Game, Set, Match

Game, Set, Match

what penalty will the super rich pay for messing with all of our lives …

via their Halloween-scary virus Hoax

“The Moon is a harsh Mistress” … is the title to a Robert Heinlein science fictions novel … I borrow it here to discuss the Future, of the Moon “forces”/beings, as these forgotten spiritual gifts (psychic powers) are being reborn in our present. I will also borrow certain conceptions of Rudolf Steiner, giving to those ideas what might be seen of their nature by the Light of the Moon, aka: the Mother.

Steiner spoke of past great ages of the life we now live. First, Old Saturn (warmth-fire/will element); Second, Old Sun (light-air/intellect element); Third, Old Moon (form-water/feeling element); and, Fourth, Now Earth (matter-earth/consciousness element). As Earth existence goes forward, we will (as is emerging now) invent New Moon, New Sun, and New Saturn.

In the now of our shared consciousness of earth existence, we face the problem of freedom. The course of the next great ages is to be determined by us, and if we wish, we can do this in concert with the folk of Faerie, the Fae – which includes the human being. Just as we have a material body, and an invisible interior life of soul and spirit, so does the material world, which we call “nature”, have an invisible to the physical senses sentient self-consciousness.

Super-consciousness is perhaps more accurate, … recognizing that the Planet Herself is a living Cosmic Being. This is true whatever the scientific materialists believe.

In this present knife edge of change, where the “over-populated” world seems so full of woe and terror, it will help to understood that the Mystery accepts this state of being. We, being an aspect of the Mystery creating itself anew, face that trial/lesson, … true knowing requiring experience. As the Mother emerges from Her selfless stepping out of sight – to leave us as free as possible – She, as Divine Providence, is a harsh mistress in the school of hard knocks and shared pain.

For some of us, we have been helped to feel there are no gods&goddesses, just accident, chance, and survival of the fittest. This does not stop some folk from seeking a way to avoid the gate of death. If you are wealthy&powerful enough, you can live longer dining on the material substance of other human beings, aka: the huge trafficking in youthful organs to replace the failed organs of the rich and dying.

In the dark dreams of QAnon, lurks a crazy belief that the wealthy do eat children. As a paranoid vision it still points to truths. Want sex with children? Fly your own jet to Thailand. Where there’s a hunger, there also is a market. Jeffry Epstein is just the tip of a cold hearted iceberg of depravity.


A couple of relevant aphorisms: The mystery does give each of us just enough rope by which to hang ourselves. What goes around comes around. Instant karma seems impossible, yet we observe it all the time, where some asshole gets their just comeuppance. And, the topper: the gods laugh when we human beings make plans.

So the greedy and depraved hatch a long term scheme (plan) to take over the world via a hoax pandemic. They tend to forget that reality has its own ways, given that their wealth&power seemingly grants them every wish.

When the trigger is pulled on the implementation of the plan, many folk will put their heads in the sand, while wearing masks, social distancing, and believing that experts actually are expert. Chaos will ensue, law and order will be sought, and the rule of the greedy and depraved will begin its version of a thousand years Reich.

From Eternity, She/He/They – the Mystery, makes a few moves far in advance, which are invisible because many no longer believe in heaven and hell and sin, such that enslaved experts assert the world can be theirs for the asking.

The plandemic had a long incubation. The plan’s makers made assumptions. They didn’t see Trump coming at all. The co-opted political parties, all followers of the same capitalist religion, were ripe to provide a basis for a “new world order”. What hubris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trumped by a Loki incarnation named Trump.

Christ is Artist of Karma, and the Mother is Divine Providence. Don’t believe this? Reconsider what happened on election night 2016. A man who for fun had run for President, “providentially” received five billion in free advertising from the News. Against all “odds”, he got just enough votes in crucial districts so as to win the electoral college, while losing the popular vote by three million.

He did not expect to win. Meanwhile the gods&goddess went on with their business of making sure that the wild nature of reality was beyond the reach of the bought and paid for intellects, who serve the demented rulers.

As the early stages of the plandemic evolved, many folks were cut off from normal lives, and isolated in various states of fear. All over the world, certain rites we call “sports” – just stopped. As the ancient Greeks understood, the human being needs catharsis, and that is what the dramatic arts are to provide.

Given the harsh nature of our work lives, in this stage of our evolution, events where intoxication, screaming and yelling, and even dancing, allowed this necessary emotional-energy release. All that stopped dead.

Again, via a single archetypal move, the Mystery arranged for a sacrifice – a young black man gets murdered by the police. A straw that broke the camels back, and millions leave their isolation to “protest”. While agent’s provocateur haunt the edges of these demonstrations of shared rage, this is one perfect sign that the spirit escaped the trap. The depraved&demented did not expect this level of chaos, and the cold hearted plan, as is usual, was turned to love by Them.

This observation is why I began writing of the plandemic-Pandimonium. Folk seeking more order for their rule, unleashed the dragon of social chaos. Yes, we worry, as we should. The war over the future of humanity, between cold-hearted ambition and simple human kindness, is not over.

We confuse the terrible kind of Event, if we see it in isolation from its Aftermath. All individual lives have this pattern. Event, usually not liked, and then Aftermath, … grace if we observe carefully. The human being is an eternal flower, always blooming from one trial to the next.

Don’t worry the big picture. The Big Picture folk have it all well in hand. Do “your” job, and leave the coaching and pass throwing to Her&Him, of which each one of us has our own version in our own “spark” of soul&spirit. We are all pregnant with Mystery.

Dream big. While some worry about the next lady justice of the American Supreme Court, consider what it might mean, if this intelligent conservative and very religious Catholic was to face a court case in which the issue was whether or not the Earth Mother~!~Holy Mother planetary Being has just as much right to recognition as a Person before the law, as does the corporation.

Mom and Son play the long game. Watch and wonder.

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