Healing Broken Dreams

Healing Broken Dreams

My first born has asked his 80 year old father to say some words about the social political future of Americans. He didn’t do this just because I am his father, or he my son, we do this together as American Citizens … and the fact that his father has written a great deal about these riddles. Books, essays, videos, … more than a hobby. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/citizenship-and-modern-politricks/

While he was asking me to participate with him, and at least one other, certain particular ideas arose in my heart’s mind, … let me start there …

Americans do not need to get the cooperation of political parties in order to exercise their collective powers, as the actual Sovereign authority, for even the existence of local and national aspects of government is rooted in our Consent. It is clearly time to no longer Consent.

The powers the government has were temporarily given to them by us, and we have the right to take them back, and do a do-over reboot of the whole sordid business, whenever we want. Government works for us, or it ought to. Clearly the present day political powers serve what I call the Lords of Finance, and not the American People.

These Lords need us as workers and consumers, and our children as cannon fodder in their Endless Wars. Their bought and paid for political operatives rule the legislative branch, and it is their dreams that get made into laws, not ours.

Folk – waking up to this situation – can whine and kvetch and go all postal in social media, yet accomplish nothing because they don’t quite appreciate that the first word of the present Constitution is “We”.

In one of my books, as a subtitle, I wrote: “Why play by the rules when the game is already fixed?”

The actual battlefield is not a protest, or a voting booth, or lobbying the legislature in order to hope they will at least get one or two things right. The battlefield is the public conversation. The ideas.

“We” can’t be stopped from active participation in free and open source conversations on … what?

In other places in my writing I have urged folk to declare victory and throw a party. As long as “we” conceive of us ordinary citizens as “ruled”, we miss the point. We “rule”, they don’t.

When this question was first brought to me, I had been working for a while on the idea-mystery of the 9th Amendment to the Constitution: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

For context it will also be useful to also remember the 10th Amendment, both of which are from the Original Bill of Rights: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

“We the People …” … “do ordain and establish” … begins the Constitution, and the words “retained” and “reserved” by “the people” ends it.

However, this level of citizen power has to be seized and exercised. We seize and exercise it when we change the conversation, among ourselves, … among our many different kinds of Folk.

So, given the poetic title: “Healing Broken Dreams”, if we declare victory and throw a party, we also have to recognize that everyone gets to go to this party. If you – the reader – become part of a group renewing our Civil Liberties, those equal rights need to be formed among personal conversations at which black or white, gay or straight, religious or not, red or blue, … all get to participate togther.

Only we can work out the unwarranted divisions foisted upon us all.

The divisions forced upon us by the Lords of Finance, which were based in fear of the different “other”, can only become healed from one heart to another. No law changes the heart. We, the sovereign citizen, do that.

The content of the shared conversation is our hopes and dreams. We give legal structure to that conversation by rooting it in the ideas of the 9th and 10th Amendments observation that not all rights have been enumerated.

Such a party of parties, not protests, self educates … by imagining the rights not enumerated, and yet ours to assert.

We dream America. We sing Her Darkness and Her Light. We dream America, and America Dreams Us.

Next I am going to list some of my dreams of what the next grant of power will assert, while we engage in the business of abandoning the first grant, as clearly proven to be no longer unworkable.

9th Amendment Powers/Rights (I’m of the view that these ideas should scare the pants off of the established “order”)

No non-human entity (such as a corporation) is to be treated as a person before the law, until such time as we recognize the Planet as a person before the Law.

No one can own the Planet, although all of “us” can recognize that acts of stewardship are needed to care for not just the Mother, but the environments in which human beings live.

No government official can earn more than the basic income available to all, nor can any such official have medical care that is not also available to all.

The whole income tax set of laws are to be abandoned, given the degree of corruption living within those laws. Since everyone gets basic income, and free medical services, there is no need for the coagulation/concentration of wealth in certain individuals. Nobody needs two houses, four cars, eighteen dogs and a private country estate.

Human rights are superior to “property” rights. As needed, unused properties are to be taken by eminent domain, and put to use for the homeless. We are not just stewards of the Life Sphere of the Planet, but we are also stewards of human development.

The Banking and Finance Industries are stripped of their controls over the creation of currency, and debt currency is to be replaced with credit based currency.

With regard to rights of privacy and information, here is a proposed Bill of Information Rights, to be considered for inclusion in the Second American Constitution, should the American citizenry have the boldness and courage to take up such a task:

“It is the right of every citizen to sufficient information to be able to make informed decisions.

“It is the right of every citizen to a sphere of informational privacy, inviolate from the intrusions of the State or commercial and employment interests. This sphere is to be defined by the individual citizen themselves. Citizens who widely construct their private sphere of information rights must expect the normal consequences that flow from such an act (such as limitations on possible forms of employment).

“No government or private institution may withhold information needed by a free citizenry for the exercise of its duties. The Congress shall pass laws mandating appropriate and severe punishment for the violation of this right of information. Likewise, the Congress shall make laws mandating appropriate and severe punishment for violations of the right of privacy.

“When any citizen believes his or her information rights have been violated, the Courts must make inquiry, without cost to the citizen. In order to not overburden the Courts, the Office of Informational Ombudsman will be created by the Congress, which will mediate all preliminary inquires into requests, and violations, that arise from the exercise of these rights.

“Where a conflict arises between the right of privacy and the right to information, the Courts will seek the balancing principle in the Platonic ideal of the Good. For the purposes of this bill of information rights no non-living entity, such as a corporation, or other institution or organization, shall be deemed a person or a citizen.”

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Obviously the present nature of society has a lot of inertia and momentum – does not change course easily. If we truly understood the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot, which appears with the dying and becoming of “Western” Civilization, we would know that the Mystery already has woven into our shared social&political circumstances a great deal of chaos.

The gardener weeds. The gardener tills the soil. The gardener plants and waters the seeds. And, each Spring and Autumn, the gardener celebrates these riches with rites of gratitude.



This essay is an Idea. That Idea will only live if the deeds of the reader participate, entirely out of their own wisdom.

The result is gained, as the “conversation” shifts to a more spiritually honest interchange of Ideas. There are no right or wrong answers, just the conversation.

Given the communication potential of social media, it will be helpful if various individuals support the conversation with open source type software.

Back in the days of the Founding, there existed various kinds of unwritten social contracts. For the ordinary we get such ideas as: work hard, play by the rules, and mind your own business. As part of the nature/style of the event of forming a constitution, the ratification meant to display – in action – the idea that all signers were agreeing to be bound by the same rules of law.

We thought we were getting rid of an aristocracy of blood, when in truth the avarice of many led us quickly to being ruled by an aristocracy of money.

Given the present day over-reaching of government into our lives, via the excuse of the plandemic, it is crucial that those who want to create in the present chaos, take the time to seek the depths of knowledge of the truth of whether or not we are getting good science, or just another con job by entities who always place their self interest ahead of the interests of the whole people. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/10/22/covid-confusion/

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