Just Enough Rope

Just Enough Rope

understanding the spiritual-social nature

of the pandemic-Pandemonium

by Joel A. Wendt

Imagine sitting at a round table, attended by spirits formerly known as Socrates, Matthew, George Washington, and Clara Barton. In my second childhood, I have started describing myself as a “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretics” for number of reasons, including that these are some of my present day spiritual tutors.

Socrates understands this COVID-19 crime scene much better than most do today. Few of us even know this is a war against human freedom, on a scale that might well exceed the holocaust. To Socrates such tumultuous events are always under the rule of the Gods&Goddesses, whose mode of operation had a basic observable rule: Everyone gets just enough rope, by which to hang themselves.

What that means is that the rich and powerful will reach just far enough so as to destroy themselves. Hopefully that will be a slow process.

Matthew has the view that it is time for the modern Kings’ streams to wash the feet of the Shepherds’ streams. He wonders why Goethean Science seems to belong to just a few, when what is required is to spread the knowledge that scientific proof of the Divine Mystery’s presence in Nature has been realized. He even nominates 12 books as modern Gospels of the Second Coming. For example imagine a (not the) … gospel of physics, or organic chemistry, or the imagination. Details are here:

George Washington … he weeps. Such dreams, now fallen. Yet, he sees a people of peoples forged in fire, and eager to seize life and freedom in even the most dire circumstances. As a one time general, well aware of Divine Providence, he admires the way that She – who has the whole world in His Hands – has set the stage. Stopping – for a moment – the headlong lemming rush to social chaos: aka: the dying and becoming of Western Civilization.

Her Arts gifting all of us human folk a “time out”, so as to reflect on the shared madness. At which the Beings of Nature sigh with relief, for at least a temporary lessening of the destruction of the Earth’s Sphere of Life.

Then there is Clara Barton … fierce and full of rage, tempered by Faith. She wants to run toward the fire, looking to help, to hold, to touch, and care without fear of personal risk. Do not go to hospitals she warns. People of the pandemic-Pandemonium need to do the exact opposite of the vaccine patent-holding fear-monger’s advice. When we have the dis-ease processes of elimination in play, rest, touch, knowing someone is right there with them, lets folk surrender to the bodies wisdom. Modern industrial medicine – haunted by death forces – just adds more stress via hospitalization, not less – stress being the underlying “cause” of such illness-processes, in the first place. For details:


When the five of us hang out, She is with us, inspiring intuitions.

Some of Her recent Deeds: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/06/04/riots-and-such/

The visible hallmark of Her attention is in the aftermath of events, whether floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and such. We – humans – can usually see the-what-led-up to the crisis, but not so much appreciate the genius of what comes next.

The core attribute is that by Her engendering of social chaos, She is able to move folk out of their habits, and into situations where they just might realize that all us of need each other more than we let on. For example, after and during a flood people are displaced, and must seek shelter in public spaces, such as a high school gym filled with a few hundred folding cots.

Also present, helping volunteers. People, who would never otherwise meet each other, brought together by Her Rogue Weather. An offshoot of which might be the breaking of dams and the freeing of rivers to carry – outside the prisons in which we have caged them – nutrients which the land needs.

Cranky-Socrates again: beware of numbers, and number users. The necessary truths will appear among the poets and other artists. Ever hopeful Matthew: let protest and riot grow into celebration and theater [ http://ipwebdev.com/celebration/ ] . General George: Economic and Social Rebellion – in the Age of social political chaos: aka “the Grandmother War”, courtesy country-girl Clara.

[ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Rebellion.html ]

A final word for our friends in Anthroposophy, this: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/10/a-love-letter-to-the-friends-of-rudolf-steiners-anthroposophy/

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