Song of Easter

Songs of Easter, … as regards the dying and becoming (Resurrection) of the Anthroposophical Society, in the twenty-first century. Or not. The beginning below takes all of us into dangerous waters.

Fortunately, my secret is safe, because the leadership of the Society will run away from this message, as fast as they can hold on to their personal status … believing

Steiner reading has all the answers, and they are at least familiar with that. Nothing new to learn, … WHY WOULD CHRIST HAVE ANYTHING MORE TO SAY, ONCE STEINER DIED?

Can you imaging someone living a life, and having to face the Ideal that he or she might be a Bodhisattva incarnation of the future legendary Maitreya Buddha? Would it not crush such a personality, under a great weight of expectation, or inflate their ego to impossible dimensions?

During the occult machinations described in Steiner’s “The Occult Movement of the Nineteenth Century”, a marriage of Theosophical and Buddhist sages claim to be able to identify a young boy as this individuality.

Because of his clairvoyant research, Steiner’s had to say what he believed was the truth, and that this individual being offered could not be the future Buddha. The risk was that the actual personality would not be able to avoid finding this ideal, as his destiny required meeting Anthroposophy. These Ideals would find their way into the soul dynamics of this individual, and such ideas as “lofty” “great” “future teacher of the Christ Impulse” “a member of the circle of the Buddhas” could turn into huge egotism.

On the Ark, Catherine MacCoun called Steiner’s idea “goofy”, as it turned this individuality into some kind of Teutonic superman. When I shared my second birth experience, she wrote me privately and said “YOU ARE NOT THIS PERSON. The reader may want to go here for those details of my biography: … with that, and a reading of the following, the reader can make up their own mind.

Fortunately, this too shall pass. The Steiner community has nominated many, including Steiner to be this personality, while searching for lofty and great, not for a moment imagining that the actual individuality might seek a quiet life, out of sight, and very very human. No lofty at all. Sometimes could be a complete ass. Seriously not perfect.

Matthew 11: 28-30: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

More than I would like to admit, reading Steiner often leaves me feeling hopeless. So many ways everything could go wrong. So many spirit beings – not helpers, but still have powerful effects. Often, as I read “The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century”, it seemed to hold that only Spiritual Science can be the Way Through – but through what?

At the same time, as I study the world, it is obvious that billions are not going to run into Steiner and friends, in time to be “saved”. Still, I cannot image that Love would abandon any beings, human or otherwise, to a life of the potential horrors Steiner often describes.

To my present reflection, the four temperaments are all present in my soul. Fire/Choleric/Will; Air/Sanguine/Intellect; Water/Phlegmatic/Feeling; and, Earth/Melancholic/Consciousness,

My I can choose which combination of these qualities to apply from moment to moment. Or not. Instead of waking up and always trying to be mastering these, my I can also play, aka; color outside the lines. Spontaneous. Even I don’t know what I am going to do next. You know: Lest ye become again as …

One important observation of Steiner’s is that Spiritual Science is not Christianity. Is the outer Christianity the Way Through? Is an anthroposophist a better follower and disciple of Christ, from reading a lot of Steiner?

Steiner, in the above lectures, speaks of the veil, the Maya nature of reality behind which the true spirit is hidden. As a practicing Christian, I disagree. To me the Word-world, as it manifests at all levels, is Speech. Just as Goethe saw himself as reading the Book of Nature (phenomenology), I’ve been inspired to read the Book of Human Social and Political Existence.

Sometimes when I see a picture of Steiner, I just want to hug him, hold him tight, and thank him for his service. Sometimes. Other times I want to go, hey dude, what about this, or what about that – nobody knows everything, or gets everything “right”. Not even the Mystery, which includes us … who are set free to … I often write of our freedom being the beast from the abyss of the uncreated and yet to be formed.

Lectures and books have a peculiar nature. They are Sun Moon. Sun is the speaker and writer sources, and we listeners and readers reflect what is being said and written. In the Americas, however, aboriginal gatherings are in Circles, so they are Sun Sun.

In the US of A, this congregation of equals doesn’t appear much in anthroposophical gatherings. Steiner spoke of it, with the idea of the Reverse Cultus. Practice makes perfect, sez the lore of any art of becoming.

Christianity is very simple, while Spiritual Science is richly complicated. Goethean Science was its answer to religion of Scientific Materialism, that peaked in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. Not everyone need learn its intricacies, including the new thinking. Practice, however, for a Christian is simple: Judge Not; Pray in Secret; and above all: Love each Other.

My studies of the mysteries of Judge Not begins in waking up to that act within my self. It evolved over time into a riddle: There is some person, or event, or whatever, and they are wrong, and perhaps evil … yet … the Mystery allows its manifestation, so what do They see, that I do not?

A main virtue of praying (intimate conversations with the Mystery) in secret is that the surrounding noise of existence can quiet, and since I pray out loud (whispers are fine), I will notice a reply that is inwardly present before I have finished the spoken thought. The graces vary – a word is heard, a mood is changed, and this can include leaving us to solve the problem. Still, the Original Connection – in the Garden (before the Trial of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) – the unity between my I, and the I of Others, including the Mystery, has never been lost, just asleep. No human being is refused the wanted attention, regardless of any character flaw in our own nature.

Love starts with loving your self, and forgiving your self. Love is trust in the self and in the Not I. Each encounter a communion-with another wondering and wandering Other I (“The Mood of Easter in the Light of the individual Logos Nature”).

The biography of each, its existence as it were, is a temple. It is a celebration. It is holy and sacred. Our essence is non-material, and then all the more so fully divine. Philosophies, religions, sciences, as well as arts and crafts are secondary effects of the meaning core of earth existence – the individual life.

An apt humorous image is that life is a huge carnival of bumper cars. From the Caves of the Moon, Earth existence is a vast sea, filled with living sparks of the mystery, … a place of currents and tides, shared with brothers and sisters as Riders of the Wage, surfing the coming Tsunami of Future History.

Each spark unique. Each biography a work of art. A holy womb surrounds us, … the Mother as Divine Providence and the Son as the Artist of Karma. Fortune and Fate to Hermetic Science.

The Mystery being outside of time and space, the Trinity has an eternity to wonder into being each individual’s self chosen biography, an ongoing creation in itself. Each, of those forty-nine (seven time seven) incarnations in matter, is a stage in our personal path to the holy grail. (a Bodhisattva does those forty-nine in about 5000 years, thus touching and being touched in every century). Most everyone else gets breaks, although individual necessity causes variations. Right now there are eight billion at the party celebrating the dying and becoming of “Western” Civilization, via a Rite of Chaos, latent with the music of the Remembering of the Mother.

There are formal Christianities. Churches of various creeds have many times let their disagreements lead to violence. Men, and on occasion women, make those choices, and claim their god is okay with this. So much folly … so much egotism … so much karma.

All the same, to the Mystery each biography is a locus of Love. And, there is a common shape (“Song of Entombment in the Key of Lent”) to this “biography-song” that all share. We are born into matter, on a path to certain death. We come to different lands, with different “religions”. We have those around us who give us “upbringing”. Parents, relatives, teachers, lovers, bosses and enemies. While all of us have parents, no cosmically authorized “parenting” process is the same. Each life tale is unique.

Recall the Idea of Fate (the Artist of Karma) and Fortune (Divine Providence). Another way to describe this social – biographical – phenomena is to observe the play of choices, which is set against a background of trials. Life is a school of hard knocks and shared pain. Is there order there at all? (“Event and Aftermath, the Creation of Love Through Crisis”)

A major inescapable fact is that everything happens in the Now, … the present moment we can never flee, anymore than we can flee our own nature. It is only in the idea of linear time, that we wonder whether life has fixed destinies.

Recall the humorous idea that our collective life has the quality of bumper cars. Eight billion sparks, living their stream of moments, bumping into each other because we yet lack understanding. Humanity does have the whole surface of the Earth in which to play. To be raised in Africa is not like being raised in America. The Spirit of Place is powerful.

We can discover much, by just noticing the patterns. Each life has the same musical potential of human trials, yet the songs in responses will not be identical. We are instruments in a grand opera, conducted by the Mystery – which includes us. Unique instruments … living free instruments, for the All has made us each a Universe patterned after the whole, yet not bound to imitation.

Our individual heart’s mind is a sun, the whole of the spark having a solar system of qualities of being. We call a friend. Do you want to come out and play? The friend declines being in the mood of Jupiter, contemplating the juggling of many fires.

Waking up is stepping into your car-material-body. It has an exterior, and we are in the mystical interior, driving, while napping on occasion. Associations of car owners are common. Sometimes these associations make war on each other, just like individual car drivers can make war on each other.

These bumper cars can have their own saved will, which yet needs recharging, or they can have an aerial that touches the source of the cosmic electrical fire.

There are associations of sparks that believe that the existence of the car, the driver, and the environment is a pointless accident. Some of these associations we call science (accidental random events rule). Some assert divine authority, calling their religion – my god’s rules are the best. Then there are the artists (screw the rules), a kind of association of one.

There are many tall tales out there in the Park. The fact that we have the capacity to author our own tales, for our own reasons, … that aspect of existence itself tells a tale. Billions of bumper-car drivers, caught up in the eddies of an ocean of possibilities, riding the up-folding of Nows, into the unknown, alone or in association.

The idea that the Spirits, who inspired Steiner, HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY is as foolish as is the idea that confines the speaking of gods to a book, that will never have to face new revelation.

Seers and occultists, whether esoterist (keep secrets), or exoterist (share secrets), have karma …they also make mistakes. Steiner’s “The Occult Movement of the Nineteenth Century” tells the tale of lofty ones making choices, with unanticipated results. Is it possible that seership is blind as to the future, given that it hasn’t happened yet?

I am involved in an ongoing conversation with the Mother, that if She doesn’t find a way to get my work, on the new Spring Michaelic Rite for Earth Day, loose in the world, … And, if I am that idiot that incarnates almost every century, I’m not coming back. I had to go through a lot of crap to create those ideas. Enough is enough. Some prayers get to be angry, which is just another way to love. Indifference however, … not all choices are easy, and the waves of change, weaving through Quest, have a snake eating its own tail quality.

Love includes second chances. Even the Anthroposophical Society can change course.

Are the Steiner fans are up to the task of facing the reality of their Torture of the Michaelic Cosmic Intelligence, through turning it into a Belief System, – a belief system that is essentially a kind of bondage of the own thinking potential. Yet, Easter is a time of Death and Resurrection, and the future is always yet to happen.

Some thoughts that have wandered my way: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are one religion, not three. Theory U applies. As the Fall into Matter deepens, the Hebrews are lead away from Egypt’s polytheism (the Mother Ideal fades from sight), with the help of God’s Law. After the Fall, existence is turned upward again, as God’s Love Intervenes. After the turn, the final stage out of matter is God’s Surrender.

The Mother, who is an eminent aspect of everything, had cast a veil over the earthly world, for which Steiner has blamed Ahriman alone. Eventually we arrive at the moment of the birth of the epoch of the consciousness soul, and the Mystery of Evil. An individualized Rite, not an idea.

This macro-trial, for all of humanity, was to lose any sense of the world of “matter” as having any kind of divine quality – all surface, no inwardness. So that hearts would not be broken through the forgetting of the Goddess Natura, an Agreement had to be reached. What sane person savages the Mother’s Life Sphere, the way we do. Atlantis was a warning.

This Agreement we call The Ark of the Covenant Ideal, which expressed, in the understanding of the ten suggestions, including – Honor thy Father and Mother, … and that this meant not just our biological “parents”, but the Divine Parents of the All. Prodigal sons and daughters must choose to return, and then they will find the Mother’s Feast.

The future of humanity depends on remembering (honoring) the Mother. Keeping in mind that we are the microcosm and that means we too are fathering (generating) and mothering (nurturing) which unite in us, in the inner phenomena that goes with the experience of the Second Becoming of the Son (Christ) in the realm of living thought. “Learn to think on your knees”, Valentin Tomberg. “It thinks in me”, Rudolf Steiner.


My logos nature asks: If the bad guys, the “devils” such as lucifer and ahriman and sorat and asuras … could win, it would already be game over. Obviously that is not the case. She – the true Dark, holds the reigns of the situational dark, aka: Evil and Good, which are Compost for the Return of the Tree of Life.


None of my work could be done without my Lady Linda. She loved and took care of this crazy writing hermit for fourteen years. I wouldn’t mind having visitors sharing their stories though, each one a door to another universe. Going out means diapers and wheelchairs, where did I leave my glasses, and how could you forget your hearing aides.

When Steiner talked of the great teacher for the future, was he talking about an initiate? Some random quotes

~!~ “Nature only reaches her highest aim — to become herself wholly object — in her highest and final reflection, which is none other than Man, or more generally, what we call Reason, through which nature first completely returns into herself, and by which it becomes manifest that she, nature, is originally identical with what is known in us as intelligence and consciousness.”

~!~ “This transformation occurs particularly between the thirtieth and thirty-third years. It can never be known beforehand that this body will be taken possession of by the Bodhisattva. The change never shows itself in youth. The distinctive feature is precisely that the later years are so unlike the youthful ones.

~!~ “ … who succeeded Gautama Buddha — has prepared himself for his Bodhisattva-incarnation so that he can reappear and rise to the Buddha dignity exactly 5,000 years after the illumination of Gautama Buddha under the bodhi-tree.”

~ !~ “This Bodhisattva will inspire us and draw our attention to the time drawing near when the Christ will appear in a new form in an etheric body. He will bless, and endow with light, those who through the new Essene wisdom are developing new forces in preparation for His return in etheric raiment. We are now speaking entirely in the sense of that inspiring Bodhisattva who is to be the Maitreya Buddha; we know therefore that we are not speaking in accordance with any religious confession. We are not speaking of a return of Christ that will be perceptible on the physical plane.”

~!~ Great individualities will certainly appear in the twentieth century, like the Bodhisattva, the successor of Gautama Buddha, who will become the Maitreya Buddha in about three thousand years.”

~!~ “If a Buddha or a Bodhisattva stands higher among the hierarchies of the spiritual world than other human individuals this is because of his having passed through so many and varied incarnations an earth. What I mean by the higher ethics, the higher moral teaching given out to us from the spiritual world is this:— No one should think for a moment that he gains an advantage over his fellow men through the development of clairvoyance.” ~!~!~!~!~!!!!@


It is not my self chosen task to have a public life, although that madness has at various times burned within. So much terrible, what can be done. I do chose to harass anthroposophists, however. As Sarah Conner sez in the Terminator movies: “There is no fate but what we make”.

My personal experience is not so much being a gifted teacher, but a gifted student.

Fate and Fortune filled up my life and my library with an education few would imagine. My job is to share it. I’m not the Message, just one of the messengers, immersed in a magical library of other messengers …

Artist’s Studio

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