Saving the MysTech Work from Itself

Saving the MysTech Work from Itself

The paper I wrote (1), after participating in a previous MysTech conference, described that work as the leading edge of spiritual scientific work. If this wasn’t true I wouldn’t bother with confronting its weaknesses.

Tomberg, in Arcanum XV: the Devil, states that in his view the fascination of anthroposophists with Lucifer and Ahriman, amounts to a meditation on evil, which can become a kind of communion-with evil, that has the effect of destroying the vital elan` of the thinker.

From my point of view, what we have then is a corruption of the Imagination. The inner pictures mostly see the awful potential of technology, and treat that as a given – i.e. there is no escape from the most dire potential consequences.

In order to think this way, one has to believe that the Mystery is sitting on the sidelines, watching the downfall of humanity, but taking no actions.

In one sense, the excess of antipathy, as regards the technological possibilities, overwhelms the need to redeem in thought these phenomena (2). We are responsible for the way we see. We also have the choice not to see in this Way.

What is spiritually happening today is not seen, in part because of Steinerism, which is the view that the Mystery has placed all of its generating eggs in just one basket. Like Scientism (3), which is the view that the theories of unnatural science are facts, the MysTech work assumes that Steiner’s predictions of the future are facts. Logically, there is no justification for this type/style of thinking.

Nobody can predict the future, which has not yet happened, for the relevant choices are potential only.

For example, Steiner predicts that the return of the Moon, into the Earth, will happen some three thousand years in the future. The problem is that this return is happening now, but for some this cannot be seen because of the assumption he never got anything wrong.

Steiner’s relationship with the Mother-stream is weak. If we add to our factual observations, the understanding of the Mother-stream in the sense of the Emerald Tablet, She is the Moon. All over the world, various cultures are remembering Her. The Mother-stream includes the magical and the mystical, two major aspects of human spiritual life that Steiner tiptoed around, because his audience would have seen these practices as unscientific.

In point of fact, Tomberg asserted that there is no grasping of the deeper Christian Mysteries if we exclude the magical and mystical dimensions. Franz Bardon called Christ the Master of the Magicians.

Judith von Halle, for example, is fundamentally a mystic, in the best sense of that Idea. Are Thoresen is a magician, in the best sense of that Idea. Tomberg would have no trouble seeing in both of them, the Christian depths he found missing among Steiner’s version of Christianity. The communities that have formed around these individuals is evidence of the hunger in others for the mystical and magical aspects of a renewed spiritual life.

When Steiner sought to be a spiritual scientist – i.e someone who does spiritual research – in his investigations of the Inner Earth, he was unable to truly connect to the Mysteries of the Mother, which is why he failed to see that the return of the Moon is a spiritual event in the present (4) (5).

Socially, the beginning of this appeared in what many called the New Age, which among other facets includes the Wicca work, that is centered on the ceremonial worship of the Goddess.

As to technology, … it is the mystical and magical practices that shows the promise to be able to tame the dangers. It is a fact of spiritual life that we must love the object of thinking, if we are to actually understand it. This includes Ahriman.

When our picture thinking imagines that technology as an inevitable danger to humanity, we are not properly attending to the phenomena. Behind all events there lies spiritual Beings, all of whom are there for a purpose. If we want to create a life-giving future, we need to see Them, and learn to commune-with Them. The best means for that are mystical/magical, which is why “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos” was written (6).







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