MysTech Errors of Thought

I just read the MysTech newsletter, sent to me as an email. I can understand how and why such thoughts could come into being. Nevertheless, they are fundamentally spiritually in error. Mostly they are one-sided, and far too reliant on Steiner said.

For example, Ahriman’s incarnation was seen to be ahead of us, in the future. He is here now. Like any idea that becomes fixed in the soul, as a belief, it is impossible to remove. The thinker has to do that themselves.

I have written extensively on his incarnation. When I share this truth, others – in order to defend their belief system – disagree. What does not happen is any effort at actually refuting my work. No one writes a counter argument. They just hold to their opinion. This is not science. In science if one disagrees the right way to do that is to offer a serious discussion of the research that I have done.

In addition, the reliance on Steiner fails to admit that the Mystery has gifted humanity with more that just one “great initiate”. What Tomberg has written is ignored. This is also true with Franz Bardon. Both of those seers saw a connection with the ancient Hermetic Science of the Egyptians.

What is the worst error in thought, is to fail to deal with the Platonist and Aristotelian riddle, clearly pointed to by Steiner. The Platonists were devoted to the Mother, and to the fact that the natural world is an embodiment of the Mystery, i.e. the Goddess Natura.

She has the whole world in His Hands. She is rogue weather, the four horseman, and the gate of death. She is Divine Providence, while He co-creates with Her as the Artist of Karma.

A more general confusion arises when Steiner’s every word is treated as if it were Holy Writ. Steiner failed to properly meet the Mother, when as a “spiritual researcher”, he investigated the “inner” Earth. You don’t meet the Mother until you have surrendered to just being an ordinary flawed human being. As a consequence, Steiner met the mirror-nature of the Threshold to Her Realm. What he saw, he brought with him.

In addition, the MysTech folk have totally failed to grasp the real nature of “electricity”.

I expect there will be no response to these observations, actually based on a real examination of my own spiritual research. That is, MysTech does not do science, but rather a kind Steiner-said theology.

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