Why Are So Many Dying?

Why Are So Many Dying?

(books to read are listed at the bottom … if you want to actually, know, I’m sure you can find a way to buy them … maybe form a club, and spread the cost around)

When I talk to my lady about the Hoax, regardless of how well I can explain the signs of the con job, she still worries over why so many people are dying? It is a good question, and needs special attention. Why? Because its the “heart” of the plandemic, … the horror, the shame; and yet, Faerie permits it.

The Mystery permits wars and plagues and famine. What the heck is/are She/He/They thinking?

We are, in part, all dying from the arrogant ignorance of modern materialistic medical science, which views the human being as only matter, … no spirit at all. Yet, the harder lurking questions are: what is death? And, what is illness?

There are two concepts crucial to appreciating this situation, which I call: ‘the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot” …. the concept of death, and the concept of illness. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

I wrote a book: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. I reframed the relationship of science and religion – as it exists in modern culture – by taking the spiritual/Mystery aspect, and presenting it as “theory”, for the reason that this is required by scientific methodology. I also realized a theory, like theology, is just a story.

So my theory-story as regards the plandemic is that we can explain a great deal if we add to our scientific ways of seeing, the religious way. How you might well ask? Through art.

What we are experiencing is Divine Art. Just consider that the net social effect was to stop the rush of modern life, and make it into a crawl – especially for first world countries. Our air and water are cleaner. Meanwhile, every habitual way we have been doing stuff is being broken down and rebooted.

When the rush of life and work made human reflection impossible, They put on the brakes and we are blessed with time to consider, to think, to wonder.

Within this spirit-theory/story, what is death and what is illness, if we seek and find that spiritual dimension?

The evolution of materialistic concepts matured in the 19th Century. There was a big bang out of nowhere, but god did not do it. There has been countless millennia for the appearance of the human being, at the root of which lay random chance, and accident. No hand of god.

In materialistic medicine the soul/spiritual is ignored – in theory – while in behavior many folk act out of the spirit-in-them, within their own lives. The materialistic world view is that the physical / psychological organism is based in physical matter – little tiny “things”, following patterns laid out in a so-long-ago we can hardly comprehend them.

When we go to see a doctor, the doctors measure everything they can, each different specialty, with its own ways of seeing. These ways can be so different, that if the ICU and ER beds are overrun, folk are drafted, even though their expertise is weak in many areas.

All the same there is a common spirit-theory of illness, disease, and death in much of the world. Those theory-stories are tragically (maybe), are the reason various health care systems all over the world have been overrun. Most everyone is doing the best they can, given the limits of their world view and circumstances of life.

The problem is that without spiritual conceptions, the “healers” are trapped in a way of thinking, which is very dangerous.

My “theory” here is that the invisible aspects are more influential than the visible. Such that by only measuring the visible, the picture of illness is absent the most crucial element. It isn’t that these matters are completely unknown, … they have names, such as Sensitivity (all the allergies), Stress, and “the Will to Live”, … there is just no way to measure them.

As a consequence, the Idea of contagion rules, because it is a small thing, like all the other small things doctors study, such as cells. Some kind of matter is what kills us, or makes us ill. Is it the “germ”, or something else? There is allegedly present in our organism a type of matter (virus for covid-19) which are some little “things”, which we believe are making us ill, even to the point of death. If for some reason, we realize that the “thing/germ/virus” is not the cause of illness, what is making us ill?

As we industrialized the world, we stepped further and further from the “natural” world. We made “things” that had not existed before in “nature”. We were having fun using the parts we took from one place, and mixing them in with some other stuff. Plastics and silicon wafers, for example.

Another “thing” that drove this engine of technological civilization was greed. Evolution taught us we are animals, and at that just 18 pounds of chemicals and several gallons of water. You know, when we
“measure” the “parts”. We are quantities, without qualities.

This Age of Scientific Materialism teaches that there is no god, no afterlife, no sin. Society drives us forward via the carrot of wealth&power; and, the stick of you have to work, to have food, in order to live. We used to grow our own, and now the land everywhere is claimed to belong to the greedy.

Did the greedy make the hoax? Did the banks send gold across Europe, from England to Russia, just before the revolution, and during the first world war? What kind of power gets 50 million in gold across multiple battle fields? In world war two, munitions companies made a killing, as did bankers in Switzerland. Big Tobacco stood in front of Congress, saying under oath they had no knowledge that nicotine was addictive. Big Pharma got Congress to pass a law that gave them a free pass for any illnesses linked to vaccines.

There was no modern cancer, or modern heart disease, or seasonal flu, before the poisons from our chemical industries got into the soil, the water, the air – and the food (gluten “sensitivity”), as well as our medicines. The flu is a rhythmical effort of the body’s wisdom to eliminate toxins from the organism. We sweat, we barf, we poop, we throw up, we cough, we have a hard time breathing, and have fever dreams.

People die in “flu season”, and in the last decades various “germs/viruses” have been blamed by scientific materialism as it affects their shared matter-based medical ideas and practices. SARS, AIDS et. al.

A person is a whole, physically and spiritually. At the same time the avatar body line (the DNA) of inheritance has itself been poisoned. Our bodies are weaker. Our spirit&soul lives have more stress. The toxins make us sensitive to other Unnatural bits of stuff. The toxins also harm the infamous immune system (another aspect that measure will never understand, given the intangible aspects).

Why? In television shows, and movies, the detectives will often realize that to solve the riddle you have to “follow the money” (the trail of greed).

I have for decades studied human social life, setting up my “office” in such a way, that I can see both the laptop screen and the tv screen at the same time. I’ve watched the News since I was fifteen, in 1955. I conceived of this activity as a core type of study, the whole of which I called “Listening to the World Song” A lot of folk pursue such studies, but often mostly with the idea of “fixing” something. The greedy are very busy at such “study”, through think-tank associations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

If greed wants to rule, it has to institute “controls”.

While I have had all the normal feelings of “this is just wrong” when I look at society, I soon realized that the social political life of humanity was – qualitatively – more kin to something living. As a physical organism, with an embed “spirit&soul”, there was in societies observable purpose. A flower grows toward the sun. What does a civilization grow toward?

The pandemic narrative arrived with a rush, as if out of nowhere. We were told this had been anticipated, and that it was inevitable that a repeat of the Spanish Flu of 1918 pandemic would arrive. Our leading health agencies (CDC, FDA, WHO – all of which are tools of greed) advised severe reactions, different from any normal flu season. Masks, social distancing, and shut downs of various types.

The plandemic arrived already dressed in panic gear. If you were exposed to the virus, even if not symptomatic, you were dangerous. The science of epidemiology was prominent in the giving of advice, which is odd given that epidemiology is a discipline of guesses, rooted in the chance relationship of various possible causes of disease. If you followed those pronouncements, carefully, you would have found an absence of agreement among experts. There was even folk saying the whole thing was a Hoax, right from the beginning.

Two social institutions (recall that I am a spiritual social scientist) went into failure mode. The News became hysterical, and since a good story is more important than the truth, we were delivered “breaking news” promising grave dangers. Then, as was entirely predictable, the News folk started asking the politicians (another institution in failure mode) what “they” were doing to save us all from the horrible pandemic darkness descending.

As expected, the politicians danced in dozens of different directions, forced to “take charge”, and left to repeating the “official’ narrative as if true. Neither the News or the politicians did any critical thinking of the theory-story of a massively dangerous death delivering virus on the lose, with such wonderful-crazy euphemisms as “herd immunity” and super-spreaders.

Meanwhile over in social media, all the holes in the narrative were explored, even though some thinker’s ideas were quickly silenced by such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. A good sign of the Hoax power was that as sanity emerged in a few minds, these people and books were being removed from the conversation. Social media being social media kept these alternative views alive, but greed kept them out of main stream circulation.

The facts and figures we are being given, in the official narrative of this contagious “illness”, are abstractions. A collection of numbers which mostly ignores the details. A tragedy given that each single course of illness is unique. Sometime these factoids turn out to be dangerously flawed. For example, the News will list the latest “number” of cases, and folks will believe this means that someone was tested and found to be “infected” with the virus.

That is not true. The “virus” has not yet been identified, so there is no possible way to test for it. The greed driven narrative went into the testing business (many many new customers), with the tale that the test could find some little thing, that is indicative of the body having a prior connection to an organism in the covid-strain of microscopic entities. Anyone vaccinated in the last ten years has received such virus “parts”. The “cases” are not based on anything other than fear, and lazy-crazy thinking. If you hear on the News that there were 7 million cases, that does not mean that 7 million people had the boogeyman virus.

We have discovered that this allegedly contagious disease is being blamed for the deaths of many living in old-folks homes. All of them already struggle with heart ailments, minor cancers (they didn’t kill you yet), serious bouts of dementia, and systems of elder care run at the minimum of effort, for the greatest financial award (more greed).

We pour medicines into these elders, which have “side effects” (i.e. in Sensitive folk these medicines are poison). And then, as we generated the new social rules because of our pandemic fears, was added a whole other level of Stress everywhere, among everyone.

Elder care givers were called essential workers. Ought to stay home, but not allowed without loss of job. School teachers pushed back. Others resisted. Some of the young refused to obey (no surprise there), and then when their gatherings were labeled places spreading the disease, the official narrative had an excuse to predict that conditions would worsen.

If you were living in a rest home, you are aged and ill most of the time. Hardly cared for, more of a warehouse. Industrial medicine keeps you body alive, but dementia shows the spirit went walk-about years before.

So this “flu” arrives. Sensitive and over Stressed souls, lacking the Will to Live, have a nice fever dream in which they get asked if they want to let go of their physical existence and meet up with some friends in the afterlife, what would you answer?

If you are just normal healthy, but get symptomatic (flu symptoms), you might get sent to the hospital, and there the fear of contagion is so high that you end up in a hospital bed for days, getting the latest version of what should kill the virus, and no one can visit, or touch you. Your body lays still, attached to machines, as the attempt of your body to throw off toxins (why you got the flu in the first place) is frustrated by constant interventions that amount to just best guesses.

The hospital makes it worse. Makes you less attached to life, and not happy at all to be subjected to the ignorance as regards why you are sick in the first place. Poisoned by food, water, air, and medicines, you are given more poisons in the medical experiments based on the conception trying to kill the imaginary virus. Your body has become a war zone. Your preexisting conditions have made it all worse.

Those weakness do not get better, and after a time folk will just give up and let go. They are dying of poison, stress, and sensitivity. Not because the non-existent virus killed them. Modern materialistic medicine killed them, helped by greed.

Books: “The Invisible Rainbow”; “The Plague of Corruption”; “The Contagion Myth”; “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”; “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”; “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”. Don’t read. Won’t know.

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