Let me sum up what I know … and I don’t expect you to buy into any of it …

Let me sum up what I know … and I don’t expect you to buy into any of it …

The ideas of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) have produced a materialistic medicine, whose models eliminate from consideration basically anything that cannot be reduced to number, or otherwise be “counted”, such as levels of stress, degree of sensitivity, will to live, and the real strength of the “immune system”.

This same style of thinking focused on “parts”, as if by finding the smallest physical entity we would know how the whole was built. In Cern, and elsewhere in physics, a current idiotic idea is that something very tiny and that has a nearly immeasurable half-life, though quantum magic became the “wholes” we observe everyday. In biology, the discovery of DNA was supposed to be the unlocking of the secrets of life.

It turns out the “cell environment”, in which the strands of DNA thrive (or not), is itself a crucial causal element = parts effect wholes and wholes effect parts. https://www.natureinstitute.org/

This is the same general understanding of the ancients – the integrated roles of wholes and parts.

“Western” Civilization was meant* to abandon this style of thinking, which ultimately led to the methods of the early natural philosophers being very involved in taking “things” (often while alive) apart, seeking to discover the source of “animation”, which we today might call sentient life.

*] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/ [*

If we combine the above factoids, we get a way of seeing illness as an isolated aspect, causally at fault for the environmental condition {the whole} in which the tiny-thing {the part} proliferates.

Doctors become specialists, in an age where Sir Arthur Eddington described the scientific process as knowing more and more about less and less. All details, no useful big picture.

The natural philosopher, while becoming a “scientist”, is also at war with religion, as was religion at war with science. Scientific materialism won that war on the way to becoming the dominant, fully secular, belief system in the world.

This successful insurgency also tried to dominate the artist as well. Not so much directly, but rather through the devices that take “pictures”, including the x-ray machine. Certainly the idea of “schooling” fell to the ax of all is parts, so when we are educated, our thinking is trained in a How, or Way, of thinking, that makes it harder to know reality, by being in denial of the non-material, of which thinking itself is the primary phenomena.

In recent years, there has come to be a more obvious division between the educated and the so-called uneducated, with the eggheads taking us to war in Vietnam. Even our social political ideas are trapped in the fascination with parts over wholes.

For example, the idea of a US economy, or a California economy, are both fictions. What Economy is is world-wide, a whole, yet in political dialogues this is never understood, and promises are made to fix our economy, independent of the other local conditions of money aggregation.

Give someone a degree from a university, and some serious post degree torture in hospitals taking advantage of interns and residents, and poof: we’ve made a doctor. A doctor who is one-eyed and colorblind, a more poetic reference to the inability to properly weave parts and wholes into wisdom.

There are folk that understand this next point, but in general people don’t want to admit to it. By the time we leave adolescence, most of the ground of our understanding of the world is fixed, in the very languages we use. As a consequence (of a kind of co-dependency of thought), we all more or less see the same world in accord with the conventional points of view.

In tragic fact, we often do not see the world of phenomena at all, directly, but follow the way we have been taught to see, such that we see the “taught”, rather than the true what is. We project onto experience a mask.

We also idolize the “scientist”. They are a new kind of priest. In the News business, they love to use the terms “leading scientists believe” in front of some sort of supposed accepted scientific fact. In fact, News folk depend on a whole crowd of talking heads, with expert “opinions” going on about whatever is today’s most hysterical confusion.

We got told a not true story, based upon a confusion, which incidentally benefits the wealthy to a whole new level of awesome.

In the ‘70’s, Big Tobacco appeared before Congress to assert that they had no idea nicotine was addictive. Swore on a stack of bibles, hands raised, standing tall. In the ‘90’s, Big Pharma got Congress to pass a law saying these companies cannot not be found liable for any diseases or illnesses connected to vaccines.

The only reason for Big Pharma to go to that much trouble is they know (have a guilty mind) they are poisoning human beings. What is in cigarettes is poison. What is in our medicines is poison.

If you carve away the erroneous ideas of scientific-materialism-medicine, we are not having a pandemic rooted in a contagious tiny thing. We are having a civilization-ending crisis about what is true, in a situation where habits of thought keep people from actually looking.

Most see what they have been taught to see.


If you were to read the first 70 or so pages of “The Invisible Rainbow” {TIR}, you would come upon the fact that post 1918 Spanish flu research discovered that there had been no contagious virus at work, for the simultaneous nature of outbreaks showed that whatever “it” was, it was not contagious given the distance between outbreak locations – if this “thing” had been “carried” it should have taken time to get from one place to the next, instead of just showing up in many places at the same time.

The only correlative fact was that in those initial locations a new form of high energy electromagnetic radiation was being broadcast {radar}, and each outbreak area was the locus of brand new radar installations. TIR also reports on initial experiments with electricity, where folk would form chains at a posh party, to feel this experience of being “electrocuted”. While many felt a kind of pleasurable buzz, a significant few had spontaneous bleeding, and other gross symptoms such as fainting, upon being exposed directly to electrical “current”.

Other research following the 1918 flu epidemic discovered that most of the deaths were caused by people with flu symptoms receiving the allegedly curing “vaccine”. In point of fact, materialistic medicine mostly does not cure, so much as try to alleviate symptoms.

Tom Cowan wrote his books trying to get a better grasp on the real nature of heart “disease”, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, – seeking to cure, not just suppress symptoms. All these diseases are modern, including the seasonal flu. All of these arose as powerful chemicals were being applied in all fields, exposing people to poisons, and over the years euphemistically disowning them, by calling this “pollution”, “acid rain”, “side-effects”, and such as “gluten allergies” (which is baldly inaccurate, since the poison in Roundup is well known).

Big Pharma routinely tested all manner of experimental drugs in Africa, paying bribes while lying about effects. Again, the ideas are materialist, and the result was to weaken the immune systems, laying the ground for the AIDS epidemics there.

Several years ago, I listened to wonderful (tragic, tho’) story by a woman who was being called an AIDS denier, an epithet more common now in the term anti-vaccers. She explained that the scientist who thought he had discovered the AIDS anti-bodies, later realized that the tests that were developed were not working, because he had made mistakes. When he tried to alert folks, he was drummed out of science and pilloried in the media.

Yet, exposure to the alleged virus was cause for concern, and among the gay community thousands of health gay men were offered the “cocktail”, which was a number of drugs on Big Pharma’s shelf of “not-working as designed”, and in a sense they threw the kitchen sink at the wall to see what would stick. The “cocktail” compromised their immune systems, and of course they did not die from AIDS, but from normal stuff the immune system could no longer handle. Big Pharma killed those folks.

There is something crude and illogical in the idea/fact that we can vaccinate 100 people, and only 40% will not get that year’s version of the ever evolving “flu”. Something is not right in the science.

Rudolf Steiner taught that childhood diseases existed to develop the immune system, by giving it work to do. So most modern children have weak immune systems because this process was not allowed, and to top it off, we end up giving huge numbers of vaccinations, further compromising the overworked underdeveloped natural health of many.

The often illogical explanations (provided by Big Pharma’s “public relations” firms) is a wonder. For example, there was a few years ago a measles outbreak, at the media center of which fingers were pointed at the local Waldorf School, because they were encouraged, by doctors familiar with Steiner, to not vaccinate.

So, if we concede – in name only, that the source outbreak was the Waldorf School, why did the vaccinated children from the same geographic locale get measles? And, why did not all of the not-vaccinate children at the school not get sick.

These illnesses do not take all who are allegedly exposed. Why?

Because the presence of the proliferating tiny organism is not the cause, but just another symptom. The whole has to be “sick” before the part gets such symptoms, which if we really appreciated the wisdom of the body, the whole is involved in elimination of industrial scale poisons in all our soil, air, water, food and medicine.

Industrial civilization is making us sick, by filling the collective environment with never before existing chemicals, on a scale that our bodies were never evolved to handle.

Unfortunately, human health must – for the moment – suffer illness and death as a by-product of the accumulation of wealth and power.

Is there a Hoax?

Yes, and no. I use this term to describe our spiritual moment: the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot.

Many, who methodically observed the roll-out of the pandemic idea in the media, were/are aware that the whole narrative was propelled rapidly and with purpose. Though these next individuals were thought worthy, we were faced with all manner of “alleged” “experts”, explaining what was happening, and yet not being in agreement.

We’ve been the recipients of a lot of sizzle science, covering over very little steak.

Very early on, I wrote and expected that the hysterical (a good story beats the truth all the time) media, would ask politicians what were they doing to fix this, as if any politician was competent, and or responsible. As expected, many variations of crazy with fear, or actual thinking, arose – not just nations, but subdivisions of nations ran around doing very different things.

In my family in ‘60’s, our father noticed that “public relations” was absorbing advertising, such that lies were preferred to the truth. Lying in advertising has been the new normal for a long time.

The first big clue I got was when the Plandemic idea, and Plague of Corruption book showed up, I noticed that not only did those stories – in the form offered – disappear suddenly, but social media was immediately filled to the brim with personal attacks on the author. I wondered, what did she say that drew such a reaction?

The smoking gun? Patents.

Enormous wealth and power comes with convincing folk that they now have to live into the future in the face of an inescapable deadly disease, needing “vaccinations” that are not being tested, or peer reviewed, with further plans to create an electronic card, which will produce a cashless society, and the health information of the card-holder. All our civil liberties will depend on how well we conform, given that all that are exposed are now labeled carriers of death.

Not just civil liberties are at risk, but the lives of our children’s dreams are being eaten by darkness in thought and action.

Yes, go to a party unmasked. Then many of those who were present were tested, using a test that is not an actual scientific test for the “alleged disease” but for a theoretical by-product, which is already in folks who have had a “flu” vaccine in the last ten years.

For a while, tested folk were called “cases”, because they were tested. They were not symptomatic either, although the seasonal flu is still around trying to detoxify us. Lately these same folk are being called “infected”.

Everywhere one lifts up one of the rocks in the narrative, a bunch of weird idea flora and fauna appear.

For example: the primary locus in China, from which the pandemic narrative was birthed, was one of the most polluted cities in China. It was also the among the first serious roll outs of 5G electromagnetic radiation. Early reports pointed to upper respiratory failures, a common phenomena of this illness/flu cycle. Yet, we blame the “bug”, not the bad air, and the frequent habit of smoking cigarettes.

Now, if we want to be scientific, and avoid rumors, we need certain facts that will not be forthcoming from the Chinese. In the case of every death, we needed to know the vaccine history, as well as all the other aspects of the person who died. We need autopsies as well. Why?

Other wise we get flooded (as we did) with conflicting accounts, whose main media impact began to be organized around the assumed narrative, not the truth. The press demanded answers, and the politicians pretended they had them. None of those folk are scientists, so we then need the priests of science to advise, and appear on television.

Particular already existing entities were important: WHO, or the World Health Organization, and the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On the sidelines, perhaps coaching, the FDA, or Food and Drug administration.

These organizations have an unwarranted reputation. Henry Kissinger said that if you wanted to know how to be successfully political, spend a few years in an academic department at a university. Eisenhower not only warned about the military industrial complex, but also the seduction of our universities by money.

As happens with most “politicians”, to rise in power requires very flexible morals. All those above organizations, WHO, CDC, and FDA, are politicized over issues of funding, advancement, and which scientific narrative you a willing to compromise.

These are the same organizations who have been giving mere lip-service to the poisons in the soil, air, food, water, and medicines. You do not cross money, and keep getting grants while doing dubious research in genetics and such.

Businesses lie. Government officials lie. Representatives of the above organizations conform to an existing narrative, otherwise they don’t rise in position and wealth.

If I switch gears, and go full spiritual, I’d have to bring in the idea of the evolution of consciousness.

There are also two or three rules I was taught recently: If something happens, it has been approved from the spiritual heights to their deeps. Everyone is the right person in the right place at the right time. And, my personal favorite: Everyone gets just enough rope by which to hang themselves.

The main element of the evolution of consciousness aspect is that the typical developmental trial – of this epoch – involves the potential birth of a free moral capacity. Each biography is involved in the individual facing moral questions, for which their tradition, or social rules, no longer supply an easy answer.

Each biography is a composition, a work of art. This moment we are enduring allows the formation of quite individualized moral riddles, each one getting unique problems to resolve out of their own thinking. For billions to face such trials creates a social/political world on fire, conflict everywhere, and nowhere to hide.

From the point of view of the Mystery, these private exercises in free moral thinking are to be inventive. There are no moral absolutes. Just the puzzle, followed by another, and then another. Event and Aftermath, event and aftermath, follow by more of the same – details are here (which is long): https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

If you can appreciate that the wild is the Mother. Chaos is the Mother. Chance and Fortune are the Mother. We can notice that while there is not a successful hoax, so much as it becomes the means by which She slows the whole world down, and wakes it up. Rogue Weather. The Four Horsemen. The Gate of Death.

All of this drama – an unimaginable Rite – involving the plandemic being overrun by Her, is the quality of Pandemonium. Run too fast, fall down go boom. The dying and becoming of “Western” Civilization is scary amazing as social art.

She has the whole world in His Hands. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/04/19/she-has-the-whole-world-in-his-hands/

We, individually, have a lot of choices-personal. Including the nature of the narrative we accept as explaining this plague of chaos and mystery.

Some years ago, when I was writing my “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, I discovered/observed what I labeled the primal paradox: From the point of view of the Mystery, existence is perfect, which perfection includes the apparent imperfection that human beings seek to heal.

One final dangerous tale: Early on I read of the situation (from several sources) that a number of elderly were dying of the “covid” thing in northern Italy. However, that area had a strong tradition of doing autopsy’s, and reported no evidence of such a “bug” among people whose health is already compromised, and were dying of complications of those conditions, while having a normal flu.

It wasn’t very long before “authorities” everywhere were skipping doing an autopsy, and if there were any flu-like symptoms, the death was attributed to the “virus”.

In a world overloaded with poisons, the path that was taken was to produce masks, social distancing, isolate in place, loss of jobs and human contact, … why are we surprised that all this stress on top of the general stress of the Trump-confusion, made this a very bad flu season … except, materialistic medicine does not admit the role of stress, sensitivity, will to live, and weakened immune systems.

It is simpler to blame a bug, rather than accept responsibility for the poisoning the Life Sphere of the whole Planet.

Welcome to the Third Millennium.

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