A Report on a couple of visits to anthroposophical land

This first parts was written in response to a long quote of the thoughts of JvH, offered by John Harris, here:

It would be spiritual suicide for folks to fancy that the whole of “Anthroposophy” has been expressed through the works of Rudolf Steiner. To concentrate one’s cognitional resources on only one or two minds (Steiner and/or JvH, for example), is to develop one-sidedness of spirit. If your mind’s feet (lower will) is always trudging around on a hill – in the same direction – a defect in the gait arises. This defect manifests when we are down from the Mountains, and nearer the Caves and subterranean water courses. One leg is more developed, the other is not, and we end up walking in circles.

Anthroposophy is still incarnating. The Being Anthroposophia has many facets, and each seer/shaman/ etc. stands in a “place” of spiritual insight that is not always the same as any others.

Faerie, aka: the Underworld, was not well “seen” by Steiner; and, JvH – via adopting the language of Steinerism – also misses the essence. For example the use of the term: Antichrist in the above bit of JvH’s works … my spiritual experiences find her use as: missing the point as it were.


I am not saying her mystical visions are not true. Just incomplete. This is not a “bad” quality. Sort of a spiritual equivalent of Godel’s “Incompleteness Theorem”. Each system has its metaphors, and its special languages and assumptions. In fact to believe there are absolute spiritual facts (Mr. A.), or absolute truths (Mr. L.) is a kind of self harm. https://www.amazon.com/On-Becoming-Alchemist-Modern-Magician/dp/1590306872

RS saw the world as unitary (single) qualities in some situations, and threefoldnesses (trinities) in others. On the Earth then he pointed out that there was East and West qualities at a spiritual level, and East, Center, and West qualities at a soul level.


It is an observable social fact that the Americas are neither European, or Asian. This allows us to appreciate differences of skillful seer-ship, such that shamans in the Americas, who are connected to RS, are better described as pagan anthroposophists, should they be willing. Steiner called them “Platonists”. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/ZenA.html

Valentin Tomberg – in his works on the Foundation Stone Meditation points out (his point of view) – that fresh spiritual impulses, begin in the East, in the world of spirit Itself, and in a sun-ward east to west gesture, only then is fully on the Earth in the West. My research finds that in the Center, what arises as fresh spiritual impulses is not yet fully of the Earth. Neither of the Heavens (enlightenment … luciferic), or of the Earthly (shamanistic – ahrimanic), but in between (where Christ is the balance keeper). Religion has deeper roots in the East, while the True West is more scientific (Ahriman is here), and the balance in the Center is Art&Christ.

So the majesty of the Bhagavad Gita gets translated into European languages (around 1808), and not too soon afterward (1875) the Theosophical Society appears. Scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit – the true “anti-Christ”) has achieved its heights in the 19th Century, in the middle of which America fought a “Civil War” (beginning in 1861, the year RS was born).

JvH seems to have no connection to the Holy Mother, aka: Planet Earth. Steiner’s lectures on the inner earth are all basically incorrect. For details: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html.

For the pagan Platonist anthroposophists, this omission is a grave tragedy. Given that the New Mysteries, in their wholeness – is not parts (East, Center, and West) but a unity. A kind of descent of the Christ Impulse (something individual human beings do). Christ is the Creator, and in the Bhagavad Gita we have the memory of His/Hers original works in the early post-Atlantean epochs.

Steiner united these through his life passage through (& out of) the Theosophical, and into the Anthroposophical. Spiritual-recollection becomes spiritual-mindfulness (offering healing to scientific materialism). Then, as these streams of thoughts of the spirit come to earth in the true West, we get spiritual-vision.

There is no viable future for Anthroposophy, if the shamans in the true West are ignored by the Aristotelians in the Center. Even RS understood that the three aspects of the soul had to work together.

Right now this is not happening. Besides the above JvH “visit”, last night I observed (and slightly participated in), a Zoom enabled Webinar style meeting initiated by the Anthroposophical Society in America. We had over 300 present, with only about 30 visually present until they divided us into much smaller groups. The gathering was allegedly a kind of sharing get-together given the fact of COVID-19’s “sudden appearance”.

What I experienced was a lot of older people, speaking of Steiner verses and the Six Exercises.

John Bloom began with offering four themes: 1) what really is illness? 2) what means social-distancing? 3) what is going on in economic reality? … and, 4) how can we promote help and social equity?

Other’s mentioned how we are co-suffering with the rest of the world. There was an attempt to do a make-over of “social-distancing” into two parts: 1) physically distancing, while 2) socially connecting.

The sub-groups had twenty minutes for discussion, and the group I was in only had four people, including myself. The only offering I could give (besides a remark that we are in the dying and becoming of Western Civilization), was kind of prayer we all could pray, for all of us. I asked the Mother’s help during a dark moment of the night about what to pray, and got this: Pray for everyone to find peace of mind and courage of the heart.

A meeting with no young people, and not much fire in the belly, given the outrages everywhere.

If you are not speaking of the Holy Mother, you are not truly doing spiritual-vision, because She holds the whole world in His Hands, and Her Ways are notoriously of the true dark and wild. I wrote of that here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/03/18/the-story-of-the-world-at-this-moment-of-intense-change-aka-fearless-reckoning/ https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/03/16/the-third-worlding-of-the-united-states-of-american/ https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/03/14/the-day-of-fearless-reckoning/

I recently wrote a letter to Rudolf Steiner Foundation, suggesting about how&why environmentalists needed to go to law courts, and sue multinational egregorial corporations on the basis that if corporation can be a person before the law, than certainly a “Planet’ can be a person before the law.

https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/03/11/dear-rsf-folks/ No reply, … yet.
So it goes …

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