light of the world – it helps to picture these material entities as having an invisible to the senses ethereal and sentient inner nature] — seem to become equal [all is harmonious – the Music of the Spheres].

But we have not reached the God scale in our particle accelerators. So possibly we have to reframe the question. In my view the ultimate law remains a persistent puzzle, and the way we solve it is going to be through new thinking.

Turner: I like what Maria is saying. It feels like we have all the pieces of the puzzle on the table; it looks like the four different forces we see are just different facets of a unified force. But that may not be the right way to phrase the question.

That is the hallmark of great science: You ask a question, and often it turns out to be the wrong question, but you have to ask a question just to find out it’s the wrong one. If it is, you ask a new one.


{ Pictures of Maria Spiropulu of the California Institute of Technology, left, Michael Turner, of the University of Chicago, center, with reporter Dennis Overbye and breakfast.

Credit… Stephen Ross Goldstein for The New York Times }

Ariel Davis

String theory — the vaunted “theory of everything” — describes the basic particles and forces in nature as vibrating strings of energy. Is there hope on our horizon for better understanding it? This alleged stringiness only shows up at energies millions of times higher than what could be achieved by any particle accelerator ever imagined. Some scientists criticize string theory as being outside science.

Spiropulu: It’s not testable.

Turner: But it is a powerful mathematical tool. And if you look at the progress of science over the past 2,500 years, from the Milesians, who began without mathematics, to the present, mathematics has been the pacing item. Geometry, algebra, Newton and calculus, and Einstein and non-Riemannian geometry.

Spiropulu: I would be more daring and say that string theory is a framework, like other frameworks we have discovered, within which we try to explain the physical world. The Standard Model is a framework — and in the ranges of energies that we can test it, the framework has proved to be useful.

Turner: Another way to say it is that we have new words and language to describe nature. Mathematics is the language of science, and the more our language is enriched, the more fully we can describe nature. We will have to wait and see what comes from string theory, but I think it will be big.


Credit…Ariel Davis

Among the many features of string theory is that the equations seem to have 10⁵⁰⁰ solutions — describing 10⁵⁰⁰ different possible universes or even more. Do we live in a multiverse?

Turner: I think we have to deal with it, even though it sounds crazy. And the multiverse gives me a headache; not being testable, at least not yet, it isn’t science. But it may be the most important idea of our time. It’s one of the things on the table. Headache or not, we have to deal with it. It needs to go up or out; either it’s part of science or it isn’t part of science.

Ariel Davis

Why is it considered a triumph that the standard model of cosmology doesn’t say what 95 percent of the universe is? Only 5 percent of it is atomic material like stars and people; 25 percent is some other “dark matter,” and about 70 percent is something even weirder — Mike has named it “dark energy” — that is causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

Turner: That’s a big success, yeah. We’ve named all the major components.

Ariel Davis

But you don’t know what most of them are.

Spiropulu: We get stalled when we reach very deep. And at some point we need to change gear — change the question or the methodology. At the end of the day, understanding the physics of the universe is not a walk in the park. More questions go unanswered than are answered.


Credit…Ariel Davis

If unification is the wrong question, what is the right one?

Turner: I don’t think you can talk about space, time, matter, energy and elementary particles without talking about the history of the universe.

The Big Bang looks like the origin of space and time, and so we can ask, What are space and time really? Einstein showed us that they’re not just the place where things happen, as Newton said. They’re dynamical: space can bend and time can warp. But now we’re ready to answer the question: Where did they come from?

We are creatures of time, so we think the universe is all about time. And that may be the wrong way to look at the universe.

We have to keep in mind what you said earlier. Many of the tools in particle physics take a very long time to develop and are very expensive. These investments always pay off, often with big surprises that change the course of science.

And that makes progress challenging. But I am bullish on particle physics because the opportunities have never been bigger and the field has been at the bleeding edge of science for years. Particle physics invented big, global science, and national and now global facilities. If history is any guide, nothing will prevent them from answering the big questions! [such as “What is consciousness?”]

Ariel Davis

It took three decades to build the James Webb Space Telescope.

Spiropulu: Space — bingo!

Turner: I mean, science is all about big dreams. Sometimes the dreams are beyond your immediate reach. But science has allowed humankind to do big things — Covid vaccines, the Large Hadron Collider, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, the Webb telescope — that extend our vision and our power to shape our future. When we do these big things nowadays, we do them together. If we continue to dream big and work together, even more amazing things lie ahead. [perhaps, but have you truly found the right questions yet?]

Dennis Overbye joined The Times in 1998, and has been a reporter since 2001. He has written two books: “Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos: The Story of the Scientific Search for the Secret of the Universe” and “Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance.” @overbye

In case you have wondered about the Plague, …

consider the possibility that medical science is still evolving

Medicine’s Einstein – Tom Cowan, doctor and healer.

This is not an academic paper, but a collection of personal experiences, coupled with my own scientific research. I am, however, not a specialist in science, but a generalist [see note 1]. As with Goethe, I also believe understanding context is essential.

Many people have heard of Einstein. Some of those will think of him as a great mind in the field of Mathematical Theoretical Physics. Very few will know that for decades after he published his early works, on special and general relativity (2) – which effectively made great advancements over the ideas of Issac Newton – the English scientific establishment refused to acknowledge that work …

“Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is the benchmark example for empirical success and mathematical elegance in theoretical physics.” (3) I bring forward this idea of “ … empirical success and mathematical elegance”, to apply it to the way Dr. Cowan has come to know the world of health and illness.

… to continue: It didn’t help that Einstein was also German, and a Jew by birth. Nevertheless, the English physicist Sir Arthur Eddington recognized Einstein’s genius, and they became friends (a TV movie was made – 4). Since the following essay has to deal with ideas in the fields of natural science, it is important to note that around 1920, scientists were saying: “We are learning more and more about less and less.” (5) Or, in my words: the number of tiny details is increasing, while the meaning of the whole is being lost.

Tom Cowan is as far ahead in medical science, as Einstein was ahead of Newton. As a consequence, America’s medical establishment (which has to include the corporations that make a lot of money from illness) makes war against him. If one Google’s Tom, one will find a lot of trash talk. All the same, he is a leading light in the Covid Mystery, basically proving (science, remember), that the present day ideas regarding illness, contagion, and vaccines, are in error.

For stating such anti-establishment ideas in public, his license to practice was attacked, which is true all over the world of those who fought against the “Official Narrative” of the meaning of the pandemic. A link below will bring the reader to his writings and his web-presence (6).

I’ve been acquainted with Tom for over three decades, mostly due to the fact that a woman doctor (Kelly) I lived with for five years, was originally in practice with Tom, in Keene, NH.

Both were, at that time, practicing Anthroposophical Medicine. To do this medical art, one must not only graduate from medical school, and become licensed to practice these healing arts, one must also study the medical teachings of Rudolf Steiner, as well as “apprentice” with an experienced anthroposophical doctor.

Kelly went through med school in a time few women went to med school. She became board certified in internal medicine, and began to practice family care. After about 15 years, she observed that nutrition was a crucial aspect of illness and healing, a subject not dealt with at all in medical school at that time. Looking for folks paying attention to that, she found her way to Anthroposophical Medicine.

When I first met her, she was in practice with Tom, and she became my first anthroposophical doctor. Time passed, and Kelly and I ended up living together for five years. Just one of her stories: At a certain point in her practice, she worked out that she needed 2.5 (she has a very precise mind) office workers just to handle insurance, which greatly effected costs of diagnosis and treatment.

Finding this more and more unworkable – after many years, she said tearful goodbyes to her patients, took a break, and studied doctors, who did a kind of simple-care where the patient could show up at the door, be seen that day, and was expected to pay in cash. The fees were not huge, and could be adjusted according to means. Recently the medical regulation establishment took her license away in California. So far, she has been able to fend off the same mindset as regards her license to practice in Massachusetts, and her ways of healing continue to evolve.

Her main struggle these days is to protect the rights of parents to make medical choices. A long legal struggle to avoid masks, and forced vaccinations.

She told me she occasionally fought with Tom, over medical questions, and thought he was a bit smug. It was not too much later that Tom went on his own, no longer practicing pure “Anthroposophical” Medicine (several of the traditional remedies failed empirically, to his observation).

Before I met Kelly socially, I was at Tom’s house, where a meeting was being held by his first wife, regarding the Kucinich campaign for President. At one point he walked through the living room, from his office to the kitchen, saying “Do you know why people are fat?”, and on returning: “Its because they are starving”. Later I understood that the idea here is that there is no nutrition in their food, and the brain keeps demanding the body be feed. A little later, passing through again: “Do you know what the biggest cause of death is in America?”, returning: “Its the doctor”.

My view, on present reflection, is that a mind/spirit of Tom’s nature lives in a world we barely see. He can’t help but be who he is (see biographical details in all his books), for example, after getting a BA degree in Zoology, he did Peace Corp in Africa, teaching gardening at an elementary school in Swaziland. There he met “Chris”, who introduced Tom to Rudolf Steiner. Tom writes: “Anthroposophical Medicine at least tries to answer the real questions”

“Smug”, or … a genius, driven by social riddles, that spends the rest of his life becoming a doctor, and is never satisfied – knows he does not have all the answers, yet is always certain of the path of the quest. Not just that … he walks the walk … such as, all the work that is involved in finding ways to avoid the toxins lurking everywhere, … he practices everything he teaches.

Some of the details are amazing. There is a kind of purified water: Quinton Isotropic Seawater, which for cancer patients contains all the needed minerals, plus it is “structured water”. What’s that? Reading Tom is always a learning experience. Supplements, as needed, he gives his family.

Tom’s first book, which I bought for myself and then occasionally gave away as gifts: ““The Four-fold (****) Path to Healing”, subtitle: “Working with the Laws of Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement and Meditation in the Art of Medicine.” (with Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan) (over 400 pages). Published in 2004. Rudolf Steiner is mentioned several times in the Introduction.

(****) [Nutrition – Healing the Physical Body; Therapeutics – Healing the Life Force Body; Movement – Healing the Emotional Body; and Meditation – Healing the Mental Body.]

Sally Fallon published her co-work in greater detail in: “Nourishing Traditions”, “The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictators” (over 670 pages) in 2007. She refers to Steiner on pages, 190, 369, 419, and 540. Jaimen McMillan – the movement teacher, has a website (7)

We’ve all seen the official Food Pyramid, which since I was a child has gone through a lot of changes. Tom’s book starts with a Fat Pyramid, page 16. Sally’s book points out that before present day industrial farming, people ate straight from their gardens, and raised their own animals. They knew a lot of wisdom about what to and when to plant, what to eat, and how to preserve it. Kelly is into making her own yogurt, fermented vegetables, and chicken broth. Sally’s book is full of recipes, and practical advice. Imagine the loving teacher you never got in school, who will lead you to wisdom, about your health and the food you eat.

Tom (beginning in Africa), as well as Sally and Kelly, have became aware of Weston A. Price (8). He was a dentist in the 1920’s, who traveled the world looking for the folk with the healthiest teeth. Why was that? In his work, his patients had horrible teeth. The link is to a website on his work. A main discovery was that these rather happy peoples universally ate a lot of animal fats, and tended to not being “skinny”.

In Tom’s above book, for example, he describes how it is a healthy development for what women might call their middle-age spread (9). Fundamentally, the body is far smarter than are we, and it is a territory that teaches.

Rudolf Steiner, in his works on medicine (some of which this generalist has read – such as the 20 lecture cycle to doctors: “Spiritual Science and Medicine”), points out that medical science first studied the cadaver, the body of a human being no longer living. As a consequence, the basic “ideas” in medicine took a path where they were built up from observations of death, rather than life. A potent example of science’s knowing more and more about less and less.

Here I want to take another needed contextual side trip, about official medical “science”. The root science of our age does not see anything but matter, no spirit allowed. The doctor is trained to see the patient as a complicated machine. Over the years of my own life, I spent several years working in mental hospitals (10). Their working model is that the material brain is the seat of consciousness, and that we can “develop” medicines that – often too forcefully (11) – effect the physical material, and thus resolve the “psychological illness”. They do not heal, they just modify behavior to a socially acceptable level.

Imagine a science where spirit, and soul matter as much as the purely material. As to “medicine”, Tom is the leading and cutting (dismantling the past) edge, and he knows we are not at the end of our need to know the truth of what it means to be “human”. The science of seeking for knowledge is never “settled”.

In my article about my experiences with the “mentally” ill, I called what was going on, when testing was being done for experimental medicines, a “horror show”. I am next going to refer to a couple of relevant “horror” shows, in the world of socially dominated profitable medicine. I don’t want to be believed, but where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

There is this tale: the sugar industry knew that sugar was a serious cause of disease, and as well, … all those bad teeth. So, they created a massive publicity campaign to have fats blamed, instead of sugar. Butter, for example, quickly converts to energy and water – not weight gain. Of course, which butter today is a riddle: biodynamic, organic, well fed animals, or since Fats are Bad, how about fake butter.

Then there is some research I did on my own.

I heard a rumor, that the idea of health dangers from “secondary” smoke, was not actually based on empirical science. Sure, the smoker has a problem, but they are taking the full load into the lungs, on a regular basis – keep in mind that Big Tobacco stood in front of Congress and swore on a stack of bibles that they did not know nicotine was addictive.

Curious, I started a Google search on the science for secondary smoke. What I initially found was layers and layers of articles, basically referring to each other as the source of the science. Google, of course, lists according to frequency of source citation. By the way, why don’t folks exposed to secondary smoke become addicted?

I spent an afternoon, going to the next page, and then the next page, perhaps a hundred times, when I ran into this story. The origin of the idea of the problem of secondary smoke was a passionate anti-smoker, who made up the idea to frighten people into quitting. He was the original “authority”, and all the rest of the following citations treated his idea as a scientific fact.

Once in awhile – during this search – I ran into tests on rats, but rats are not humans, and any person no longer asleep realizes that science today is full of “doubtful” research. Much is not per-reviewed, and the sample size is often too small – “publish or perish” is a warning sign of hurried research. My older brother had a PhD in microbiology, and he called the process of exaggerating the conclusions of an experiment: “globalizing”. The experimental data is the only true result, … describing “what it all means” is never empirically justified.

Tom’s next book that I read was “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” “A doctor’s quest to understand, treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.” Published in 2016, 160 pages, with an index, and a bibliography that shames any dilettante.

Chapter headings: 1. Doubting Thomas, 2. Circulation, 3. The Misery Index, 4. The Geometry of the Heart, 5. Defining the Questions, 6. What Doesn’t Cause Heart Attacks, 7. What Does Cause Heart Attacks, 8. Stepping Forth, 9. Treating the Heart, 10. The Cosmic Heart, 11. A Heart of Gold. 12. What’s Love Got to Do with It?

In the beginning of the book he refers to Steiner this way: “… I first encountered Rudolf Steiner’s idea that the three most important things for the future evolution of humanity are: 1) that people stop working for money, 2) that people realize there is no difference between sensory and motor nerves, and 3) that the heart is not a pump.”.

Tom then goes on to show that the heart is not a pump, using – in part, … I summarize: Modern research on the nature of liquids, where it has been discovered that water has four states, not just three, reveals that this fourth state is highly ionized, and appears in between a moving liquid and the walls of the “tube”, where this “ionization” [12] is causing the movement. The blood circulates in the human being, before the heart is formed, and the heart then arises as a regulator of the already flowing substance. All of this is covered in detail, in Chapter 2. Circulation.

It is written for the patient. I was into my second reading, when I ended up in the hospital with a “heart” event. It gave me the strength to understand that the doctors were trapped in a set of conceptions that limited their ability to treat. In two hospital visits, I more than once had the painful experience that doctors do not listen well – they already know more than the patient.

Go to any ER, and you get put into a box of assumptions that can often be wrong (“The biggest cause of death in America is the doctor”).

Then, in 2018, he published: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.” Over 170 pages, indexed and sourced, and again readable by a patient and in this case particularly, the parent of a patient. “Part I: The Origins of Autoimmunity; Part II: Vaccine Fallacies: Three Case Studies; and Part III: Treatment and Recovery.

To complete this three-work masterpiece, in 2019: “Cancer and the New Biology of Water” “Why the war on cancer has failed, and what that means for more effective prevention and treatment.” 190 pages, index and sources, again not only for the patient, but as with all three, full of practical advice. “Part I: A New Understanding of Cancer; Part II Potential Therapies; and Part III: Practical Steps Forward for Individuals.

Then came the Covid Mystery, that gave the world a time out (13).

He wrote, and then published (with Sally Fallon Morell): “The Contagion Myth”, “Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease (I bought it). Since almost everyone was swept away by the Official Narrative, the word “myth” drew a lot of unwanted attention, even from “anthroposophists”(14), so some changes were made to the title, and now we can read:

“The Truth about Contagion” “Exploring Theories about How Disease Spreads”. (190 + pages, end notes for each chapter, and an index). Part I: Exploring the Germ Theory of Disease, 1. Contagion 2. Electricity and Disease, 3. Pandemics, 4. From Aids to Covid, 5. Testing Scam, 6. Exosomes, 7. Resonance, Part II: What Causes Disease. 8. Water, 9. Food, 10. Toxins. 11. Mind, Body, and the Role of Fear. Part III: Choices. 12. Questioning Covid, 13. A Vaccine for Covid-19, 14. 5G and the Future of Humanity. Epilogue.

In a very real sense, there is nothing more dangerous to industrial medicine than an educated patient. Kelly’s style of treatment was to place the doctor and the patient on the same “social” level. She teaches, and the well informed patient chooses.




(3) this quote is the opening line of an article predicting Einstein’s work would eventually fail: Written by Niayesh Afshordi, it is titled: “Where will Einstein fail? Lessons for gravity and cosmology”.



(6) His books are also available on Amazon. Tom’s five books, plus Nourishing Traditions: $122.30 – hardcover and paper back; in Kindle – $108.99. It is a small price to pay, for such an amazing “library” on health and illness.



(9) In a discussion of “osteoporosis”, he writes that women are a group that needs “liberation from the alienation – often but not always, imposed by men – of an unrealistic image of their own bodies, liberation from the tyranny of trying to force their bodies into assuming a shape different from that which it naturally wants to assume” page 241.


(11) Kelly explained to me that high dilution homeopathic medicines were like a butterfly kiss – helping the body instead of forcing it to do something, so that “numbers” are in the right ranges. Sensitive people end up with “side-effects”.

(12) The “anthroposophical” communities had a lot of issues, as regards how to treat and act in the “pandemic”. Someone sent a copy of the book on the Contagion Myth to the “Nature Institute”, a place where a lot of wonderful work is being done on form in biology. They argued against what Tom was saying about Covid, especially as regards the ideas of what was contagion. I disagreed with their work, and wrote an article for my blog. It includes a link to what the Nature Institute folks wrote.

(13) Faith – trust in the Divine Mystery – has led me to seeking to understand the meaning in such catastrophic events. Here is one way of seeing the situation: “Event and Aftermath – the Creation of Love through Crisis.”

(14) I do research in what might be called: ideal (spiritual) high energy physics. This has been a work of over three decades, and culminated recently with “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos.” “Ionizing” is a feature of the underlying principle of Unity, at an electromagnetic level.

It has been clear to me for some time that unnatural science

(all is matter, there is no spirit) misled our civilization,

while at the same time giving all of humanity a

course in self-becoming challenges. The

Mystery includes us, and we can use some instruction.

One day I began to wonder why did Joey go to law school?

A few years working on this riddle, coughed up the following

Invitation to a Celebration … from the Shaman’s Law Firm

What makes this a “Shaman’s” Law Firm is that we bring alive again the higher elements of Law, as is described in this book: “The Art of the Good: the Regeneration of Fallen Justice” (1)

[it is important not to believe any of this … this is science, and science needs to begin with doubt]

Imagine an annual Earth Day Rite, when many environmental law firms simultaneously file suits against apex predator corporations, where the named plaintiff is the Planet. “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.”

I do not expect any individual, or firm, to join with any other. I am not interested in managing anything. I give this Idea away. Do what you wish. Life has clearly proven that individual choice is the true source of creativity — welcome to the celebration of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” civilization.

Some background … I attended the Air Force Academy for three years (I got an honorable discharge from the Air Force in June of 1965), and after transferring I got a BA degree in pre-seminary (University of Denver – 1963), and a JD in law (University of Montana – 1967). I graduated with honors in Evidence, and clerked for a session of the Montana Supreme Court (a disaster given the blatant corruption). I was licensed to practice law in both Montana and Colorado.

I never really ‘practiced” anywhere (worked for insurance companies as a claims investigator), and I learned a lot about the law from television shows produced by David E. Kelley. (2)

In the way back, long ago, when before, … human beings lived in a world where spirits were their daily companions. Proof can be found in this book: “Speaker’s Meaning” by Owen Barfield (3). The ages that generated the Great Myths is from the time of the youth of the languages involved. In their youth languages are literal … experience is just given names. The most ancient peoples knew gods and goddesses, and fauns and gnomes.

For the human being to become free, this direct awareness of the Earth Mother had to pass into the Mists. When we appreciate that the Goddess Natura is real, just forgotten, we would learn to see that She, who has the whole world in His Hands, is an invisible being … the Nature, we experience through our senses, has an interior self-aware sentient consciousness, just as do we.

Aboriginal and indigenous peoples all over the world remember the Mother. The Hopi Prophecy expects a “true” white brother … true, in what sense? They, and we who are “true”, both know that Nature is living and divine.

Emerson: “Nature is a thought incarnate, and turns to thought again as ice become water and then gas. The world is mind precipitated, and the volatile essence is forever escaping into the state of free thought.”

A valid question is … where is the science? It exists, but for now not yet part of this story …

The point is not to win the multitude of lawsuits, but by their numbers attract the attention of the Court of Public Opinion, to the riddle of the sentient nature of the Planet.

I’ve done some thinking on strategy and tactics. (4). A core aspect is to realize that scientific materialism (the human being is matter only, without any spiritual dimensions) played a negative role in the pandemic, … a role of considerable arrogant ignorance on the one hand, and a necessary teaching of humanity on the other. (5)

Let me be clear … I am asking for free legal services … for the Planet. Mostly the cost will be for filing papers, against parties previously sued. In the Evidence section below, there are 13 books to purchase. Their cost, before shipping is added in: [$300.00] An association of firms might reduce the costs for individuals. It is possible these can be offered, with the proviso that if the suit is dismissed, they be returned. All the same, they are just counters in an extravagant game of Go.

Once the Idea is clear, in the minds of the relevant lawyers:

a) Choose three defendants. The tactic here is to encourage them to ask to be separated from the suit, which can lead to them shooting at each other.

b) Obviously a motion to dismiss follows. Taking from the playbook of defense lawyers, we do a “document dump” of 13 books. (6) Asserting they establish a prima facie cause of action, based on the Idea that Nature is alive, and human beings are not just matter, but also spirit.

c) Make the press aware, that on behalf of the Earth Mother-Holy Mother we are filing these actions. Encourage the media to read the same books.

d) The books speak for themselves, … we tell the press (Res ipsa loquitur)

notes – load this in your browser, and the links below will be live

[ ]

Here is a link to a Shaman’s (7) Law Firm Facebook page

for folks actively involved in this lawsuits

[ ]

(1) ,,, examination of the past, present, and future of the Law.

(2) … my spiritual journey …. many teachers … the above Valentin Tomberg taught me how to see with my feelings, Rudolf Steiner taught me how to see with thinking, and Franz Bardon taught me how to see with my will. She, who has the whole world in His Hands, taught me to be a priest of an Earth Religion, aka: a shaman, although of a peculiar character: a white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic. Shamans serve (wash the feet) of their cultural roots.





(7) My CV:


13 books

each book is described below and includes a link where it can be purchased … if the author is still living, that will be noted as well – After that will be a section of links where can be found: Goethean Science, Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine, Camphill Communities, and other modern institutions organized around the observations that spirit is scientifically real –

The prices will be provided, and one should expect an additional charge for mailing. My books will have links to where they can be previewed. Again, no belief required, and skepticism is healthy. Yet, the proof is in the pudding, … one or two of these books should be read, before making any judgments. If the author is alive: {A}. or crossed over: {C}.

Two of the 12 are books are mine {A}. “The Way of the Fool” is a gospel of the Second Coming. {“a”, not “the”, gospel} I wrote it over the course of a year, at age 64, following a 45 day fast. [$19.99] “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. – “a” gospel of the spiritual nature of human earthly social and political existence. I was 70 when I wrote it. [$23.23]

On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician” “a” gospel of soul” A fusion of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy, by Catherine MacCoun {A} [$22.53]

Owen Barfield, {C}“a” gospel of the imagination “Poetic Diction – a study in meaning” [$17.99]

Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge”, Rudolf Steiner, {C}“a” gospel of knowing”. Owen Barfield called this book: “the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote”. [$20.00]

How about “a” gospel” of physics … “Man or Matter” by Ernst Lehrs {C} This is a basic book on a new Way of picture-like Scientific Thinking (phenomenological), as pioneered by Goethe. [$8.99]

or “a” gospel of organic chemistry, Rudolf Hauschka, {C} “The Nature of Substance – spirit and matter [$19.39]

Theodor Schwenk’s {C} masterpiece: “Sensitive Chaos – the Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air” … “a” gospel on the laws of motion in Air and Water. Beautifully illustrated, thus well worth its price, [$49.99]

We can’t leave out the Green World, central to all living processes. By Gerber Grohmann {C}, “a” two volume gospel of “The Plant”, [$39.00] [$18.87]

With the above two – counted as one, that’s a total of nine. The next three, leading to twelve, are all by the same author. Tom Cowan [A]. If you Google him you will find out that the medical establishment hates him. Most of what is out there – on the surface of the internet – is lies. “a” gospel of medicine.

“Human Heart, Cosmic Heart – a doctor’s quest to understand, treat, and prevent Cardiovascular disease” [$24.95]

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness” [$22.49]

Cancer and a New Biology of Water” [$20.95]

The “13th: a scholarly work by Dan McKanan {L}, holder of the Emerson Chair, at Harvard Divinity School … “a” gospel of the environmental (save the Mother) moment. “Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism”.


… keep in mind that all the people involved above, and below,

are the usual mix of individualized and imperfect human beings

Goethean Science

Whole Organism Biology – A Goethean Approach:

Goethean science books on Amazon, mixed in with ?????

Have to have a geometry of the living and the spirit:Projective Geometry – creative polarities in time and space” by Olive Whicher[$29.85]

A pdf of his remarkable: “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”

The Plant between Sun and Earth [rare: $100][TEC%20ADA]%20physical%20and%20ethereal%20spaces.pdf Adams and Whicher

Biodynamic Agriculture … a sampling of many dozens of web-sights

Anthroposophical Medicine … multiple choices when Googled

Waldorf Schools … hundreds, world wide

Camphill Communities

for people with special needs

Other Sources

Three remarkable personalities: Stephen Clarke {A}, Barbara Gardiner {C}, and Patrick Dixon {A} – links to their works: books more books even more books finally, … magazines search engine for a massive collection of Steiner’s works a major international association of pioneers in the age of biology a genius in the future of weather science, and much much more American Steiner fans, have a magazine: “being – more consciously – human” decades of scientific research that explores the edges the establishment scientists avoid questions the medical establishment can’t answer, as to why and how we get sick spiritual banking an association dedicated to uncovering the Mysteries of Technology an extraordinary mind teaches the reality of money Stuart Weeks tries to keep the spirit of the Transcendentalists alive an Anthroposophical Doctor survives the attacks on her licenses

Dangerous Waters

“Art Creative” AI. Is it possible to ban from the coming future, that which is terrible and destructive of the soul and spirit of man? Not really. But we do need to understand the deeper risk to the human imagination. Dangerous toys are always destructive, for they come with addictions. Computer games occupy a great deal of the life of our youth, largely because the players’ regular life “sucks”. Imagine a world where children get a whole new idea of the nature of their humanity.

A future, that recognizes that spirit and soul are real, radically changes the ideas of what it means to be human. I am currently working with the relationship between thought and electricity. Rudolf Steiner called “electricity” coagulated thought. Perhaps the biggest savior, from an anti-human computer driven world, is the possibility that the mind can directly effect electrical phenomena. What would a spiritual view of physics come to understand? “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos” Read for free here: Buy a little book to hold in your hand: The read for free link has active links, the book does not. See also:

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I trained myself to become a phenomenological student

of human political and social life. Following Goethe, I just described

what was experienced in that Realm. No need for a theory, as

the what it is speaks its own truth. I wrote a book on the

spiritual social-political realm: “The Art of God –

an actual theory of everything.”

In it I took the religious idea, and reworked

it as a theory, asserting that this theory did a much

better job of explaining human existence than did all of modern science.

My faith was that everything was explainable, yet it took

some time to properly describe how wars, plagues,

famine, death, earthquakes, rogue weather,

and climate change, fit in the what it is,

unless it isn’t the what it ain’t.

Event and Aftermath – the Creation of Love through Crisis

This essay also has had its text file lost, or hidden by the gnomes hide and see games works just as well. Answers the question of why bad things happen to good people, aka: the mystery of the kindness of strangers.

Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the

right time … and the wrong person in the wrong place at

the wrong time. Each is where and who they need to be, as

tragic and horrible are the experiences to be had. We

don’t need to work at changing who we are, given

that change happens all by itself. Each has

their very own Way. The below is

one that I have traveled.

Tales from the past … the three renunciations.

[while distinctions are made, the reality of the reader will be more chaotic. The three renunciations are a secondary level of life’s teachings … the latter being the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ, discussed in glorious detail in: “Cowboy Bebop and the physics of thought as Moral Art”. ]

Again … everyone is the right person in the right place at the right time. One way to describe our biography is via those Stages as metaphors … Washing the Feet, the Scourging; the Crowning with Thorns; the Carrying of the Cross; the Crucifixion; the Entombment; and the Resurrection. The trials do not occur in that order. There isn’t some other place where we are supposed to be … a hint: when our thoughts are rejected harshly, by family or friends, this is the Crowning with Thorns.

Some years ago I wrote a long article called: In Joyous Celebration of the Soul  Art and Music of Discipleship.

Near the beginning I write: “The Alchemical stream is a stream of studied spiritual knowledge and of initiation. It is more of the Kings and of Gnosis than of the Shepherds and of Faith. The Discipleship stream is more related to that moral work in life that comes from following the Teachings of Christ, and thus is more of the Shepherds than of the Kings. The disciples, who were meant to be fishers and shepherds of human beings, were not (in general) of the old mystery streams as were the Kings. The Shepherds belong to what was being newly created – to the future Mysteries that are to arise from the social commons. These future Mysteries are not to flow out of the old, now impotent and dysfunctional hierarchically organized Mystery Centers, but from finely and homeopathically distributed Branches and Discussion Groups – that is the New Mysteries are to be born out of and in ordinary social life where groups of individuals draw together (wherever two or more are gathered…).”

The essay is long, and contains an examination of a life of moral action, that takes place within the own soul. I was inspired to write it by reading an article by Dennis Klocek on soul alchemy, where he writes of four trials, an earth (freedom) trial, a water trial (phenomenology), an air trial (silent practice), and a fire trial (dialog). He drew this gesture in the form of a mandala, and it occurred to me to wonder where we go after the fire trial – do we go on to new level of freedom?

To my thinking, in response to his work, appeared the idea of the four intervals that appear between the five states. These thoughts were rooted in my own practice for decades, wherein I discovered several modes of thinking, to go with several moods of feeling.

From: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind

We are capable of various “modes” of thinking, once we start to
seriously explore our minds. Some names for such modes: comparative thinking,
associative thinking, warm thinking, cold thinking, heart thinking, imaginative
picture thinking, thinking-about, thinking-with, thinking-within and thinking-as.

All such thinking modes are influenced by moods, or feelings. Such as anger, sadness, joy, fear, antipathy, sympathy, pain, pleasure, and such cultivated (intentional) moods as wonder and awe.

Modes and moods combine in the mind in a great variety of Ways. Notice your own “habits” of mind. Consider changing some of them. In this sense the mind is an “instrument” we instinctively know how to play. Learn to go beyond instinct and play the instrument of your mind consciously.

In our minds there are capacities of the own will: the attention and the intention. The attention is where we direct the mind – what are the “objects” of thought to which we “attend”. The intention is the reason, moral or otherwise, that we form thoughts. Play with these capacities. Experiment with them. Learn from their existence.

While all minds can potentially do all things, your individual mind will have habits from a lifetime of dealing with “life”. Trust your habits, but at the same time, consider whether or not you need/want to continue doing them.

Thinking about, thinking with, thinking within, and thinking as, are the four intervals, from the point of view of the Shepherd’s Stream. In between the four intervals are three renunciations. Thinking about is our normal / fallback state.

So we have thinking about (related to freedom); … followed by thinking-with (related to phenomenology; … followed by thinking-within (related to silent practice); followed by thinking as (related to dialog).

Because of our human nature, thinking about is accompanied by instinctive feelings of antipathy and sympathy. These are not useless feeling-senses, yet they are also a beam in our own eye. To learn – in freedom – to Judge Not is the work, … inner labors of a quite intimate nature. Learning to ride / master the mind of these fallback activities – antipathy and sympathy … we strive to renounce them when they appear.

This inner act lays the foundation for thinking with (phenomenology). We call it learning to walk in another’s shoes. This first renunciation enables us to draw closer to this “other”, which formerly we thought about, and now practice thinking with. It is an act of love.

The next of the three renunciations is to give up the habitual thought content of the mind. We seek an “empty” consciousness (silent practice), which enables participation and inspiration on another level. We practice becoming poor in spirit, which opens the soul to a fresh thought content. We develop the capacity to think within – to see clearly their point of view. This is a deeper act of love.

The third renunciation is of the importance of the own self. This leads to the experience of thinking as. Again, the two basic tools of the will in thinking, are the attention and the intention. We choose to attend to a specific experience, and with a specific self-chosen intention. We are awake here. Yet, the selfless gesture is hard as an ideal, yet easy in practice. Mothers and fathers and teachers have little trouble here, if they are awake enough to choose and invent the good and the true

The three renunciations collapse the distance between our “self” and another. Our ability to identify is complete, yet to be sustained has to be constantly renewed. We do it in each now, where we need to understand, and to be understood.

This is not an abstract love of folks I never will meet. It is instead the bread and the wine of the daily Eucharist of true friendship. We fail more than we succeed. In fact, the very idea of success has no meaning. To survive in spite of our trials, … mistakes … confusion … all the glory of being human on the Cusp of the Third Millennium and the dying and becoming of “Western” civilization.

The actual essay is thirty-three pages long, and can be found on my blog here:

Sometimes life just pushes us this way and that. Below

is my own story of pushes. Many of these are very strange,

and as a result I seldom write of them. Here I just let

it all hang out, good and bad, and very human.

Out of the Closet … important to view pictures, for they are evidence … link is in contents pages …

The raw ironies of karma are jokes we play on our many selves.

For example: around 2004, I started a fast to loose weight. The fast lasted 45 days (lately I’ve seen that event was an echo of Christ’s visit to the Desert, although in my case the desert was scientific materialism) and from about day 12 on I had visions every morning, on the cusp between sleeping and awakening. I took about thirty pages of notes, and in the next year wrote my first book: “The Way of the Fool”.

The purpose of the book was to build a bridge between Faith based exoteric Christianity, and Gnosis based esoteric Christianity.

Please realize these were mystical visions, whose Nature was giving me instruction. This is not “spiritual research, as Steiner has it. Something more on the order of whimsical visionary interventions. [WV’s] Not my will, but thine …

The WV’s included me not being born in the astral, ethereal and physical body I now ride, until at the age of 31 of the previous driver and chooser … he surrendered to me one night during sleep, although it was over seven years before I understood the meaning of the level of changes I went through, beginning in 1971. I wasn’t him. Steiner folk hate that story. Yet, there exists extensive ‘de”-tales, all of which are recorded in my biographical writings.

As the change evolved, a co-worker stopped in front of my desk and said: “There once was a man name Wendt, whose mind became boggled and bent, one fine sunny day, Wendt went away, and no one knew where Wendt went”

Three years into the change, my ex-wife, mother of my first three children, and someone who knew when I as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, said to me: “You know, you’ve become a completely different person. You don’t stand the same, walk the same, sit the same, talk the same, or talk about what you used to talk about.”

When my eldest daughter was in her early teens, I shared my understanding of the change. She told me a story she had never told anyone else. There was a night, when she was five, when she “awoke” to great wind passing by the door to her room, going in the direction of her parents bedroom. It was followed by a large shadow. She began then to have lucid dreams, and started being able to talk to her guardian angel, … who cut the connection, when she was near her period starting.

I remarked that shadow had to be the new double. Some years later, at an Emerson Study group in Fair Oaks, CA, Carl Stegmann remarked “offhandedly”, certain kinds of incarnations required a Moon Archi as a double.

Another fun WV, … I was working as a grill cook in Oakland CA, and closed the store after smoking a thin joint of Northern California seedless. Walking to the bus, I turned a corner where there were no tall buildings, to discover a powerful image written in the only clouds. On the right was a Zeus like figure, poised not unlike the painting on a famous ceiling. Down further, from deep within the clouds on which His torso appears, a great crystal spear emerges from this cloud mass, pointing left. It has a large five pointed star at its tip.

The spear pointed to a row of smaller clouds. The words Matthew and Washington were spelled out by these clouds. What I felt is “oh great!”. Another message from the Gods. Fortunately, during the early years of “change” I began to believe I was enlightened. Shortly thereafter, the social environment mirrored back to me what a jackass I was being. Helped me rediscover my ordinary mind, and its natural social obligations. Giving me this teaching experience had dual purposes. One was to give explanatory concepts for certain life experiences, and deep feelings in my soul. Another was to scare me with the dangers of thinking Their gifts mean I’m in anyway cool, like Them. Cursed works better for me. God shows you something and you have to act, right?

Later WVs suggested Clara Barton, and a perhaps rascal version of Socrates.

In 1986, while I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, and reading for the first time Tomberg’s “Meditations on the Tarot”, on the cusp between sleeping and waking He touched me. This was an Intuitive Visionary experience (for Steiner friends). He took me into Himself, as He enacted a Ritual such that at each Mass, He takes the Heavenly Perfect Church and marries that to the Earthly Fallen Church, whatever the spiritual status of the presiding priest.

This vision was accompanied – simultaneously – by a dream. In the dream I am walking in a garden with a priest. On one side is my current home, and on the other a church. I am in the process of joining the Church, and telling him the story of the dream and the vision. At the end of this WV, I lay on my back, on my bed, in perfect inner and outer peace, for at least a half hour.

Three years later I joined the Church, had such a discussion with a priest. During the nine month process – the Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults – I was praying one day before we “students” had to leave before the Mass, and He touched me as Love, sort of like: “See, I’m here, just like I said I would be.” Of course there exist no words to describe how that feels.

My first Inspirational (it is all conversational in nature) encounter with the Mother went like this: It occurred about the time of writing the Way of the Fool. It was during prayer & meditation – when I was reflecting on all my personal bad things done to other people, I was also of the view that the Divine Mystery knows us completely, intimately. I next thought about how it was that They must experience all of what both perpetrator and the victim felt. In anguish, something usually quiet inside me cried out: “What do You do with all our horrible and terrible stuff”.

Almost before I was done speaking, She was there, Her aura of comfort lifting some of my own woes, and spoke these words: “We turn it into Love” [took a decade and a half of social phenomenological observations to see how They did It: Event & Aftermath.]

The last time with Her, in this Form, I was near death. I was in a hospital for V-tac issues, but the staff was ignoring me trying to tell them I had accidentally poisoned myself with wheat. I was in great distress from the accompanying diarrhea and bloating. In addition, the doctors were loading me up with very strong meds, with – of course – serious side effects, in preparation for giving me a peacemaker defibrillator.

In what some in Russian culture call the Hour of the Wolf (around three a.m.), the day before my surgery, I wanted to die. She was immediately there. I asked if She would take me if I wanted, and She said yes. Ball in my court. I decided I was not done loving my Lady, so deferred.

The middle time was a charm … In 2007 I had two heart attacks in one day, while in the ER. That’s some serious “luck”. At some level my body was requiring much better ways of living. The problem is one of the soul, and the psychic forces required … events in life come with “struggle”. Shortly before the ER adventures, I had left (been lovingly kicked out) my lady of five years. We both had other karma to live. Simultaneously I was being rejected by some leaders of the Anthroposophical Society where I was living. They were doing a study of a work by Paul Emberson, and I had the temerity to contribute to the meeting that this whole encounter was attracting darkness, and I could feel it. I gave a bit of an explanatory speaking and was interrupted by leading personalities telling me that I didn’t know anything about Anthroposophy.

Via Divine Providence (in retrospect), I was asked to leave the room I had been living in, since moving out. A native spirit woman that I know, called out of nowhere (?) to offer me a room in half of her garage. So I ended by driving a rental (with four nearly bald tires it turns out) from California to New Hampshire. I finished writing my “American Anthroposophy” there. She too kicked me out after nine months (there can only be one powerful soul around a choleric). Fortunately my current Lady is a serious Sanguine, and a perfect match for my phlegmatic temperament.

I had left California on Jan 2, 2008. An adventure in the sense of horrible weather and breakdowns, … I got to to one of planned motels, after driving through a serious thunderstorm. It was Epiphany. I lay down on the bed physically, psychologically, and spiritually empty. I was spent. Not only did I not want to live, I felt like I didn’t even want to be … to exist even as an immortal spirit.

Yet there I was, alive, as it were. I had been following a twelve holy nights routine of: the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a self-made prayer of gratitude to all else in the Creation. After which I recited the first fourteen verses of the Prologue to the Gospel of John (a practice suggested by Steiner).

When I softly spoke the “Our” aloud, I discovered I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. She was there and helping me feel the living gratitude of all Beings of spirit, from the rocks, through the waters, to the very stars themselves, praying in spirit this prayer.

In subjective time it took about three hours. The primary lasting impression, besides Her Favor, was of realizing what stood behind, within, and beyond the realms of Ideas and Ideals. As before, this was a kind of conversation, except that each word I spoke, including articles and such, involved a by grace Intuitional meeting. WVs remember, not true spiritual research in the Steiner sense.

A few years later, over the Winter of 2009-2010, I was initiated in what Steiner calls a meeting with the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold. A year or so later, I had a Pentecost experience. Shortly thereafter I began a whole new level of writing, as well as video output (270 on Youtube). Three dozen books, four hundred essays, some of which are also mixed in with over three hundred blog entries, short stories, a novel, poetry, and a screen treatment.

For the Christ Initiation, I had to master what Steiner taught in his books on Epistemology. Only a few years ago, had I realized that the 2008 Epiphany meeting was a Mother Initiation, which in the Americas produces shamans, or earth religion priests.

About seven years after the change, I was working in a movie theater as a manager. I had been studying Franz Bardon’s works on Hermetic Science (magic), for about five years. My practice was at the level of learning to breath in and out, through pore breathing, the element of fire (will). This is an expanding power and can make one feel like the soul is going to explode.

In my ongoing self-studies of social political life, I had forged this question: Since I know now from personal experience that spirit is real, what does that mean for the way we human beings live, in terms of political and social understanding?

Threes weeks later I met Rudolf Steiner through his books. Over the years I have since taught myself a spiritual social science modeled on Goethe’s phenomenological disciplines. In 2010, after these Mother and Son initiations, I wrote: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything.” In it I retold the religious story as a theory, which I attempted to argue better explained human lives than did the present day theories of the materialists (all is matter, there is no spirit).

Three weeks after starting to read Steiner, a God came to visit me, in the flesh, at work. I had gone down from the office, to the ticket and candy counter, to count the cash in the till, and make number notations on a form. I was in the way of the clerk, when a figure walked up to me. I chatted with him, such as did he need a senior discount? (to which he said no, I always take care of myself). As it goes not much small talk, except the voice resonated from the whole body, something like music in a cathedral. Then he looked up at me for the first time.

He wore a workman’s clothes, and carried an odd box under his arm, that looked like a musical instrument case – size of a small flute. The wonder was His Eyes. No whites. Crystal clear, with bright and deep blue irises. Made me feel naked to my deeps.

He healed me of the despair of the Nixon years. I had had no hope. He reminded me I cared about the world. And, at the same time he was blessing my transition from Bardon’s Moon Wisdom to Steiner’s new Sun Wisdom. My conclusion – later – was that one of this God’s names was: the Burning Bush (long story)

That’s the man with clear eyes, which links me with the Moody Blues. In their 1978 album: Octave, the first song speaks of the man with clear eyes, the second is Under Moonshine, making their relationship with the Mother more visible. The last is their beautiful masterpiece, “One Step into the Light”, which is about the Second Coming (the river of living breath is flowing through the Sun, He was there before the Earth began) and hint at the Mother with these parts of the song’s refrain: “All the old things are returning”.

I don’t have what Europeans call: clairvoyance. Carl Stegmann called it clair-thinking. There are musical arrangements of the fundamental ideas of the creation. To think in pure ideas is to feel their relationship. The use of the idea “pure” can be confusing. The pure aspect is that in which thinking strives not to be. It is not of the sense world at all. The objects of thought are ideas, which RS defined as a complex of concepts. Love is the main way to see, or know, any person, or idea. Of special importance is that the thinking be selfless. We are seeking to know and understand that which is not for our benefit, but for the benefit of others.

As a consequence of having been “asked” to join the Catholic Church, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating religious riddles. After two initiations (you get kind of rewired – astrally and ethereally, and Hers and His produce physical effects, as well as more “gifts” & curses. On the day of the Pentecost experience, it involved an image appearing in front of my inner eyes, whenever I closed my eyes. I felt it most strongly on the right-side of my face. It was about the size of an open hand, fingers extending just above my jaw, and then nesting the palm at the joint of the jaw … which were seen by me inwardly, as zones of consciousness made possible by my Bardon self-studies.

The whole organism was built of more than a hundred smaller forms, with tips at each end. Seeing stacked and cuddled two pointed flames seems a workable image. The condition lasted about 12 hours. I did note later changes in my speaking and writing. I tried more to just form questions, that ask the listener and reader, other questions. The questions help to see the inwardness of the other – a kind of not-knowing being necessary to a new knowing based on love.

From science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s novel Dune: “When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way.  Their movement becomes headlong – faster and faster and faster. They put aside all thought of obstacles and forget that a precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until its too late.

I have three new books on Amazon. These three are Prime, so two day delivery if you have it.

Wandering Midst Wonders in the Caves of the Moon $33.00 390 pages – paper back … includes the next two books. Think of this book as a coffee table book, absent pictures. Just ideas, dangerous ideas.

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Your friendly neighborhood stoned librarian,


Like most of us, I was very confused as the pandemic

unfolded. I have good reason to not trust the Official Narrative.

My Way of seeing this event is below.

The following was written in the mood of St. John’s Tide, in 2022, and published in Deepening Anthroposophy (with some much needed edits, – not included below – by Thomas O’Keefe) in Issue 12.1 / March 31, 2023, the Season of Easter.

A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery 1 Comment on A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery Posted by Joel Wendt

A Shaman’s Guide to the Covid Mystery

Before writing this paper, I did a search of the recent Deepening Anthroposophy PDF for the following terms: Cowan, Stress, Sensitivity, Touch, Will to Live, Immune System, Proliferation, Rainbow, Rate of deaths, and Hauschka. There were no hits. Why those terms are important will be explained below.

All the same, it is entirely possible that such matters were discussed in the many live links in the PDF. I admire all the work the various writers have done, to support their points of view. At the age of 81, I don’t have the patience, or the time, to read all those papers and studies. If I have missed seeing that material there, which I am providing here, I apologize.

“Shaman” is a curious term, given the many people naming themselves in that fashion, such as the fellow who claimed this during the January 6th attack on the Capital building in Washington DC. In an “esoteric” sense, a true shaman (in the way I mean it) is as an individual who has the same spiritual quality as what Enlightenment means in the social East, and Initiation in the social Center. In this case we are referring to the true West, the Americas, where the seeker of the truth must investigate his own darker nature, as part of their education/learning.

My qualifications can be found at my article: “Familiar Spirits and the Education of a Shaman”. (1) Essentially this type of Shaman is in regular contact with the Mother, as an aspect of what might be called an Earth Religion. Such religions are everywhere in our world, being normal for indigenous and aboriginal peoples. In Hermetic Science this kind of Way is called a Moon Wisdom.

Steiner taught us the New Sun Wisdom. As to the Mother, She has the whole world in His Hands.

I am not vaccinated, nor have I ever been “tested”. In fact, I have not had a “flu” vaccine in twenty years, except about six years ago, when my primary care physician urged me to take that year’s version, immediatly then given in her office. That night I had the worst case of “chills” I had ever had. I did not sleep.

My view of this experience is that the Wisdom of the Body (the so-called immune system) was attacking this foreign matter and eliminating it. The “chills” are the long muscles in the arms and legs vibrating in order to create, and direct, more “heat” from the warmth body to use to repel this invasion. When I told my doctor, she assured me that there was no live virus in the vaccine. Still, what was in the vaccine the Wisdom of the Body did not like? “So it goes”, to quote Kurt Vonnegut.

When the Covid riddle first appeared in my Facebook feed, there was a video in circulation, which title used the word: “Plandemic”. What I found fascinating was that not only did links to this video quickly disappear, but that there followed an enormous number of posts attacking the author’s character and qualifications.

Eventually I found the video, and the one point she made, that was perhaps so troubling to her opponents, was that it was all about the “patents”.

In the first post to my blog, on this Covid pandemic, I wondered why people trusted Big Pharma, Politicians, and the Media, given that neither institution had much use for the truth. I also pointed out that (having a law degree, with the high A in Evidence), once (and if) we put Dr. Fauci and others on the stand, in a Court of Law, subject to cross examination and impeachment, they won’t get past this test of their credibility.

About three decades ago, while I was reading a lot of Steiner, I twice read his lectures: “Spiritual Science and Medicine”. Mostly I was learning about polar aspects of the soul and physical life, that manifest in a threefold way, such as thinking, feeling, and willing. Included are his concepts about “form”, which is the ideas of nerve-sense system, heart-lung rhythmic system, and metabolic-limb system. These polaric systems seemed to me to be also features of a living social organism: Cultural Sphere, Political-Legal Sphere, and Economic Sphere.

My main phenomenological studies, beginning at that time in my life, were into the social-political life of humanity.

Relevant to the Covid riddle were his remarks about the “contagion” idea, regarding tiny tiny entities that were being observed in conventional medicine. I will paraphrase: Imagine traveling through an area filled with contented cows, feasting on the verdant grains everywhere present. The illogical thinking was that the cows caused the fields of tasty matter, when this was clearly not the case. If we apply this to the “proliferation” of micro-organisms in the body, the same mistake in cognition appears. The “bugs” are just another symptom, not the cause.

In my own thinking over the years, it became clear that “illness” is something that affects the whole system, not just the parts. This condition of imbalance in the whole then has areas of special weakness, and those are where the “proliferation” takes place.

The reason, I pointed above to the search term “Rainbow”, is the book: “The Invisible Rainbow”, which is about the causal relation between electronic pollution and illness. In the first seventy pages of that book, the author does a review of the scientific studies that appeared in the aftermath of the 1918 “flu” pandemic. There were, at the time, five “centers of outbreak”, that were too far apart, and too simultaneous, such that the idea then of a contagious organism didn’t really work.

There was, however, a shared fact for all five centers, that involved in each case the recent construction of high energy radar facilities in those areas.

Keep in mind that the alleged center of our Covid outbreak was Wuhan China. This is a city with a large elderly population, many of which were smokers, and at the time of the alleged outbreak the area had just become saturated with 5G cell towers. Smokers have lung problems, which is then a weak arena, where micro-organism can the proliferate.

When you add in the current Chinese totalitarian usage of massive observations of their people, via cameras, Wifi and other electrical/technical instruments, they were living in a sea of electronic radiation. Not only that, but these people know they are being observed, which certainly has to be a factor in increasing “Stress” (another term in my search).

Modern medicine is highly materialistic – all is matter there is no spirit. When you go to a regular doctor (yes, anthroposophical medicine is different, but few people have access) you get tested, and quantitative measures are used. From a spiritual point of view, there are aspects which are recognized as factors in illness, which are qualitative, and because they can’t be measured it is hard for the materialist way of seeing to take them into account.

In my thinking, there are four known qualitative factors: “Stress”; Sensitivity”; “Will to Live”; and the real nature of the “immune” system (more properly named the Wisdom of the Body, which is why I did a search for those terms as well.

My friends, and acquaintances, when I tried to share my views as to how the pandemic unfolded – these asked a crucial question: Why are people dying, if not from a contagious disease?

To my experience the “flu” is a very strong elimination process. We sweat, we cough, we barf, we poop, and we have fever dreams (there is a psychological element). It is essentially a Wisdom of the Body process, which is trying to throw off toxins of various kinds. With the arrival of industrial civilization, we began to poison the planet, and ourselves. Poison in the air (acid rain); the water (pollution); the land (mono-agriculture possess, with their elimination of the microorganisms essential for our food to be alive; and, in our medicines (side-effects).

Additional psychological processes are Stress in the work place, and in the way we educate children. What is most horrible is the theft of the dreams of the future, normal to the young. I can remember, during the Cold War, made to duck and cover under our desks. Where is hope in the future, while waiting for the Atomic Bomb to drop? Today children are made to feel fear of touch, of close proximity, while at the same time undergoing “active shooter” drills in school … more stress.

The reason I did a search for Cowan, was that Tom Cowan is our age’s Einstein of medicine. Yes, real physics, in a spiritual sense, goes beyond Einstein, but I am using that metaphor to speak to the deep change that occurred from Newtonian physics to Einstein’s works.

Tom was, for a time, an anthroposophical doctor, but when certain standard remedies did not work, he had to think his way past that observed limitation. In the beginning of his book: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” he points to Steiner’s three most important things for the evolution of humanity: 1) that people stop working for money; 2) that people realize there is no difference between sensory and motor nerves, and 3) that the heart is not a pump.

In the beginning of that book Tom reveals modern scientific work about how liquid moving through a tube creates a fourth state of liquids, which exists between the moving liquid and the walls of the tube. This fourth state is minuscule, yet strongly ionized, and that is the condition/force that creates movement. Keep in mind that the blood circulates before the heart is formed, as a means of regulating the flow.

He also wrote: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, and during Covid: “The Myth of Contagion”, which underwent a title change to: “The Truth about Contagion – exploring theories about how diseases spread”.

When the first version of the latter was published, folk at the Nature Institute in upstate New York were asked to comment. They were troubled, and wrote an article, which I later criticized. (2) Essentially the Nature Institute was pointing to work with an electron microscope that seemed to contradict what Tom had written in the first iteration of his book on Contagion.

This is why I searched for the term “Hauschka”. His book: “The Nature of Substance” points to some remarkable perceptions, born in a phenomenological approach, that did not seem to be known/recognized by the Nature Institute, which seems mostly working with what biological form teaches in a Goethean sense. An electron microscope puts us in the field of physics’ phenomena.

In that book Hauschka makes a remarkable observation. When we attack water with electricity, or strong chemicals, we get two classical elements, oxygen and hydrogen.* To him, we have killed something living, and the molecules are essentially “corpse” material.

*[There are also light and heat phenomena, which are an effect of the release of elemental beings, from their work in “substances”.]

In my thinking on the ideas of molecules and atoms, it seemed me that an atom is a corpse of a corpse, in these terms. Steiner tried to get us to see the idea of an atom as a problem … the Idea.

In Nature, the elements of the periodic table generally do not appear outside of some complex “molecules” (carbohydrates and such). Nature creates wholes, not the parts materialistic science believes are the basis of material reality. Even such metals as gold never appear in a pure form. When we get to the “physics” practices at Cern, we get corpses of corpses of corpses. The molecule is a corpse, the atom is a secondary corpse, and the electron is a tertiary corpse.

An electron microscope is using a corpse to observe a corpse. The “images” are computer enhanced fictions. The “pictures” generated do not really see what we think they see. Like the pictures of the stars in astronomy, there are a whole level of assumptions, which have not been empirically validated.

Some readers of this will be justly curious about how I am able to speak of such matters. Go here (3) and here (4). The latter is a lengthy discourse on the relationship of the four classical elements of antiquity (fire, air, water, and earth), and the four fundamental transformations of modern physics (electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces). This includes a discussion of the Loki sponsored Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and its mad stepchild: Quantum Mechanics.

SAY WHAT !?!?! Here’s the tale: Physics ran into a riddle. If their instruments looked at particles, the looking effected the seeing. They could measure location, but not velocity. Or velocity, but not location. Instead of recognizing that that phenomena reflected a limit to their instruments, they decide to believe it represented a condition of Nature. Einstein’s reaction was: “God does not play dice with the universe.”(5) It took an MIT graduate engineer (a kind of thinking much different from that needed to invent theories), to disassemble the errant cognition … “God Does Not Play Dice”, by David Shiang. (6)

Even Steiner understood, that when you get to material manifestation you are dealing with elemental beings, not things – i.e. Salamanders (Fire); Sylphs (Air); Undines (Water); and Gnomes (Earth). (7)

Materialistic medicine recognizes “Stress” as a fight/or flight mechanism, which dumps adrenaline and other enzymes into the body. Human beings are stressed at work, and at home, and while traveling between the two. Multiple times a day then, these energy igniters appear in the physical body.

“Sensitivity” is a kind of individualized factor. When electricity was first being played with, The Invisible Rainbow describes people going to parties, forming a circle holding hands, through which an electrical “current” is then run. When some folk started fainting and having nose bleeds, the practice was abandoned. Another sensitivity is the “gluten” allergy, which is due to the Roundup weed poison being applied to wheat, just before it is harvested – if the wheat is “dying” it makes it easier for a machine to cut it.

I also did a search for the term “Touch”, which had not appeared in the PDF. “Touch” is well known for its physical and psychological healing qualities. One sage I read on the Internet, suggested that five hugs a day would be helpful for people with “symptoms” for “long Covid”.

The “Will to Live” is also well known. I personally, about three years ago, during a serious illness wanted to die – I was in a hospital at the time, and in this state the Mother appeared to me. I asked Her, would She take me if I wanted, and She said yes. The ball was then in my court, and I realized I was not finished loving my Lady, and decline Her offer.

This experience led me to a deeper understanding of the crisis that appeared in elder care facilities. Many such not only had serious chronic illnesses, in many instances their minds had gone walk-about – dementia. We were keeping the physical body alive, which at the same time ties the soul/spirit to the material. When they got flu symptoms, including fevers, they would approach the threshold to the afterlife, and consciously, or instinctively, surrender to the offered release from suffering.

In intensive care facilities, the patients are covered over with protective material, as are the doctors and nurses. Touch is then lost. Given the prevalence of breathing difficulties in the Covid Experience, they were dying of suffocation, which is how Christ died on the Cross.

Rudolf Steiner has told us, that all of humanity is crossing the threshold in our age.

My spirit had two other perceptions of curiosities, in the social Covid phenomena. One was the Rate of Deaths (another search term). A few calculations reveal that the death rate in 1918 was 36 times that of today. In a sense, we were going through this Event, in a better fashion due to advances in medicine over the intervening decades. Media never played it that way.

Another observation I made was that surely the stress of World War I had an effect on peoples immune systems. Today, Americans have had to endure the failure of our political life, the Trump presidency, and other such follies. During the “epidemic”, more stress, while people were locked down, and had to wait in long lines to be tested, and then get vaccines.

All of the above Ideas have led me to recognizing the Covid Mystery as a massive semiconscious Spiritual Rite of Initiation.








At some point, we each have to act, and make all

kinds of choices.

Leader’s Manual for the Final War for Human Freedom in America

{ aka: The Grandmother War }

The Leadership Riddle: Seeking Power, or Service.

Power is seductive. We seek it, and believe that is the only Way to introduce necessary changes into our social/political existence. We are ruled by the powerful, and if we want to work from that angle, we have to compromise our Ideals.

The weakness of this approach is demonstrated by the wonderful Danish series on Netflix: “Borgen”.

Seeking power corrupts our Soul, and injures our Spirit, by demanding too many compromises.

Service (washing the feet) usually demands more self-sacrifice. A holder of power has a job. For the rest of us some numbers: : # homeless in US: 550,000; # homeless camps: 27; # unemployed in US: 5.9 million; # of underemployed: 22 million; # of young adults living at home: 52%”: # homeless: 580,00; # camps: 300 !!!!; # unemployed: 18 million !!!!; # underemployed: several millions more; # young adults living at home: 52%

I point out these numbers, and suggest that neither our government or our corporations can/or will do much to help. Government is constrained by politics, and business by profits.

The coming trouble to keep in mind is that these numbers will grow. The world’s economic life took a big hit, when during the Covid Mystery we took out of their economic place a third of the work force. If the reader is following the stock and bond markets, the collapse is obvious.

Homelessness, unemployment, and the Camps, will proliferate and grow.


Ask this question: Where would Christ and the Disciples, and the Saints reside, … in the Camps, or in government?

This is, of course, a “religious” point of view, and many folk – with some justice – don’t like what “religions” are doing.

A conventional and modern scientist might criticize folk who have beliefs. Their view is that beliefs lack scientific (empirical) proofs. However, this kind of scientist ignores how many beliefs his/her disciplines have, given that instead of beliefs they call them “theories”. A theory is not proven. It is a guess, yet … the world is taught these ideas as if they were “truths”.

For example, Big Bang Cosmology and Neo-Darwinian Evolution are theories. Rupert Sheldrake gave a suppressed Ted-Talk: the Science Delusion, where he points that the Big Bang Idea essential says: give us one miracle, and we’ll take care of the rest.

All the same, children all over the world are feed these ideas as “truths”, which essentially makes modern conventional science itself into a Religion. A core element is the concept that the human being is only matter, … there is no spirit.

A secondary conventional scientific belief is that Nature has no self-aware sentient inward consciousness, … a state obvious to ourselves, who attend to their own nature. Believing we are the only such kind of Being, in the sphere of Earth existence, is a kind of bigotry.

Aboriginal and indigenous folk have always “known” that Nature is conscious. All the ancient religions have the same view. The environmental movement wrestles with this question, and a leader serving needs to make their own journey to such a kind of understanding.

The Earth-Mother is not only real, She is also the Holy Mother recognized and celebrated by Catholics. The Protestants do not even appear to notice that their God had a Mother.

She is Rogue Weather, the Rider of the Four Horsemen, the Gate of Death, Gravity, and Divine Providence (fortune), for starters. Her Son is the Artist of Karma (fate), and the living Breath we all share.

It might help to consider, for example, that the three patriarchal monotheism are actually one religious inspiration. The Hebrews taught us to attend to God’s Laws. The Christians to God’s Love. And, Islam to God’s Surrender.

My research (see The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything) discovers that the human being is part of the Divine Mystery. We co-participate in all aspects of the ongoing and continuous Creation.

A powerful riddle:

Is the human being more than mere matter? This is a crucial question of our age, that any genuine thinker has to consider. For example, problems with the Covid Mystery take a much different shape if we recognize the modern scientific based medicine treats us as just matter. If we are more, then medicine itself must adjust its ways of understanding illness, and how to find the right cure.

A vaccine is soulless matter. A corporation is a soulless parasite. Their real effects on the human spirit are ignored, and much harm has come from this mistaken view of modern scientific materialism.


This conception of the human being is also a mystery for those wanting to “cure” the social/political world of its follies. If we really appreciate the nuances, we also have to consider the individual spirit to be the true locus of change. Our conceptions of the social are full of generalities. We observe, and then classify people into groups: Republicans, Democrats, leftists, wealthy, and so forth. All the same, if we focus on the individual, they are more that just a member of a group.

In one sense, you cannot “serve” a group, with the same degree of import that you serve an individual. The group is an abstraction that falls apart when we get to the individual. Folk can be conservative about one aspect of their lives, and liberal about another.

The ongoing economic collapse of civilization will produce much scarcity in the so-called First World. America, which takes more than its fair share of the world’s riches, has to accept a leveling of its unjustified needs.

A Leader, in America, seeking to do Service, has a big job to do to help those who live here accept – and manage – these coming tsunamis of future history. Such a servant-leader also needs to live with those existing in the economic margins. We can’t be outside, but have to participate. This doesn’t mean leaving behind our white-privileges, or our wealth privileges, but just prepare to accept a loss.

A fact to recognize is that America is filled with under-utilized properties. There is no excuse for people living in Camps. Eminent Domain laws permit the government to take property for the public good. What more public good could there be in such worsening circumstances?

Joel A. Wendt

White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic


I don’t have much of plan to sell this book. However … since part of my mission in life is to annoy anthroposophists, I am basically going to drop into local events, either around Boston, or upstate New York where there is a large collection, and bring some copies and give them away.

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